Lone Wolf Connoisseur

When I was young and single, I had quite an appetite for the culinary and vinicultural arts, no pun intended. Sometimes, I would go on a date, so that I could avoid dining alone at some of the more romantic, Michelin star restaurants in San Francisco. Almost inevitably, my invitations would be misinterpreted, as some kind of romantic advance. This writing is loosely based on these experiences.

I call you up
to see if you’re there
I hear your sweet voice answer
and wonder, should I care?

You seem so excited
isn’t that nice
you even try to schmooze me,
but I’m cold as ice.

I ask you to join me,
but you have no choice
cause I’m a Lone Wolf Connoisseur
and you have no voice.

You’re impressed
by the Chateaubriand for two
but get over it, honey
no Dom will flow from your shoe.

Dream on, girl
as they prepare our feast
little do you know
that you’re seated with a beast.

I provide the entertainment
and allow the wine to flow,
but to think that this is about us
that will surely stop the show.

I make no promises
when it comes to hearts
cause I’m a Lone Wolf Connoisseur
armed with poisoned tip darts.

There’s really no one
I wish to marry or appease
I only need a plus one,
so, stop asking, if you please.

I simply don’t know
who it will be,
that special, special, someone
that will finally land me.

But until that time comes
I’ll give you no choice
cause I’m a Lone Wolf Connoisseur
and you have no voice.

But alas, I found her
this great beauty of mine
I now have someone to dine with,
It must be a sign.

She calls me up
to see if I’m there
I hear her sweet voice
and wonder, does she care?

She asks me to join her
but I have no choice
cause she’s a ravenous She-wolf 
and I have no voice.

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