Love Will Find A Way

You can’t escape all of your sins,
and sometimes they make you pay.
You find your way because love always finds a way.
You might not be here now, but I will find you.

The love finds the way, and even to the final day, I will love you and hope to see you.
I may find you beyond this life, but you will be mine.
Maybe I’ll have to wait so I can repent for my sins, but you’ll be worth it.

Our love of the past will be the love of the future, and maybe night will fade, but the love will not.
I must pay, but the silence of the past we must face together will not erase our souls.
The final day will come, and you’ll be mine again.

All because love will find a way,
and darkness will not be the end. I held your hand as tightly as I could as you left,
but nothing and no one will stop me from getting you beyond this life.

We are nothing, but two loving souls of the past here on this day. Even though you’ve passed on,
and I’m in the lonely desert known as life without you,
you have not left me empty.

Maybe not on this day, but soon, love will find a way. We’ll be together again, and let our hearts grow towards one another again.
Our love will never fade;
therefore, love is engraved in our souls, even after death.

Maybe I shed the tears, but they are the tears of love. The love will find a way, and with that, I will find you.
With your final words, after I kissed you for the last time,
you asked me to find you after I died.

I will come and find you with love leading me. Once we have each other again, love will make us rise.
We’ll shine brighter and better than ever.

Going into eternity with you will be the crowning award I could ever hope to have, but I won’t commit the ultimate sin if only to make you happy.
I will find you in hell if need be,
but I surely want us in our heaven, just the two of us.
I know love will find a way.

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