We left our sexy couple having just tried out the latest version of Declan 9. Marissa had the ride of her life and is fast becoming a sex addict. Our couple had invited Bruce to take Marissa on a sexual journey, but due to family problems he could not make it. The day after the final version of Declan 9, Bruce left a voicemail, one deleted by Marissa after Declan had fucked her brains out. Now the questions is…should they go ahead and have Bruce join them?

To Bruce, or not to Bruce, that is the question:

Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer

The slings and licks of outrageous penetration,

Or to take coverage against a sea of genitalia

And by opposing end the thought. To die—to sleep,

No more; and by a sleep to say we think of

The heartache and the thousand natural shocks

That flesh is heir to: ’tis a wanton consummation

Devoutly to be wish’d. To orgasm, to yell;

To spank, perchance to dream—ay, there’s the rub:


Marissa knew that Bruce and the invitation to share her had to be discussed with Ben.  She felt incredibly conflicted. She knew that Ben wanted her to be a Hot Wife, but he was showing signs of wavering too. So, when Liz called again about Natalya upgrades, she was relieved.  If they could focus on assisting Liz with testing the major overhaul planned, perhaps they could delay any conversation about whether or not she wanted to have sex with Bruce.

When Liz and her two techs arrived on Saturday, they talked over coffee and beignets on the back porch. Ben looked a bit perplexed when the techs brought in a very large box.  Seemed a bit much for an upgrade, he thought to himself.  Liz saw the inquisitive look on his face and explained, “We decided to bring the Natalya 7 prototype and swap out the Natalya 6. It will make things quicker and easier.”

Liz also reassured them that they would be allowed to keep both the Declan 9 and the Natalya 7 sex droids.  The only condition being that they would have to file a monthly report for the next year.  This thrilled Ben and Marissa!

“Thank you so much, Liz!” they both said, with big smiles on their faces.

Liz began explaining the upgrades and enhancements, “Most of our efforts to date were centered around Declan 9.  A significant number of our male customers have flooded our marketing team with requests for new features as well as improvements to the current feature set. With that in mind we have created Natalya 7.”

Liz then opened the file folder she had and handed both Ben and Marissa a list of improvements, as well as new features. “You can find a copy of these on page 96 of the owner’s manual. I just thought it would be helpful to print them out for you separately,” she remarked.

Ben smiled as he read over the information:


  • Natalya 7 Tongue has a dual mode. One end of the forked tongue gets extended to 9 inches.  The other remains as 6 inches.
  • No teeth mode for the emergency blowjob interrupt (EBI).
  • Squirt option while in rough sex mode.

New features:

  • Submissive mode which is fully customizable
  • Vibrating fingers.
  • Emergency dick mode for women as well as bisexual men

Liz said, “You can read a more detailed explanation beginning on page 97, check out the website, or even just try her out cold.”

Ben, being an engineer, immediately playing with the controls on the Natalya web page.  He spent a few hours learning about the incredible features until they both decided to call it an early night. Before going to bed, Ben had fully programmed Natalya’s sub mode. He wanted to wake up in the morning to a nice sexual surprise.

Prior to waking up Ben, Natalya brewed a pot of Luzianne Coffee and baked a couple of beignets.  She poured two cups, placed them on a serving tray along with the beignets and the morning paper, and headed upstairs to gently wake Ben.  She stripped naked, fell to her knees, and sat back on her haunches with her head lowered.

Ben rubbed the sleep from his eyes, took one look at this sexy submissive fuck toy and immediately got hard.  He smiled at his pet and thanked her. He decided to enjoy the feeling of having a sub waiting at his feet and decided to enjoy the breakfast she brought him. However, it wasn’t long before he needed some release. After drinking about half his coffee and inhaling his beignet, he used the voice command he had programmed the night before.

“Natalya,” he said, “put your slutty little mouth on my cock and give me a slow, sensuous blowjob.” 

Marissa woke up and smiled at the sight of her husband enjoying his morning treat.  She watched while Ben got incredibly worked up, and was aroused herself as she heard him say, “Natalya get on your hands and knees next to him me in bed.”  Once Natalya had obeyed this command, Ben slides his cock into Natalya’s tight pussy slowly.

Marissa started fingering her own juicy pussy while she watched Ben fuck Natalya. Although he had started off slow and easy, after about 10 minutes he picked up the pace, pumping faster, deeper and harder. Marissa slid her own fingers into her cunt, matching his pace with Natalya. Ben was panting hard as he reamed the droid’s tight hole until he exploded, his balls drained completely dry.  Marissa, meanwhile, rubbed her clit hard to a delightful orgasm.

When he finally caught his breath, Ben finished his coffee and thought how lovely it would be to wake up to this every morning. Marissa looked Ben in the eye. “Did my little sex animal enjoy his morning release?” she asked, smiling.

Ben laughed and says, “I surely did, but little Ben seems to be waking up again looking at your gorgeous tits.”

Marissa grinned, “Wait till you see what I programmed for her to do for you next!”

Natalya leaned over Ben with her pussy right in his face and proceeded to deliver a blowjob extraordinaire.  Tongue # 1 was lapping all around his balls while she began to slowly swallow his dick. Then tongue #2 started licking all around his ass, without actually making contact with his anus. After a few minutes of that delightful treatment, he felt his cock hardening and his balls began to tickle.  Ben moaned loudly as he shot this load into Natalya’s mouth and watched her swallow dutifully.

Next Ben feasted on Natalya’s pussy, licking right up her slit, until he reached her clit which he nibbled and sucked. As he thrust his tongue into her tight hole, Marissa said, “I think you’re going to like this part!”

Ben felt a pill slide down his throat.  This was a surprise that Liz had told Marissa about, but had not mentioned to him.

“What the hell is that pill she gave me?” Ben panicked.

“Relax,” Marissa purred, “Natalya can now detect when a man needs to shorten his recharge time. When this happens, she distributes 100 mg Viagra via her pussy or mouth, depending on where the man’s mouth is.”

“That’s the highest dosage made,” Ben remarked and soon felt like he was in rocket mode.  “Holy shit! I feel like a 20-year-old again! Thanks, Riss, you’re so good to me!”

“Well, all I did was choose the option, Liz is the mastermind behind Natalya’s ability to do so,” Marissa told Ben. “Also, we have to get your own prescription. She gave us professional samples to get us, well you, started.”

Ben continued to lick, suck and fuck Natalya, enjoying her vibrating fingers on his balls, around his cock, and in his ass.

“Holy fuck, Riss, I understand now why you love vibrators so much!” he shouted like a boy with the most excellent new toy.

With his medicated-aided rigid pole, he fucked all of Natalya’s holes until he decided he should stop. The last thing he wanted was a raw cock. Besides, Marissa had been such a good sport watching him a kid in a candy shop. It was her turn to get some much-deserved pleasure, and he was looking forward to watching his wife’s turn with Natalya.

Marissa decided to start off by engaging in some delicious oral sex in a sixty-nine position. The split tongue was incredible, one licked all around her clit, while the other on snaked up her cute little ass. She was in heaven when the droid used the dual tongues to invade her pussy, and her ass, at the same time. She used the orgasm edging setting to extend the pleasure for quite some time. Once she finally came, she engaged the Emergency Dick Mode (EDM). As much as she was enjoying the oral pleasure, she just really needed a cock inside her.

She was delighted when she discovered that the EDM included the ability for the cock to expand first in girth, then in length, once it was inside her. That is was self-lubricating came in handy.

“Oh, my God, Ben, there are little nubs coming out of the end of this dick!” Marissa said with surprise.

“Liz said that those are there to stimulate the cervix. She loves them,” Ben explained.

“Well, so do I! They’re fucking awesome!” she cried out. She allowed the EDM to bring her to a handful of orgasms before she could take no more.

They both agreed that the Natalya 7 was a huge hit and were excited by the fact that they actually got to keep both her and the Declan 9. Monthly reports would be well worth it!

That night in bed, Marissa asked if they could leave Declan and Natalya downstairs. She wanted to talk about Bruce with Ben and, while she knew it was silly since they weren’t real people, she wanted to have his undivided attention when they talked.

Ben took Marissa into his arms and held her in bed. “What’s up, baby?” he asked.

“Well, Bruce called and left a message. He said he will be back in town on Friday and wants to come over,” Marissa explained. “I just wasn’t sure where you were at with all that right now.”

“Well, I think we’re never going to know if it’s right until we try it. I think these sex droids are amazing, but wouldn’t you want to have a real man fuck you while I watch him please your body?” Ben asked.

“I mean, sure, I guess so,” she answered hesitantly. She still had such mixed feelings about this! But maybe Ben was right. How would they know if it was right unless they actually gave it a try?

“So, I should call him and set it up?” she asked, wanting to be sure that is what Ben wanted.

“Yes, you should call him and set it up,” he reassured her.

The next morning, Marissa called Bruce as planned. She invited him over on Saturday, so they would have more time and not have to worry about waiting until after work.

When Saturday afternoon arrived, Marissa took her time getting ready. She shaved everything, used Ben’s favorite perfume, curled her hair, and wore a tight knit dress with no bra or panties.

When she came downstairs, Ben just stared at his beautiful wife. She looked amazing! Suddenly, he wished it was just going to be the two of them, no sex droids, no Bruce, no interruptions. But he knew it would be rude to call it off when their guest was due to arrive any minute.

They had decided to leave Declan and Natalya in stand-by mode sitting on one couch. Marissa would seduce Bruce on the other couch. Then Ben would sit in the recliner, so he could lay back and stroke his cock while he watched another man fuck his wife.

It sounded so exciting! So why was he suddenly feeling jittery again about the whole Hot Wife idea? He shook his head as if trying to shake off the feeling. He knew once they got started, he’d be aroused, and it would all be fine. Wouldn’t it?

When the doorbell rang, Marissa answered the door.  Bruce was a good-looking guy and seemed pretty easy going. He was a good choice for this first attempt with a real man.

“Hi, Bruce, come on in,” Marissa invited.

“Hi, Riss, thanks for having me over,” he replied. “Hey, Ben, good to see you again!”

The two men shook hands as if this was the most normal thing in the world. Ben fixed drinks for everyone and nodded at Marissa to go ahead and start with the seduction.

She sat next to Bruce on the couch and put her hand on his leg. She inched it slowly up towards his crotch but stopped short of actually touching his enormous bulge. She leaned in to kiss him. He kissed her back and reached inside the lowcut dress to hold one of her breasts in his hand, giving it a gentle squeeze.

“Mmm,” he murmured, “nice and firm!”

Although she’d been in similar situations with Declan, Marissa realized that it was different with Bruce. They hadn’t programmed what he would do and there was no remote control to change things up if she wasn’t enjoying. It felt awkward, but she thought it was just because she was nervous. Besides, he was being a gentleman about the whole thing.

Until he wasn’t. Suddenly, Bruce was practically ripping off her clothes as he said to Ben, “Do you like this, Ben? Do you like watching me treat your wife like a little whore? She teased the fuck out of me with the videos we took for you. Now I’m gonna fuck her good and hard for you. I may not have a nine-inch cock, but mine is all real and you’re going to love the way I make her scream for me.”

Marissa felt a little panicky, but she looked at Ben and his cock was already out of his pants, hard as a rock. So, she took a deep breath and prepared for Bruce to use her roughly.

Bruce positioned Marissa on the couch so that she was laying down with her pussy exposed. She couldn’t deny that she was aroused. She looked at Ben again and saw how much he was enjoying watching her while stroking his cock.

Bruce was alternating manhandling her tits with one hand while he started to finger fuck her cunt with the other.

“Holy fuck, you fucking little whore, you’re dripping! I’m practically raping you with my fingers and your cunt is drenched!” Bruce said, ramming three fingers into her pussy. “Look at your husband, his cock is hard and he’s essentially ready to cum watching me abuse you like this. You’re just a cunt to use, baby, and he doesn’t care whose cock is fucking you, as long as he gets to watch, you dirty little whore.”

Marissa took a quick look across the room at Ben, wondering if he could see that she was miserable. As much as she wanted to do this for him, she could barely stomach the thought of letting Bruce go any farther. She wanted to tell him to stop, but she knew that both men were enjoying this, even if she wasn’t. She couldn’t exactly call this rape, since she had literally asked him to come over and fuck her, but she felt so violated that tears began to stream down her face.

Ben looked back at her and saw that she was crying. He stood up and said, “Hey, Bruce, I think maybe you’re being too rough. Ease up, dude, I want her to enjoy this too.”

“Oh, she’s enjoying it. Can’t you hear the sloshing of her juicy cunt as I pump her with my fingers? Relax, dude, I’m gonna give her the fucking of her life!” Bruce boasted.

“No, you’re not. She’s not enjoying, no matter how wet she is. My wife doesn’t cry during sex,” Ben argued.

Bruce ignored Ben and was just about to push his cock into Marissa’s pussy, when she cried out, “Stop! I can’t! I’m so sorry, I thought I could, but I just can’t do this.”

Bruce said, “Sure you can, you little slut! You’re not gonna deny me the chance to fuck your cunt and fill you with my seed!”

Ben stood next to Bruce and said, “She said stop, so you’re gonna stop or I will make you stop, understand?”

Bruce looked dumbfounded. “Are you fucking kidding me? First she parades around nude fucking that robot in front of me, being a little tease, then she invites me over so that you could watch a real man fuck her, now you tell me to stop?”

Bruce had moved past confusion and was totally pissed.

Marissa got up from the couch and started to sob. Bruce looked perplexed. He didn’t think he had really hurt her, but there she was crying her eyes out.

“Look,” he said, putting on his pants and grabbing his shirt. “You people need to figure out what you really want. I’m outta here.”

Bruce slammed the door when he left and Marissa sat down on the couch, while she continued to weep bitterly.

Ben got up and crossed the room to take her in his arms. “Hey, Riss, it’s fine. Really, it’s okay. Hey, no tears, I understand. I don’t want you to do anything you aren’t comfortable with!”

“But I’ve spoiled everything,” she wailed. “He’s never going to want to come back and I had a hard time mustering up the courage to ask him in the first place. I can’t just find someone else. I don’t even know if I can ever do this. And I know you were enjoying it, I saw your cock all hard and you were stroking it, but I can’t Ben, I just can’t. I’m sorry if I’m not brave enough to give you what you need. I’m so sorry to disappoint you.”

Ben put his arms around his wife, simply held her and said, “You could never disappoint me.”

Then she surprised the hell out of him when she said, “Ben, I’m so sorry. I clearly was aroused by what Bruce was doing. He was right, my pussy was dripping. But my heart just couldn’t handle it. I know you want me to fuck other guys, but what if I start to like it too much? I feel like these sex droids have unleashed an animal in me. I really wanted to fuck Bruce. Not just for you, but for me. But what if crossing that line means that I get hooked on wanting other men to fuck me? And what if you decide you want to fuck other women? What happens to our marriage then?” she was talking a mile a minute, but somehow Ben caught all of it.

“Hey, it really is okay. I realized that when Bruce put his hand inside your dress that I don’t think I am really cut out for this Hot Wife thing either. I expected to feel aroused, and I was for a while. But then a big ugly wave of jealousy washed over me, and I just wanted to rip his arms off his body for touching you. But then you seemed like you were really getting into it, and I wanted to be okay with him fucking you like a slut. It seemed like such a hot idea. I was turned-on too. But I don’t want anything to screw up our marriage either, baby! I love you, and I only want you. And, well, Declan and Natalya,” he added, hoping to make her smile.

Marissa looked deep into Ben’s eyes and said, “I love you too. But I just feel like this is a huge case of be careful what you wish for. I don’t think it was anything like what either one of us anticipated; I don’t think we can handle other humans in our marriage.”

“I agree. In fact, I really like that Liz has added all these very non-human features to the droids,” Ben admitted. “I like it better that they seem less real.”

“Me too,” Marissa admitted as well.

“Oh, I feel just awful about backing out on Bruce last minute like that,” she sighed.

“He’ll get over it,” Ben said. “Besides you haven’t worked together for a while now, and it’s not like we really socialize with him.”

Marissa smiled and wiped the remainder of the tears from her face. “I guess you’re right,” she said. “Would it be okay if we just went up to bed and made love? And then, maybe, spend time reading about more of the kinky features our sex droids can do. After all, Liz is expecting detailed reports monthly. We can’t just say they make us feel really fucking good!”

Ben laughed and kissed his wife. Then he surprised them both by picking her up and carrying her up the stairs. As he did, he said, “Riss, you may not be a Hot Wife, but you are my wife and you are really fuckin’ hot!”

Marissa purred, “Mmm, let’s go to bed and you can make me even hotter!”

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