More to follow, and soon.

Nerys was at a level of ecstatic wonder that she could not have imagined, but now as her captor leaned back to deliver another thrust, he slid one hand between them and as he plunged again, his fingers were on her erect clit.

If everything before had been beyond her experience, these sensations racking her whole being were turning her into a mad woman. Sexual experience she had felt was her right, and she loved it, but this, with this stranger ploughing into her, was manna from the gods.

Then, came the shock of his cock being pulled out of her streaming cunt, leaving her empty and confused. Frantic, she raised her head, mumbling without thinking, “Oh, please, please.”

His massive implement, dripping with her juices, was still hard and ready.

“You—you haven’t cum, sir?” she gasped, breathlessly.

His grin was teasing as he asked, “Oh, have you?”

Her heart sank as he moved around to her right, away from her desperate cunt. She wanted more of his treatment up inside her.

His hands worked at the rope across her upper abdomen. As it came loose, she realised that only her legs were still tied. With some surprise, she heard his apologetic, “Oh, I’m sorry, your squirming has made a mark where the rope was.”

Vaguely, in the thralls of her orgasms, she had been aware of the chafing of that rope. Beyond any willingness to deny herself her hand reached towards his erect pole

“Could I expect you to be mine yet?” he asked quietly. “Yes, you may touch.”

Her fingers stroked along the sliminess of his length, and she hefted his balls in the palm of one hand. God, they felt huge. “Very good,” he told her. “But now put a hand on each of your breasts.”

There seemed to be no reason for refusal. She was simply surrendering to his wishes.

She placed her hands on each breast and immediately he flung one leg over her to straddle her, taking most of the weight on his knees. His hefty cock fell between her breasts.

“Push them together around me.”

She had been tit fucked before, but this was special. This immense cock was almost under her chin, and when he flexed she realised that if she raised her head, she would be able to lick at the wide purple head that carried her aroma. Was she tempted? She reminded herself that if she went that far, what would probably happen next.

Her head was spinning with the crazed thoughts that raged there. It was Antonio she served. Not this—Oh, God, be honest, with yourself, Nerys! Out of all the cocks you’ve taken in any orifice of your body, including Antonio, has there ever been one that has been so tempting, so hard, so rigid, and more than anything so under control. Following this line of thought, she could put that control to the test, could she not?

His hips flexed as he leaned over her, his eyes staring into hers. Her very own slipperiness rubbed into her breasts as she pressed them together. That bulbous purpleness loomed so close to her lips on each push. Little grunts were issuing from his throat as he pushed forward.

Nerys’s hands, almost without any deliberate intention were on his buttocks, urging him on each flex of his hips. She resisted the surprising impulse to slide a sly finger into his tight anus. Antonio liked that. Hell, why was her brain acting in this way? This wasn’t Antonio, her master. This was—

That shining purple head had pushed through her breasts once more and was there, right on her chin. Quick as a snake, her tongue darted out to lick her own juices, but it was the smoothness of that head that got to her. Something about her action had got to him too. For, after pulling his cock back, to be shielded between her breasts, he immediately thrust it forward again.

At the same time, he put a hand behind her head pulled it forward so that the tip of his cock pressed at her lips as he growled, “Open up.” And his other hands knocked her hand away from her breast

Only a moment’s hesitation, and then she parted her lips and he raised himself up higher on his knees, and Nerys took his tangy length onto her tongue. Immense, his throbbing cock filled her willing mouth. That was the truth of it, wasn’t it? She was willing to take him, and more now, as she sucked all her own flavours away from it

“Christ, I knew you would be good,“ he grunted, and she gagged as his cock end struck at the back of her throat. But could she suck hard enough to make him cum and pour down her throat? Oh, he filled her mouth so readily and her tongue traced the ridges and the solid vein on the underside. He moaned his pleasure.

But, once again, he was out of her, leaving that not dissimilar emptiness he had left in her cunt. A sense of failure came with his withdrawal. He hadn’t cum, but he leaned back, knees on either side of her ribcage, his large jutting manhood bobbing in front of her. Was it so hungry for her? She was hoping it was. Yes, she wanted it, needed it. What force would it produce when it did cum?

Quickly he slipped off her and standing near her right hand, he said, “Take me in hand. Play me happy, while I ask you some questions.”

Without any hesitation at all, she sought the unusual comfort of hefting his gorgeous prick in her right hand. Gorgeous? Hell, was that how she was thinking about it?

Sliding her hand up and down its mouth-cleansed surface, she played as requested. She could just reach across with her other hand to feel around his massive balls.

“First question,” he said, his voice firm and emotionless, “where would you like me to probe next? Somewhere different, or back up into your cunt?

How to reply? The implication of somewhere different meant only one thing. An experience she’s had with Antonio, but for some reason it always made him cum too quickly. How best to duck the question? But his next question was a guide. “Tell me, have I won you yet?”

That question had seemed ludicrous the first time. But now? She tried evasion, “I didn’t know there were winners and losers in this game, sir.”

“You’re right. It is not a game. Think of your options. In a short while, after a little extra, I will be freeing your legs. Will you walk away? Never to feel the power of this again.” And his cock jerked in her fondling hand. “Or will you stay and become my only sub to allow me to do whatever I want with your body, and your mind.”

“Do I have time to consider this offer, sir?”

“I can add one special dispensation.”

“And that is, sir?”

“I have physical control of your body including the way you dress. But, if you have any particular physical desire, at any time, you can ask me for permission, providing you say. ‘Please.’

“Even if I request a threesome, sir?”

“You’ve had that?”

“Not while I’ve been with Antonio, sir.”

“But you enjoyed the experience?”

“Another extra man or woman. Yes, sir.”

He laughed, “I’m guessing, but since this Antonio allowed you to screw other men, he wasn’t a solid dom?”

“I don’t understand, sir.” But she understood, well enough, that Antonio had used her sexuality to find information for his book.

“We can discuss that later, perhaps. Does he like having his manhood praised?”

Nerys recalled Antonio’s constant questions. “You like the size?” “Have you had longer?” “Do you like seeing it, stroking it?”

“Sometimes, sir,” she half lied to her captor.

“Have you heard me boast about this?”

“I believe you’re proud of it, sir.”

“Because I wanted you to know what you missed?”

“Yes, sir”

“And have you missed anything?”


He laughed, stepped back and walked to where her legs were spread, “Let us continue our quest.”

“Quest, sir?”

“Life is a continuous search for perfection.” She saw he had placed something on the bed near her hip. She was a little more comfortable with her neck and arms free. Nerys had noticed that his cock although still strongly erect had lowered a little during their conversation. Now he was gazing into the revelations of her parted thighs.

The tip of his tongue showed between his lips. Was he thinking of licking her again? A tremor of anticipation ran through her body. But his next question surprised her, “How often do you finger yourself?”

No emotion showed on his handsome face as she replied, “When the need hits me.”

“Show me what you do.”

Nerys only hesitated briefly. Antonio had never asked her to do this. What the hell? She couldn’t be any more exposed, and in her current position, her clit would be easy to reach. Very aware of those dark eyes on her pinkness, she reached down, and, touching her own clit with her fingertips had the whole area around her thighs tingling.

Her inflamed passion must have shown on her face, as he leaned over her and murmured, “Good.” The next second she was gasping with the pleasure of his finger circling the wrinkled rim of her tight, rosebud anus. Yet another delight.

She was a little disappointed when the finger was taken away, and she raised her head to see the almost triumphant smile on his face, and she rubbed her clit more furiously to compensate.

She saw his hand drop to the side of her hip and when he raised it she saw a finger coated in white. Lube! He was going to smooth her passage. Antonio had never used lube on the rare occasions he’d wanted to take her anally. He fingered her juices from her weeping cunt. But this?

That lubed finger did more than circle her rim. He pushed it deeper into her tightest
hole, and she whimpered her delight. Raising her head, she knew her mouth was gaping, as she looked down his body which he was moving closer between her thighs. His cock was full, fat and ready, and oh, God, she so wanted to have it plunge into her secret passage, which was already throbbing, after the treatment from his finger.

His hips were sliding excitingly along her inner thighs, and she could tell his hand had moved down to guide his cock towards its new goal. His eyes held hers as he whispered, “You’re all right?” All she could do was nod her head dumbly. What she wanted to do was screech, “Please, do it.”

That wonderful cockhead was being pushed at her wrinkled little orifice, tight, difficult at first, but with an amazing surge as he pushed into her, driving deep, deep and hard. Why was she feeling so much deeper there? Oh, yes, so good, so different. He was thrusting so hotly, she had to respond. She could only just flex her own hips slightly.

“Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.” Nerys suddenly realised it was her, vocalising the thrusting and hard plunge of his mighty cock up into her rectum. Suddenly she felt her right leg come free. Somehow he had loosened it and one hand was lowering it gently to the bed.

That had tightened her around his rod, but she had to take part, and she wrapped her free leg behind him pressing her bare heel into his own ass. Desperately, she tried to increase the push of him. She knew that sometimes, a wave of delight had passed over her. An orgasm? It had to be. Her whole body was aglow, her skin heated, sweated. Wanting more and more.

He grunted as he ground his perfect shaft deeper than she had ever been invaded. Wild, sheer delight absorbed her. Was he going to cum inside her? Her mind was in a haze as she felt her left leg come free. About to wrap it around him in a double pull, he unexpectedly and disappointingly he pulled out of her.

“No. Nooo.” She gasped.

But almost in the same moment, his hands had grabbed and lifted her hips and his hardness was plunging up into the always welcoming wetness of her cunt. Thrusting so fast, Nerys orgasmed immediately, screamed, and heard his groan again.

“Cum. Cum in me, sir,” she squealed, knowing she had never been so vocal. “Take me. All of me.”

Faster, harder, deeper and she knew, as his face rose above her and he gave one final large thrust, that his cream was spurting inside her. Nerys felt that wild ecstasy once more as he collapsed against her breasts.

When he finally eased the weight of his body from her breasts, Nerys immediately wanted him back there again. But he stepped back and said, “That was quite good.” But the look in his dark eyes told her that it had been better than that.

It was certainly very good for her. Her cunt still ached, but she was sure some of that was a desire for more. Realising she was no longer tied in any way, she sat up and ran her hands over her breasts and down her body as though savouring what had gone before.

His cock dangled sturdily, highly eye-catching, between his legs. She was about to offer to stroke it back to life, when he said, “I said you would be free to go and that is still the case.”

He indicated the door to her right, “You may want to clean up in there. Shower, towels, and your clothes are folded on the chair.”

Their eyes held for a moment before he added, “Clean again. If you put on your yellow dress and panties, you’ll be telling me you want out. But if you come back naked—“ He stopped, smiled before adding, “—well, that’s a different message, isn’t it?”

“Yes, sir,” she said, returning his smile, before heading for the shower room.

The warm shower in the large cubicle was wonderful. Greedily, she soaped over her breasts (so teasing), down over her belly to her sticky thighs. All electrifying. But as her hands rubbed between her thighs, into her pink eager petals, she thought how exquisite it would be if he came in with her and did this.

God, rubbing herself there, and wishing it was him, almost made her cum again. For many years, she had known that she possessed a rabid libido, rendering her insatiable almost. Not many men had lifted her over that magic edge, which obliterated everything but the swirling intensity in her blood stream, and her avid cunt.

Antonio had managed it occasionally but this man, her captor, had certainly promised to get her there. Coming to a quick decision, she got out of the shower dried herself thoroughly, giving her short hair a thorough rub, knowing it would settle most fetchingly.

Now, for the challenge, or test, but who would be tested? Him or Nerys? Quickly she pulled on the tiny panties and slipped into the button-up yellow dress. Yes, this would make a good starting point. Her tiny handbag, which had been under her dress, contained her perfume, La Riche, which she dabbed between her breasts, behind her ears, and along each inner thigh.

Then she walked through into the where she had recently been captive and captivated. Bare-chested, so muscular, he was seated on the bed, but had put on his pants, which was a disappointment.

His eyes widened and did he also look just a little upset that she was dressed. “So, you’ve decided to return to Antonio.”

As he began to rise she took quick strides towards him, “No, I thought you might enjoy stripping me when I’m awake and aware and responsive.”

“Sounds promising,” he admitted and stood up. ”Can I assume that you would, acting as my sub, accept a different demand.”

Surprised, but curious, Nerys asked, “And that would be, sir?”

He had picked up his white shirt and was shrugging into it, “That you come with me in my car to my residence, and if you like the situation and the conditions we will need to discuss, you actually move in.”

Her uncertainty was defeated by her curiosity, and without further thought, she accepted and within fifteen minutes, she was seated in the passenger seat of his lavishly fitted car.



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