Find the one without losing yourself.

In a new relationship, it’s not uncommon to lose yourself along the way in order to please your new beau.

But you don’t have to compromise your authentic self. You can stay still be yourself while you merge your life with someone else’s.

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Have you ever met a guy — either online or in person — and thought, “Wow, he could be the one!”

That wonderful feeling of excitement and possibility starts to grow inside of you.

You start envisioning the loving and healthy relationship you’ve been longing for.

You can’t help but think about all the things that might actually be at your doorstep soon — holidays together, what kind of father he might be, or what vacations you might take.

But, wait.

As your fantasy grows you notice, so does that nagging voice in your head and the excitement that gives way to fear and doubt.

You realize and can hear yourself saying that you have had this feeling before and you remember that you were disappointed and hurt — really hurt!

That little voice inside you starts to get louder and louder, reminding you of the bad things that happened last time you were feeling so excited. Your guard goes up and down goes your excitement and enthusiasm.

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