I guess that the shock registered on my face. I was the prize for the winner of the draw when all I wanted to do was go to bed!

Someone handed an empty biscuit tin to me and asked me to pick out a piece of paper. I looked inside and saw what I guess were fifteen pieces of white paper all neatly folded.

“Those contain all our names,” I was informed. “Whichever one you pick out will be the winner and gets you to himself all night.” He then paused before adding, “Well not quite all night just the hours that are left of it.”

I tried explaining that I would be much more fun the next day if I slept on my own. No one, however, wanted to hear me whinelng so I knew I had to pick out a piece of paper.

I took the tin and decided to shake it up before asking one of the lads to hold it while I closed my eyes and felt for the winner. I could hear some saying things like, “Please,” or “Me,” as I lifted the piece of paper out.

I was, of course, hoping that it would be the one whom I fancied. It wasn’t.

I announced the name “Ian,” and there was a whoop of joy from one of the guys.

Ian was quite small and, rather dull or maybe I should say he was not the most dashing hunk I have ever come across. He was twenty and came from Devon but although he was small, he was very muscular and regularly worked out in the gym.

He came and took my hand saying, “Shall we,” as he led me to the bedroom.

Some of the others called out like, “Lucky so and so.”

Once we were in the bedroom, he closed and locked the door before turning to me and saying, “You are so beautiful.”

I guess he must have been short-sighted.

Ian was a real gentleman as he asked my permission before doing anything to me. It’s good occasionally to be treated like a lady.

Firstly he asked if he could remove my clothes. I could hardly refuse. He started with my top by unbuttoning my blouse and gently pulling it off my shoulders and down my arms. I remembered that it has buttons on the cuffs, which meant it stuck on my hands, so he had to undo them to take it right off. He then popped my bra which fell from my chest, revealing my small breasts which, I instinctively covered with my arms. Ian did not say anything as he undid the clip on my skirt, pulled the zip down and let it fall off me.

I felt his hands down the back of my knickers as he gave my bottom a small pinch before slipping my knickers slowly down my legs. I must say that I found the slow way he did that such a turn on even despite my tiredness. He turned me around and asked me to place my arms down by my side. I did so trying to be a bit coy at the same time.

He responded by saying, “Wow!” Then asked, “Why do you enjoy everything that we do to you?”

I was not sure how to answer that question. To be honest years later, I still find it difficult to know why I enjoy a good dose of humiliation.

I replied honestly, “I am not sure, I just guess that I do.”

He led me to the bed, and I sat down on it. “No!” he said, “I want you to kneel beside it so I can smack you.”

I obediently did so raising my backside high so that he could get a good aim. I cannot remember how many smacks I received from Ian, but when he had finished my bottom was red and sore.

Ian then lifted me and placed me on the bed before lying next to me. He was still fully dressed, which made me feel (and always does) very vulnerable.

He commenced to kiss me from my feet to my face. He paid proper attention to the very moist area between my legs as well as my breasts.

Then he questioned, “Do you know what we have planned for you tomorrow?”

I didn’t, but I tried a bit of humour, “Not another strip club, I hope?”

“Oh no,” he replied, “I think we plan for you to stay here all day, but we are going to give you a bath.”

“Oh,” I said stupidly, “That will be a change from the shower.”

“Not that sort of bath,” he added, “It will be a smelly one.”

“What do you mean,” I asked, intrigued.

He explained, “There is only one bath in this house, and it’s a good size. We have all heard about how you like being degraded. A few of us have seen you in action. Since we arrived, we have been using that bath as our urinal. We also added the washing up water after tea. We are hoping to put you into it tomorrow and give you a golden shower.”

I admit that I was a bit shocked at this. I wondered if what Ian said was true. If it was, could I go through with it? On the other hand, there was something strange in me that was vaguely excited at the prospect. Once again, I was not sure how to adequately cope with my feelings.

Ian brought me back to reality by saying, “You are gorgeous.” He continued, “I didn’t want to come here this weekend as I thought you would be some old fat slag. You know, the type who could not pull any other guys. When they told me you were pretty, I did not believe them. But man, you are fabulous.”

I cringe as I write the things he said. I would have said (and still do) that I was plain but not gorgeous!

He took his trousers down and asked me to give him a blow job. Being muscular, he held my head very tight, so tight I could hardly slide my mouth along his shaft. Eventually, he came and again kept me close so that his cum flowed into my mouth, causing me to gag.

Once he let me go, we both fell exhausted onto the bed, his cum freely flowing out of my mouth. Ian helped me get under the duvet before removing his tee-shirt and joining me.

“I know you need to get some sleep,” he said, “So I will let you as you have a busy day ahead of you tomorrow. As long as I can lay here next to you, I will be happy tonight.”

He was most thoughtful, and I remember feeling him caressing me as I drifted off to sleep still wondering if I would be able to go through with what was planned for me the next day.

At around 7am a pounding on the door woke me up. I could hear the sound of my name was being called. Those outside were shouting, “You have had her for long enough now it’s our turn.”

I also remember some asking where their breakfast was. Curiously Ian produced a very flimsy, almost see-through dressing gown and asked me to put it on. I did so and tied it up at the front not that it did much to cover me.

Ian then opened the door, and I walked out to be greeted with whoops of delight by everyone there. I could also pick up the wonderful smell of cooked breakfast.

A couple of hands immediately grabbed me, and my arms were held tight behind my back. One of the quieter guys in the group stepped forward holding what we call in the UK a Cumberland sausage. It was not your standard size one. It was the size of a frankfurter hot dog sausage.

Someone undid my dressing gown and it fell open revealing my breasts and my pussy. The guy with the sausage asked if I had ever taken one of these before. Well at nineteen, I had to answer, “No.”

He then proceeded to rub it between my breasts and then across them and round the nipples. It was warm but not hot. As most girls will tell you anything that rubs the nipples tends to arouse them so of course they soon became firm and erect.

“Look,” one of them said, “She likes it.”

The statement caused a lot of merriment. The sausage was then carefully pulled down to my belly button and moved around that in small circles. I then had to spread my legs.

I did so, and at the same time, I had to lean back. I could feel the sausage used to stimulate my clit, and I knew that this was producing juices in my most intimate area. Then I could feel its rough skin pushed into my vagina.

Up and down, he pushed it going faster each time.

I moaned with pleasure, and that made a few of the lads feel for my tits and ‘play’ with them. Others who were too slow rubbed or patted my backside and one more adventurous one I could feel inserting a finger up my rectum.

Once or twice the guy with the sausage pulled too hard, and it popped out only to be quickly replaced. I am not sure how long it went on but eventually most tired of this little game and when the sausage broke in two, they decided that they had had enough.

Then I was told it was breakfast time and made to sit at the table on my own. As my hands were tied to the back of the chair, my dressing gown was pulled off my shoulders and down my arms.

Someone then produced a candle and lit it. A plate containing the sausage that had just been used on me was placed in front of me.

“Eat it,” someone told me, “or you may get a bit too warm.”

One of the boys held the candle towards my breasts. It’s funny looking back at this now, but I don’t think I was scared at the time. I had enough confidence in the lads to know that they would not go beyond my limits. I still feel that this is immensely important in any form of humiliation games. My limits must be respected, or severe problems will result!

A piece of sausage was placed on a fork and offered to me. At the same time, the candle came closer to my right nipple. I took a deep breath and took the sausage off the folk.

“Good girl,” I remember hearing someone say. Again another piece was offered to me. I was a little bit slow at accepting it and could feel the heat from the candle close to my nipple one again. I rapidly ate it.

After four or five pieces, someone said, “I have an idea.”

The men went into a huddle and had a discussion, leaving me alone. Then they came back and undid my hands from the chair but still kept them tied behind my back. I was made to stand up and spread my legs. Another sausage was shoved unceremoniously up my moist pussy and thrust deep into me.

I was told to sit down again and this time another candle was lit. Now I had two guys holding the candles close to both my nipples. I was offered the sausage. I must be honest I did gag at first. I felt the heat from the candles and then shut my eyes and took it. I chewed it as best I could only using my teeth so as not to taste too much of my pussy juices that covered it. I swallowed hard and there was a cheer and applause.

Someone said, “You know we never thought you would do that.”

I looked up and added, “Neither did I.”

My hands were untied, and I was told I could go, clean up and get dressed while they all had their breakfast.

I went and had a shower this time without the distraction of several pairs of eyes staring at me through the window. I guess at that time in the morning their bellies were more important than my breasts! I dried myself and put on the clothes they had laid out for me and went to join the lads once again!

The dress that had provided for me was a tight-fitting red and polka dot type with short fluffed up sleeves such as were often worn by girls in the cowboy films. It was not too short just about knee length.

Underneath I had a matching cream bra and panty set that were rather bland to my mind anyway.

I went out dressed like this and immediately a bowl was placed under the table where to lads were sitting and each bent down and placed a few scraps into it. I was then ‘invited’ to join them although they sat at the table and I, of course, was under it.

Several watched me, and one said, “Remember mouth only, no hands.”

I cannot say that I was too hungry following the sausage scenario, but I ate a little and was given a bowl of milk which I did my best to drink.

Next, I had to get on with the cleaning and oddly enough I had a lot of help. All I had to do was the washing while a couple of lads did the tidying and another two did the drying and putting away.

When we finished, I was led into the lounge area and told to get down on my hands and knees in front of the fire. There was a reasonably thick Chinese type mat on the floor. I was pleased about this as it made me a bit more comfortable.

One of the young men told me, “Pull your dress up over your bum.”

As I was happy to be their slave, I did this straight away.

Someone else added, “Now pull those knickers down to your knees nice and slowly.”

I took hold of them and pulled them down. I must have done it too quickly because another voice cried out, “He said nice and slowly not like that. Try again.”

Someone pulled them back up, and I again pulled them down using both hands as slowly as I could. “That’s better,” came a voice. “Much sexier!”

The older guy who had led the initial exploration of my person the previous day now spoke up.

“Right you two open up her arse hole.”

I felt two pairs of hands pulling my arse cheeks apart and then a finger smearing something around my backside.

He then added, “We had another little draw this morning, and Ben won. He’s going to take you up your arsehole!”.

I shot up like a rocket from my kneeling position surprising all of the guys there.

“You are not going to take me in there are you? I have never been used up there.”

Having someone poke about with a finger was one thing; having someone shag my bum with their penis was another. Was I ready for it? I wanted to try everything anything. I wanted to please my friends. Could I allow them to do this?

“Alright,” I acquiesced, “Carry on, I do want to try it.”

“Good,” one of them exclaimed, “Now we’ll try again.”

“On your hands and knees,” I was ordered.

I complied and again felt a hand placing some solution around my anus.

Then Ben came in front of me and told me to look up at him, which I did.

He undid his trousers and dropped them. I could see that he was planning on enjoying himself, much more, I guessed than I was, by the look of the bulge I could see inside his Y fronts.

He slowly took those down and suggested that I lubricate his dick with my mouth. He knelt before me waving his manhood in front of my face.

Then he ordered, “Open your mouth,” which I did. He slid his hard erection inside, saying, “Lubricate it good and well, little lassie.”

The latter part of his order was to poke fun at my Scottish accent. I sucked and lubricated it with my mouth as best I could.

He stood up and said, “Some of you had better hold her tight.”

I felt hands take a firm grip of my legs and pull them wider apart. Others knelt next to me and held my arms while two more pulled my backside apart. I was wet with excitement. Would I enjoy this? I knew not but would find out in the next few seconds.

I then felt a great searing pain as Ben commenced to push inside me. I have a very small tight arse-hole (and some say I have a tight pussy as well.) It hurt! I tried to keep quiet because I did not want to appear a wimp; however, I eventually squealed out like a little pig.

My discomfort encouraged the others to call out to their friend. “Go on Ben.”

“You can do it, Ben.”

“Let her have it.”

“Give it to the bitch.”

“Go on the slut needs all she can get.”

Once he had stretched me enough, he slid deep inside as I felt him pushing and pulling hard becoming more and more aroused. My ongoing discomfort, screams and grunts of pain seemed to make him all the more excited. Eventually, I heard him let out a long moan and I knew he had done what he intended to do.

I let out a moan too but more of relief than anything! He didn’t rush to withdraw. When he did some congratulated him on what he had done.

He walked round to my head.

“Say thank you to him, you tart,” I was directed.

I looked up at him still breathless and sore and did not say anything.

Without warning, someone grabbed my head and back pulling me upright into a kneeling position.

“For not saying ‘Thank You’ to Ben you can clean him up.”

Ben moved his by now much less hard manhood in front of my face.

“Clean him,” someone ordered.

A bowl of water was placed in front of me along with a cloth. I picked it up and commenced wiping around Ben’s now much-deflated prick. I paid particular attention to his balls knowing that guys like having those stimulated. The cloth, my ministrations and the warm water soon affected him as he become erect in a very short time.

“Make it clean, Whore,” someone shouted.

It was apparent that Ben was enjoying it and obvious too that just about everyone was getting great pleasure in watching me cleaning up Ben’s cock.

At last, someone said, “Okay, Ben, you’ve had enough. Let her go.”

The various hands that held me let go and I flopped into a sort of sitting position on the rug surrounded by all the guys.

“Wow,” I remember someone saying, “You really are a slut, aren’t you?”

Then someone responded, “We’ll find out with the next thing she will do for us”.

I was allowed to remain sitting there on the rug for ten minutes as I tried to get my breath back and re-compose myself after my first anal experience. It was a strange thing, but I found myself shaking or trembling not because I was cold or afraid but only because of what had happened.

Once I had enjoyed my little rest, someone came with a small rope type lasso and placed it around my neck.

“This should have been a dog lead for you but we forgot to bring one.”

The rope was pulled, and I realised without anyone having to tell me that I was supposed to follow on all fours. I did so with one leading on the rope and the others walking at my side or behind.

Then someone said, “We ought to allow her to put her knickers back on.”

There was a chuckle of laughter, and then someone added, “Let her get them herself.”

I was led back across the room and told to pick them up with my teeth. I obeyed. I was paraded, still on the rope, and with my knickers in my mouth back across the room. We went along a hallway towards the bedrooms where some of the guys had been staying.

We reached one door which opened in front of me, and they lead me into the largish bathroom. I immediately guessed what might be about to happen to me. I could smell something noxious almost as soon as the door opened.

“Put your knickers on,” I was told. I was not allowed to stand up to do so and had great difficulty trying to get them on while still on all fours.

Eventually, I pulled them up my legs and into position. I was then told to look into the bath like a dog. I was not sure quite how I was to do this but guessed that if I lifted myself and put my hands on the bath rim that might work. I did so and looked into the bath.

It was a mass of smelly yellow water, bits of beans and pieces of sausage floated in it from the previous night’s tea and the morning’s breakfast.

“Climb in,” I was ordered.

“Do I have to?” I enquired meekly.

“Get in,” I was again instructed.

“Here’s the deal,” one of them said, “Either you get in of your own free will, fully clothed, or we will strip you naked and throw you in and only let you out when we want!”

I stepped towards the bath and placed one foot into the awful substance. Then I pulled it out again quickly.

“I’d prefer you to do put me in,” I replied.

Someone said, “Right grab her,” and my arms and were locked tight.

“Now strip her naked,” someone else added as two pairs of hands grabbed the top of the dress and yanked it from the neck down. It took them a few pulls before the buttons gave way. It was pulled hard and where the buttons stopped the fabric was torn allowing the dress to be pulled off my back and down my arms.

Almost before it was off, I felt my knickers being pulled down my legs and then the bra being popped from the back. Here I was once more naked before the lads and enjoying every moment of it.

“Okay, tie her hands behind her back and then tie her ankles together,” someone ordered.

My hands were pulled forcefully behind me, and I could feel the rope as it tightened around them. I could also feel my ankles being bound together. I still had the rope around my neck and so that was used to lead me to the toilet where I was sat on the open pan.

“You will learn to obey,” I was told.

Two of the guys held my arms just under my armpits while another was handed a riding crop that was about two to three feet long with a large round leather end. He moved towards me suddenly gave it a downward stroke catching my right breast as it did so. I was shocked and let out a terrific scream. Another flick and he almost expertly found my left breast making me scream again.

“Stand up,” The order came again.

I did so and was turned to face the toilet. The seat was lifted and I felt downward pressure placed on my shoulders as I was told, “Kneel.”

I looked into the toilet bowl which was full of both urine.

“Push her head in,” someone was told, “And let’s piss on her.”

My head was pushed down until I could feel my scalp getting wet. Then there was the sensation of warm liquid running down the back of my head and around my neck, over my chin and down my cheeks and face.

I knew what was happening but could do nothing about it! I cannot tell how many used me in this way. Suddenly and without warning the system was flushed and my head was hit by a torrent of cold water that flowed over my head and mixed with the mess already in the bowl. I held my breath but not before I had got a mouthful of water or water and other stuff mixed together. My first swirlie!

Once it had stopped, my head was pulled out of the toilet, and I was made to stand up. I was shoved in front of a mirror and forced to look at myself.

I looked a real mess, I really did.

“Okay into the bath with her.”

Once the order everyone tried to grab me about anywhere, they could. Some hands managed funnily enough around my bottom, vagina and tits. I was lifted over the bath and then lowered gently to just above the mixture.

They all counted in unison, “Three, two, one,” and then I was dropped as they all took a big step back.

I fell into the dirty water and it covered my legs and torso. I had not noticed before that the bath was bigger than I was used to and was nearly long enough for me to lie down. Someone wearing a pair of yellow gloves pushed hard on my head shoving me right under the water. He held me for a few seconds before allowing me up to breath.

“Cor,” one of them said, “She doesn’t look so beautiful now, does she?”

“No,” said another, “I won’t be doing anything more with her until she has a good bath.”

There was universal laughter at this, and then someone enquired, “Where’s the ice?”

Two of the young men quickly left the bathroom, which despite its size, was rather crowded. They quickly returned with two large bags of ice cubes procured from the freezer. The bags were torn open and the ice cruelly dumped into the bath that was already full of me and the smelly mixture.

The water, as much as it was, was already cold when I was dumped into it but this new addition cooled things down considerably.

“Okay, let’s leave her and have a coffee break!”

Just as I thought I was going to be on my own and with everyone having left the bathroom, one of the guys returned saying, “Just a minute. I have an idea.”

He undid his trousers fly and produced his erect manhood pointing it at me. I had enjoyed several Golden Showers,’ – as I had discovered, they were called – previously however I was aware that, here in the bath, was a whole new thing to me.

Suddenly he let fly, and I was hit full in the face by the warm liquid that came from his quivering penis. The warmth was, in fact, welcome as the temperature in the bath was cooling rapidly.

“Hey,” said someone, “Let me have a go.”

He undid his fly and did a pee directing it over my head and face. Although it was unpleasant, I did again appreciate a little warmth it provided. Now several wanted to join in the ‘fun’ all suddenly finding the need to have a pee and all enjoying doing it over my head.

I was wet, cold and smelly. I was sitting, still bound, in the bath surrounded by slowly melting ice cubes. These made me shiver and my skin burst out in goosebumps.

Once they had completed giving me my shower, the group went to enjoy a coffee break. I was left in my cold and smelly position among pee and the previous nights washing up water. It was horrible and smelly and whenever I tried to move, I slipped and had to try and regain at least a comfortable position.

After what seemed to me like an eternity, but was only ten minutes, some of the guys came returned. They were naked from their trousers up and they lifted me under my armpits and pulled me into a standing position. Then they ordered me to kneel.

I was not sure what to do but being tied hand and foot I knew that was impossible, “I can’t,” I complained.

They again took me and assisted me into a kneeling position.

“Now bend right over so that your butt is in the air.”

I tried, but with my arms behind me, I ended up with my head under the water again. Eventually, they cut the ropes on both my hands and feet and said: “Now try.”

I lifted my bottom high for them while supporting myself with my elbows. I could feel the guys as they pushed the remains of the ice cubes into my anus and pussy.

By this time, I was feeling quite sick and told them so. I was amazed and pleased when the said, “Okay.”

Someone added, “We were getting to feel a bit like that ourselves.”

The plug was pulled on the bath and the predominantly yellow liquid drained away leaving the slowly thawing ice cubes around the plughole.

“Alright,” one said, and I noticed at this stage that they seemed to be taking it in turns to give me the orders, “We want you to clean this bathroom up for us. You have ten minutes, and anything not to our satisfaction you will be punished.” He then added, “If I were you, I would start with yourself!”

It was good advice as I looked a real state. Once I had finished washing myself down, I had to get my hands messy again cleaning the bath as well as where some of the liquid has spilt onto the floor. I am sure that I took longer to do all this than ten minutes but eventually I thought I had done not a bad job.

“I have finished,” I called, and then I sat on the toilet and covered my little tits with my arms.

In they all marched in to inspect my cleaning work. The guys were so through with the inspection noting every little bit I had missed.

I was then lifted again by my armpits and led out into the lounge and cuffs were placed on my wrists and tied to two ropes which were then thrown over the low beam that had been used the night before to suspend and whip me. My arms were pulled wide, and I was again suspended naked before them.

I was told, “We found fourteen failings in the bathroom and intend to punish you for them by lashing you that many times.” I trembled in anticipation.

The next I remember was several leather thongs coming around my waist and across my tummy to my belly button. I cried out more through shock than pain even though it did sting. Another lash hit my backside and another right across my breasts. By now, I was writhing and crying out. I was so taken up with the shock of the strokes I forgot to count them.

As suddenly as it had started the flogging stopped and I think I realised that during it I must have stopped breathing. I ached all over as there was very little of my body that had not been abused by the whip. I was untied and immediately rubbed myself on my sorest areas.

The rope used to lead me to the bathroom was re-applied and I was led out through the door onto a sort of patio area. Here waiting for me was a dog bowl with a few scraps in it and next to it a bowl of water. I was told I could eat my dinner outside. The rope was tied to a stake in the ground used for holding the door open. The feeling of sickness had still not entirely left me.

As a result, I did not feel like eating anything so I just drank from the bowl that had been placed next to me. I guess I was left for about ten minutes after which I was told to get up and the rope was untied.

I was led inside and told to put on a pink flowery type long dress the sort of which were very popular at that time. I remember asking about underwear but was told that I did not need any. I slipped the dress on and did up the side zip.

I did enjoy being dressed again. One of the young men then said something like, “This is your session now. We want to do a bit of bondage with you but you can decide how you should be tied.”

I thought it was very kind of him to ask me and I replied, “Why don’t you bind my arms behind my back in a folded position? That way, I won’t be able to move my arms at all.”

That seemed to gain approval, so my arms were folded behind my back and bound tightly. A rope was then threaded under both my armpits and thrown over the beam and made secure. The result was that I could only move in about a 12-inch circle of where I was standing.

Someone suggested blindfolding me and playing a game where I had to guess who was caressing me. A large blindfold was brought and was placed over my head so that I could not see anything. I could feel hands up inside my dress as well as down the top, feeling me all over. I was trying to remember the names of all the guys and shout out who it was.

Suddenly I felt a draft of more refreshing air blow through the house and all the fondling stopped to be replaced by some hushed suppressed giggles.

I asked, “What’s going on?”

I received no answer but heard footsteps approaching me, and then the fondling started again but somehow I guess it felt different but I did not know why. I was still calling out names but each time I was getting muffled laughter as a response.

Eventually, someone said, “Okay, I think we should remove the blindfold.”

I felt someone lift it off my head from the back, and when I could see I was looking right into the faces of seven girls from my year at Uni. They were standing next to each other and staring at me. It was a massive shock to me as I had never dreamed about this happening.

While I was still gaining my thoughts, one of them spoke roughly to me, “So you think you can mess with our men do you. We are here to teach you a lesson you will not forget!” Then half-smiling at me, she added, “Are you up to a bit of torture, Rachel?”

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