Looking out my kitchen window, I watched the sun glisten off the water of my pool. I remembered how much fun Gary and I had in that pool. He built it for me because I liked to do laps, to stay in shape, and hold on to my figure. We had a charming home, and everything was perfect until a teenager driving and writing a text, hit Gary head-on while he was driving home from work. That ended the perfection. A year has gone by since Gary passed, and I am finally getting back to my old self. I miss his love and the attention he gave me.

Gary and I did not have any kids. It certainly wasn’t that we didn’t try, but as hard as we tried, it just didn’t happen. Gary was a great lover and satisfied me every time we made love. His frequency was perfect. In the last few months, the desire for sex has been growing. I have been trying to satisfy myself with the usual things I did as a teenager, but that is not the same as the touch of another human being. I even went online to buy a vibrating dildo, but although filling and somewhat kinky, it wasn’t like the real thing. I certainly miss the incredible sex Gary gave me, and I rarely turned him down.

When Gary passed, my neighbors did help me, but that dwindles as time passes. I did get a pool company to take care of the pool. They took care of covering and uncovering and made sure all my chemicals are right. They visit once per week, but I never see them as they come while I am at work. I took care of the inside of the house but needed somebody to help with the outside. An old friend called to tell me her son would cut the grass. I told her I would pay him, but he only wanted to use my pool for laps to keep in shape for his team. He was on the swimming team at his high school. I agreed, and that solved that problem.

When Eddie came over to meet me and to have me show him all the grass cutting tools, I almost could not believe he was a senior in high school. I understood that better when he missed a year of school because of his father’s foreign assignment with the government.  Eddie was a polite and respectful young man. He called me Mrs. Taylor, and I changed that because I was no longer a Mrs. I told him to call me Amanda. Only Gary ever called me Mandy, and I wanted to keep it that way.

Eddie cut the grass and did use my pool. I watched him from my kitchen window. Where he had changed into that racing swimming suit, I do not know. It was tiny and very tight. He had the sculptured body like one of those marble statues you see in a museum. He kept getting out of the water and getting into a racing position and diving in. 

I kept watching him, and I guess I should have gone on with my business. I was fascinated by what I saw. As my Gary would have said, “His junk was evident.” Gary always called it his junk or package, which I thought was cute. And Gary would have been right; Eddie’s package was more than evident.

My boss gave three of us the day off, and it was a beautiful day. With the sun shining, I wanted to take a day of relaxation and use the pool and grab some sun rays. I put on my little bit daring bikini to get maximum sun. With a six-foot wooden fence around the pool, I was always tempted to sun in the nude. Gary had made a sign for me to hang on the gate that read, “Beware of Dog.” Gary and I did swim nude at night, which always wound up with us having pleasure together. Even once on a lounge chair by the pool. Ah, those were the days. I have yet the nerve to sun in the nude but the bikini gave quite a bit of exposed skin. Every time I wore it, Gary would say to me, “Mandy, when you wear that, you know what I am going to do to you.” Of course, I did; that is why I wore it when I wanted him in me. 

I did my laps in the pool, and then put a lounge chair in a flat position and climbed on my tummy. I undid the strings that secure the suit covering my breasts, and the sun felt good on my bare back. I pushed the bottom down all the way to the crack of my behind. I would have loved to shed the whole thing and feel the sun on my behind. Almost like cooking, I turned over to heat the other side of me. I did get a little daring and let my breasts be exposed to the rays. I pushed the bottom down to right above my mound. I had kept myself shaved down there because that is the way Gary liked it. When Gary’s mouth was down there, I always wanted him happy.

I did turn over again, and it was a good thing because I never heard Eddie come through the gate. I must have dozed off because I found him standing right next to the lounge.

I exclaimed, “Eddie, it isn’t Saturday, why are you here?” I tried to position the top over my breasts, and while lying on them it was not easy. Eddie was getting an eyeful as they were being pushed out to the side by my weight. I finally asked him to tie the strings on my back and neck. He did, and his hands were so gentle. I hadn’t been touched like that in quite a while, and it felt so good.

Eddie finally answered my question, “With all the rain, I thought it would be good to do two cuts this week.”

“How did you know I was home?”

“Saw your car in the driveway.”

I told him to go ahead and cut it and made my way to the pool. I dove in, trying to adjust all the things I had pulled down, forgetting that water made this suit look like it was glued on. As I got out of the pool, Eddie was quick to notice all the outlines the suit made when it was wet. I was unnerved that this young man was staring at the perfect contours of my nipples.  The worse thing was the shape of what was between my legs. I might as well be nude.

“Amanda, you are going to have to open the garage door.”

I told him where the switch was to lift the door, and when he left to do it, I knew he was going to pass by the chair that I threw my clothes on to change. I didn’t mind the blouse and skirt, but my panties and bra I did. Eddie was seeing more of me and my clothes than I wanted.

He started cutting the grass, and I was going to change, but then thought he had seen all of me he was going to see, and I just got back on the lounge. He finished the grass and put the stuff away in the garage and came out of the rec room door wearing his racing suit. It was my turn to stare, and I did. Being this close to him in that suit was more than bothersome. When he dove into the water and came back out for that same ritual he had done the other day, I called him over to ask why he did that. I know I was being a little devious because I wanted to see what that suit held up close. I was not disappointed.

“The coach says I need to work on my entry. He told me to do it over and over if I had a pool available. You came along, Amanda, and saved the day.”

I listened intently with an occasional look at the outline of his massive package. There was no doubt this young man was endowed. This was a little bit crazy, a thirty-four-year-old woman sneaking peeks at an eighteen-year old’s crotch.

I asked, “Would you like some lemonade, Eddie?” When he said yes, I made my way to the rec room door, to calm myself down. Unfortunately, he followed me right to the kitchen. It is totally different to have on these outfits standing by a swimming pool than standing in your kitchen. It seemed much more intimate. I was getting wet and it wasn’t from pool water. I let him finish his drink and said, “Eddie, got a million things to do, but thank you for cutting the grass.”

He looked so disappointed, but he wasn’t the only one, but I was being tempted way too much. Before he left, he asked if he could bring his girlfriend to swim the next time, which added to my disappointment. I got right to one of the million things I had to do. I used that damned dildo. I needed relief before I found myself in bed with an eighteen-year-old. I don’t think his mother would approve. This time the dildo felt better than ever with thoughts of Eddie all over me.

I spent a helluva week, having dreams of Eddie, and holding my concentration at work. Saturday finally arrived, and I was anxious to see Eddie. He came with his girlfriend in tow. What a cutie she was. She sat on a lounge chair, watching him cut my grass. She obviously adored him, and I didn’t blame her, and that was three of us. His girlfriend, his mother, and me. I doubt if his mom wanted to get in his swimsuit, but no doubt about the rest of the group did. She just stared at him, sitting there in her beach coat. I did get introduced when he invited me out to meet her. That is when she took off the beach coat. I thought my bikini was skimpy, but Sue’s had that beat by a mile. Both sides of her breasts were exposed as the top covered her nipples but little else. The bottom was cut so low that half of her mound was showing and only started where a division might be seen. She hung on Eddie as a banana does on a tree. I went back to my kitchen and parked myself in front of the window.

I watched them play in the water like Gary, and I did. The accidental touches were duplicates of ours. She backed that cute ass of hers into his package, and he would not move at all. She only dove into the pool once because she came up with her top in her hand. With her nipples exposed, her breasts were more gorgeous than ever. Eddie felt her breast before she submerged in the water. The more they played, the more jealous I got. Maybe I was missing my youth, or perhaps I had a thing for Eddie, but I would no longer be concerned about him seeing me nude.

I did get a little more daring sunning myself, nude. I had a feeling of total freedom. The grass was low, so there would be no Eddie. Lying on the lounge, I put in my earbuds and listened to my little radio and felt the rays soaking into my flesh.

I never heard him coming, but the mailman stood over me with a bunch of letters in his hand. “I thought these might be important, so I thought you best see them right away,” he said without looking at my face. Without thinking, I turned over and let him see the rest of what he wanted to see. I took the letters, and he went on his merry way. I looked at the letters, and there was absolutely nothing vital among them. I knew then that somehow the SOB had been peeking at me, and when I decided to do it nude, he wanted a closer look.

I did play detective and visited my neighbor across the street when the mailman usually delivered the mail. And sure enough, he stood by the fence with one of those periscope things to see if I was out there. Being nude only tempted him for a closeup view. I did find out from the neighbor that his wife was very ill, and I guess the temptation of me out there was just too great. I thought maybe I ought to bring out my dildo and really give him a show. Now I was being stupid, and perhaps a little bit wanton.

I could hardly wait for Saturday to be alone with Eddie. I even thought about getting a new bikini like Sue’s. I just wanted him to want me as much as he wanted her. I thought about sunning myself nude while he cut the grass, but I settled on swimming with him and encouraging his diving form. Of course, that was not the form I was hoping to see. I did plan on losing my top, and even practiced taking it off with one hand.

I never got the chance in the water as he asked me for some lemonade and then followed me into my kitchen. Once again, we were in that intimate place with little clothes on our bodies. I handed him the lemonade, but he put it down and put his arms around me and kissed me. I almost fell apart. I loved it and kissed him back. I felt his hands manipulating the strings on my top, and when he untied it, my breasts dropped from the bikini coverage. His hands moved to my side, where his thumbs softly stroked the sides of my breasts. He pushed against me. I easily felt his excitement. His one hand found its way to my nipple, He fondled it until it was so hard it almost hurt, but not really. The more he pressed against me, the wetter I got.

“Eddie, what about Sue?”

“She is just a kid, Amanda.”

“How old is she?”

“She just turned seventeen.”

God, I wished I looked that good at just turning seventeen. “Be honest, Eddie, are you doing her?” I asked.

“Just once in a while.”

Damn, here I was in a love triangle with two teenagers and me, thirty-four. When his hand went in between my legs. I knew that if he wanted me, I would happily give him what he wanted.

“Where is your bedroom?” he asked.

I took him by the hand and led him to where Gary and I had made love many times. It was now going to become Eddie and Amanda’s love den. The rest of my top was pulled off of me, and the bottoms followed. Eddie sat me on the edge of the bed; he got on the floor on his hands and knees. He spread my legs and lapped with his tongue between them, almost like a dog. It had been so long since I felt a tongue and lips down there, I swooned. I held his head there. I didn’t want it to stop. Eddie then heard this thirty-four-year-old woman acting like a whore for him, squeezing his head between my legs as I came. He pushed me back on the bed and stood up.

He was out, and I saw it up close and real. It was magnificent. He pinned my legs back, and I felt him trying to put it in me. I helped, and we were both successful. Oh god, did that feel so good. His motions thrusting into me were varied. It seems he was trying to hit all the right spots down there. He did well because I came again, and I wanted him to keep thrusting. He did until with violent thrusts, he came inside me. We cuddled, holding each other until we calmed down. This young man was no amateur. Somebody had taught him right, and it wasn’t any teenager. Whoever she was, I thanked my lucky stars. 

My grass cutter went home a happy man, and I could not be more pleased.

On Friday, my period came, and Saturday would be a different grass cutting day. It was my turn to give all the pleasure. When Saturday came, Eddie showed, cutting my grass and swimming afterward. He came into the house looking for me. I was dressed in a see-through nightgown. His response was to stretch his trunks to the maximum.

I sat him on one of my kitchen bar stools and relieved the pressure made by the trunks. He stood straight and tall. I kissed Eddie, then leaned down and kissed that big thing pointing at me. A little drop of liquid appeared at the slit. I licked it off. He sat there as I ran my finger up and down his shaft. I leaned further down and kissed his sack. I liked the noise he made when I did that. It was a better noise when I started licking it like a lollipop. I finally opened my mouth and invited him in with my tongue. With long sucks, while Eddie pushed himself in and out of my mouth, he gave me his love juice. I pulled away and opened my mouth and showed him his offering in my mouth. He smiled as I swallowed it.

He said, “You are the best,” which were the same words Gary had told me many times after I did the same to him. It was quite the Saturday. I made him lunch and then proceeded to show him that I was good for more than once.

Eddie and I ran out of Saturdays when fall came, and the grass lost its ability to grow. Eddie and I had not lost any desire in the fall, but circumstances did not help the situation. School started, and I am sure new temptations overcame my lover. We only made love a few times in the fall, and winter was so much worse.

A mid-winter trip with a work associate took my life in a new direction. His name was Tony, he was an older man who had lost his wife, and our lives seem to be headed in the same direction.


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