Where is the most popular place in the house to have sex?

Researchers at sellhousefast.uk surveyed 1,023 people to find out.

And unsurprisingly, the bedroom came out trumps.

While this goes without saying, kinky participants also revealed surprising places they like to get down and dirty.

The laundry room was a close runner up – and naughtily, many enjoy bonking in guest rooms too.

Scroll down to see the top places for getting jiggy while indoors.

Most popular places for sex in the house

1. Bedroom – 99% of people

2. Laundry/Utility – 92% of people

3. Bedroom belonging to someone else – 82% of people

4. Bathroom – 80% of people

5. Living/lounge room – 79% of people

6. Guest/spare Bedroom – 68% of people

7. Kitchen – 51% of people

8. Garden – 48% of people

9. Hall – 42% of people

10. Dining room – 41% of people

11. Study – 29% of people

While these are the most popular areas to romp in, it doesn’t mean they’re the best.

Previously, a sexpert revealed that kitchen romps are the best for working up a sweat and burning calories.

In an exclusive chat with Daily Star Online, Dr Harper said: “The kitchen is the best room to have sex in, a kitchen table or a worktop is always a handy prop.

“I think also one of the positions that you think for a woman when you talk about calorie burning, which is quite good, I think would be a dining chair.

“Him sitting down and you’re sitting across straddling him.

“As a woman, you’re burning more calories in that position.”

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