How strong do you feel as a couple? Know your strengths and areas for growth in your relationship.

Marriage is a lot of work, and figuring out how to build a strong relationship on trust, love, and communication is a necessary part of any healthy relationship.

And while every couple is different and has distinct needs, there are still some basic “rules” you can follow to make sure you’re finding new ways to improve your relationship with your partner or spouse every day.

Relationships are like a greenhouse. You have especially chosen your flowers and plants because they are appealing to you and give you joy.

But just like a greenhouse, relationships need loving care, hard work, and maintenance to flourish. They need nourishment to grow. Stop this maintenance, and you get weeds!

There are some things that are necessary to keep your connection with your partner thriving and happy, and I consider these elements part of the “relationship checklist.” Together, these are the keys to creating a beautiful garden — a healthy relationship.

It takes practice and willingness to be vulnerable with the person you love.

Here are 10 essential things couples need to have a strong, healthy relationship.

1. Communicate clearly and transparently.

This article was originally published at Life and Relationships 101. Reprinted with permission from the author.

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