Jay and Sabrina dropped me off at my condo just before dinner on that Sunday before Spring break began. We talked a lot less going home than on the trip to the race. I think we were all tired. Neither Sabrina or I hinted at the fact we’d played around together. I still felt confused when I went into my condo. The fact that Sabrina was trying to seduce me along with me fucking Jay left me wondering about my sexuality.

I settled in after unpacking and sipping a glass of wine when I got a text from Sabrina. She wanted to get together this week to talk. I should have ignored it; instead, I told her: sure, call me tomorrow. I got a kiss and a heart emoji in reply.

As I sipped I pondered my situation, Jay was cheating on his wife with me, Sabrina wanted in my panties. Which was the lesser of two evils? Both were somewhat evil. I thought I was straight until Sabrina started playing with me. I didn’t want to be a homewrecker, even in a home that was already falling apart. As I sipped on my second glass of Cabernet, I thought they both sounded good sexually. Would I have the time for both? Yes, Sabrina wasn’t home that often, Jay was once a month maybe twice. What if they found out about each other? Perhaps I’d have nothing. The second glass turned into a third, and I was feeling warm and mellow as I took it to my bedroom.

I got ready for bed, still pondering the pros and cons of daughter and dad. They both had their pluses; Jay was a gentle, considerate lover with me. He also had a very nice penis, and he was creative. Sabrina was somewhat of an unknown. She was sneaky, trying to seduce me. Sabrina seemed more in charge than Jay, which was different. She was somewhat creative, surprising me in the shower.

I finished off my wine, then reached into my top drawer of the nightstand. My little vibe whirred to life with the flick of the switch. I hadn’t used it since I seduced Jay; he was more than enough for me.

I slipped off my panties, tossing them towards the hamper. I placed my vibe between my legs as it hummed away. Tonight I was imagining Jay, then Sabrina, then Jay, and back to Sabrina. What an image! I laid back, watching us like a fly on the wall.

Jay, viral, quiet, lying in my bed, massaging my lower back while I rose up and down on his cock. Sabrina, sexy, blonde, gorgeous tits facing me, passionate kisses, teasing my nipples, nursing them. It was like something out of a porn.

My vibe moved over my lower lips as I slipped a finger, then two into me. Those images, combined with the feelings I was applying to myself, brought me to a swift and delicious climax. I shut the switch off, basking in the glow of what I’d just done. I felt good; I know it was a fantasy, and realistically it would never happen.

I made up my mind then and there to see what Sabrina wanted. I got up and put my vibe by the bathroom sink. I went back to bed, quickly falling asleep with a smile on my face.




The text back from Tanika made me smile. My little plan was working, and I think although she could be meeting me to tell me to fuck off even though that seemed highly unlikely.

I met Tanika on Thursday; we were going to have coffee at the same place we did when we ran. It’s quaint and quiet. I was going to keep my hands to myself, and I wanted to hear what she had to say.

She talked, I listened, and I liked what I was hearing. She wanted to explore the feelings I had awakened in her. We had to be discrete because she didn’t think my father would like her sleeping with me. She was partially right, daddy didn’t know I liked girls, and I wanted to keep it that way for a while. He had enough problems with mom, and I didn’t want to be another. I didn’t think he’d disown me or anything but, he didn’t deserve any more headaches.

After Tanika finished her little speech, she took a deep breath. She then asked what I thought about her decision. I told her I loved it and would abide by any rules or restrictions she might have. I asked if this was just sex and her curiosity, or did it maybe mean something more.

She tossed it right back in my face asking me if she were just a conquest or did I have feelings for her. I blushed, admitting that I did find her very sexy and that I did feel a connection with her. That made her smile. It was honest, mostly. Yes, I did want a conquest, she was hot, and I do enjoy seduction. There was something else about her that I liked, and I told her as we sipped our drinks.

Her smile was infectious; we both were grinning, talking, and being just like we were before I set my sights on her. We sat there for over an hour when one of the baristas started sweeping up around us, hinting that it was time for us to leave. We were enjoying our time together just chatting that we’d lost track of it.

Walking out to our cars, Tanika asked if I’d like to go back to her place to continue our conversation. I smiled, telling her I’d love to.

I followed her back, parking in her driveway as she parked in her garage. I could feel my anticipation building as she led me in via the garage. We set our purses down after removing our shoes. Nika turned to face me, and before she could say anything, I was on her. I pulled her to me, covering her mouth with mine. My tongue was exploring while my hands squeezed her delicious bubble butt, fingers digging in deep. She moaned, then grabbed my ass, pulling me tighter against her. We started going at it groping, unbuttoning, unzipping, removing whatever obstacle we found that prevented us from being naked. I moved her back up against a wall. She gasped as her back hit the wall. Our violent kissing continued as articles of clothing fell aside, and our passion increased.

Nika then returned the favor pushing me across the hall as she tried to take charge. We were down to bras and panties when I moved her diagonally back to the other wall, narrowly missing a framed picture of her family. It bounced as the wall reverberated with the weight of our bodies. She looked over at it, giggled, then forced me back to the door jamb of the bathroom. Our bras were on the floor when I walked her to the bedroom. My hand on a breast, my tongue was dueling with hers.

We halted our play momentarily to remove our panties. Nika’s eyes glared at me with lust and fire. I matched her in my desire, our panties on the floor, my once sweet apprehensive Nika crawled onto her bed. I watched as she sat up on her knees, repeatedly crooking her finger at me, inviting me to join her. I playfully growled, crawling to her. We locked lips once again, hands like octopus tentacles all over each other. Our breasts pressed together; we stayed like that, making out, hands squeezing body parts until I stopped us and told her to lay down. She smiled, laying back, her legs on either side of me. She placed a finger to her lips, her expression now innocent and demure.

I smiled, “You’re so sexy.”

My hands massaged her thighs as I lowered myself between her legs. First, I kissed and teased her sex. My tongue was circling her as she squirmed. I lay against her firm thigh toying and teasing, watching her grin, biting her lower lip. I softly blew on her swollen labia, the places my finger had milliseconds before touched. She shivered, moaning with each wave of cool air. When I’d tortured her to my satisfaction, my tongue took over. From bottom to top, I licked and kissed, her sweet nectar filled my senses and delighted my taste buds. I kissed her labia softly, tugging and stretching the folds. She was delicious. Her lips had a lovely sheen on them from my saliva and her body’s reaction from my attention.

She massaged her breasts, pinching and tugging while I hungrily explored her sex inside and out. My index finger joined my tongue, it went low, and my tongue went high. I slowly started finger fucking, my new love, the tip of my tongue slipped under her hood, exposing her enlarged clit.

Nika kept telling me how good she was feeling as I lost track of time playing with her.

My arousal wasn’t far behind hers, heart racing as I continued drinking from the holy grail I’d been seeking. I had Nika wound up enough to try something that might delight and shock her. I paused, kissing her sweet pussy as if saying good-bye. The look on her face was one of surprise when she opened her eyes, curious as to why I stopped. I then moved between her legs, got atop her allowing our lady parts to kiss.

Moving my hips in a slow circular motion Nika’s eyes lit up with the new sensation between her legs.

Her eyes drilled into mine, focused and intense as she began mimicking my movements as best she could. Then, she got the idea to reverse her gyrations. We both moaned as the intensity of our actions electrified us both.

We continued moaning and praising each other until we both couldn’t take anymore. I collapsed on top of her, my fall cushioned by our breasts. There, I raised myself enough to allow our nipples to brush side to side, further enhancing our experience.

Nika could barely speak, she was out of breath, basking in the fading echos of her first female initiated orgasm. I kissed her, her juices from my lips now covering hers, something I know she’d never dreamed she’d be savoring.

Rolling off her, I lay by her side, snuggled against her. One leg draped over her as if protecting her sex from anything or anyone else. She purred, looking at me, her eyes focused on mine. Her sated glow told me all I needed to know.

This was going to be a beautiful arrangement as long as daddy didn’t find out.




Sabrina and I got together over coffee. We talked about what happened over the weekend and how we both felt about it. Both of us were honest as to how we felt and our intentions. I had liked Sabrina before the weekend and thought we could be friends. Her actions over the weekend not only made me doubt the possibility of just being friends, I questioned my sexuality. Our talk convinced me that not only could we be friends, but we could also be lovers.

I suggested we go back to my place after we’d realized how long we’d been talking. When we arrived, I wasn’t sure what was going to happen until Sabrina practically attacked me. Oh, it was a good thing, I assure you. We kissed, fondled, groped, stripped ourselves, and each other finally winding up on my bed.

Then my world changed forever. She had me lay back then proceeded to work her magic on me with her mouth, tongue, and finger. I hate to admit, but of everyone who has ever gone down on me, Sabrina was by far the best. After giving me the best tongue lashing of my life, she proceeded to amaze and bewilder me by pussy fucking me or whatever it’s called.

My toes curled in ways I never thought possible. Then we lay snuggling, comparing notes, and basking in our mutual bliss. Jay did that, too; it must be a family trait or something. I know that’s weird. I can’t help thinking about the two of them: each different and each yummy in their own way. I only hope I can keep each a secret from the other.

It was getting late in the afternoon. Sabrina and I had taken a nap snug in each other’s arms for about thirty minutes. I woke first, silently laying in her arms, gazing at her pretty face and perfect body. I placed butterfly kisses on her, trying not to wake her. She must be a light sleeper because it didn’t take many for her to smile and open her eyes.

A soft “Hello, sexy girl” greeted me, followed by a long sensual kiss. We lingered for a bit then decided to shower before she went home. She was glad we did, she didn’t want to smell like sex around mom and dad. I didn’t blame her, so we took a leisurely shower together, which included more kissing and fondling. The girl could be wild, sensual, rough, and romantic. I enjoyed the variety.

Sabrina got dressed, and we talked about another meeting. We’d figure it out online or over the phone. This was going to be interesting.




I left Nika’s place and headed home. I had the rest of Spring break, three days to do laundry, and relax. My libido was satisfied for the time being. I knew this feeling wouldn’t last long, hopefully until I could get back to school and my assortment of toys. I didn’t keep anything at my parent’s house knowing it might freak them out, discovering what their little girl did in her spare time. I cared more about what daddy thought than the maternal unit. Speaking of her, I would only have to put up with her on Friday. Saturday was casino day, and I’d see very little of her. Sunday, I’d head back to school early with the laundry I did myself.

Nika and I kept in touch, texting and emailing over April and into the beginning of May. During that time, we discovered something better than sexting. I started it one lonely weeknight when I was especially horny. I called her close to bedtime, dressed only in boyshorts. She was in her terry robe, which soon vanished as we talked. We went back and forth as we showed each other our semi-nude bodies telling each other what we’d like to do. Then we decided to prop our phones so we could lay in our respective beds. We continued talking, and then the touching began. It was effortless at first, touching, then telling Nika what to do to herself. I did as she asked also. It was somewhat surreal and sexy too. We managed to get ourselves off via the phone. Nika suggested that if we were going to continue this, we should both get a VPN to hide from potential prying eyes. I told her I’d talk to my father and see if he’d get me one. Daddy can be a pushover when I want him to be.

I debated going home Memorial day, but a couple of girlfriends decided to have a party, so I stayed for that. Looking back, that probably was a huge mistake. I should have been home dealing with the drama.

Saturday late afternoon, daddy called with a frantic message on my voicemail to call him. I would have answered but, the battery on my phone as at ten percent so, I let it charge before calling. When I did call and got my father, I was floored.

Mom had left him. She’d gone to the casino, or at least she was supposed to while daddy was running. He was out all day, which seemed odd. He and Nika usually start early and are done by noon. Whatever. When he got home, mom’s car was there, her keys and a note with an envelope on the dining table. Daddy didn’t go into detail, just giving me the highlights. She’d met a guy about five years ago on the bus to the casino, they hit it off and were having an affair for close to that entire time. He won two and a half million dollars or something outrageous, and mom ran off with him. The envelope contained divorce papers. All dad had to do was sign them then drop them in the mail.

What the fuck, mom? I knew you were, never mind. She was gone, and I hoped she was happy. Maybe now dad would find someone who truly loved him, and he’d be happy. I told him I was hung up at school and would be home when finals were over. He was distraught, which was to be expected. I did get a sense of relief from him, knowing that mom maybe was finally happy. He’d sign the papers and get them in the envelope ready to be mailed. I told him I loved him and things would be alright. He sighed, wishing me well, and that he loved me too. I hung up, shaking my head. Fucking mom.




Jay and I spent a beautiful Memorial Day Saturday together. Carnal Saturdays are what we called them. We’d run maybe eight or ten miles, then go back to my place, shower, eat something light, then make love. Well, sometimes, we had sex and made love. This particular Saturday, we tried something new and a tiny bit kinky. I asked Jay if I could blindfold him and secure his hands. Nothing severe like handcuffs, just a couple of silk scarves I had. He couldn’t peek, and he couldn’t lower his hands to touch me, or he’d have to go home.

I had him lay naked on my bed; he promised not to peek as I placed the blindfold over his eyes. I tested him by cupping my breast then massaging my nipple. I could tell by his lack of response he could see. Then I took my longest scarf, I had two just in case and bound his wrists, his hands clasped together.

He held them over his head as again I warned him if he lowered them, he’d be gone. I began by taking a feather and tickling the bottom of his feet. He tried to maintain a straight face, but that was quickly broken down to smiles, then laughing. I moved up his legs, the same results. I didn’t have to ask if he was enjoying; his laughter was infectious. The sad part was this was supposed to be arousing. Jay’s dick remained flaccid despite my best efforts at teasing him. I tried my fingers, with the feather and nothing.

Finally, I used my nipples. One at a time then both, switching back and forth and in inconsistent places. I started to see results. I added the tip of my tongue, butterfly kisses, the flat part of my tongue all seemed to work better than the stupid feather.

I watched as he slowly grew, it was fun the see him make it twitch as it became more and more erect. That’s when I decided to use the feather again. I began teasing the head of his penis as I lick some other part of his body. I’d move slight, then brush him with a nipple, then glide the feather up and down the length of his shaft.

I caught him trying to move his hands. I whipped him with the feather, and naturally, he laughed, losing his concentration. Then I went back to my various teases, and he refocused. I tried his face, and he sneezed, so back to body parts.

He started to get into it. I saw his erection slowly grow once more. He was hard as a rock as I climbed over him. I stood, looking down at him, then bent over, flicking his erection once more. I was aroused enough to slowly sit down on him, guiding his shaft into me.

I moaned as he filled me, loving that feeling only he could provide. I leaned forward to kiss him, and then I began sliding back and forth until he shot his load into me. I continued my gyrations up and down him until he no longer had anything to give. He slipped out of me, allowing his juices to dribble out of me. I lay on his chest, purring while he was still bound and blind. He asked if he could be released. I giggled, apologizing for forgetting his predicament.

I untied his hands then removed the blindfold. I asked what he thought about the experience. He said it was okay not as erotic as he thought it might be.

I wasn’t as happy with the experience either. It was a little fun but not what I expected. Maybe we weren’t doing it right or something. We laid quietly together for a little longer. Jay apologized for not satisfying me. I kissed him and told him it was fine. It was sweet of him to indulge me. He smiled, kissing me once more, then softly whispered he’d do anything I wanted. I kissed him back, knowing that was a true statement.

We showered and dressed, I kissed him good-bye and went about my Saturday doing homework and cleaning the house. It was late that evening when a frantic Jay called me to tell me what his wife had done. I was shocked and glad at the same time. Hopefully, I now had Jay all to myself whenever I wanted. I just had to figure out how to keep Sabrina and Jay from discovering they are both my lovers.




After learning of my mother’s abandonment of my father, I started calling him more often to check up on him. I still had another month of school left, and I hated that I couldn’t go home to talk to him in person. He did come down to visit one Sunday. He took me to lunch, we tried to figure out what mom’s problem was, but it was pointless. She was gone, and now my dad was alone. I’d written off mom years ago, so it didn’t affect me the way it did him. He insisted he was fine and that he was going to sell her car and donate her clothes to charity. He wanted her things out of the house. I told him I’d try and get away and help. He reassured me he could get it done and to concentrate on finishing up my second year at school. I felt so bad for him.

The following week I decided to surprise him and took a Friday off. I drove up Thursday evening, dropping some friends off at their houses on the way home. I arrived after dinner around eight. It was still light out, and in our neighborhood, we seldom lock the front door. I left my things in the car and walked in. Not thinking I needed to announce my presence. I didn’t see any sign of my dad, so I looked out in the backyard, then headed to his bedroom. I started to walk in when I heard him talking to someone.

It sounded like they were having sex! I could hear him telling her how good she felt and descriptions of what he was doing. My dad was having phone sex! I was shocked and at the same time delighted he’d moved on. Out of curiosity, I peeked in only to see him propped up against the pillows on his bed.

He was masturbating; his phone turned so someone could see him. He had his earbuds in, so if I made a noise, he probably couldn’t hear me. I did a double-take focusing on his dick. I was impressed. I know he’s my dad but, wow! It was way more massive than I thought if I’d have ever thought about my dad’s dick. If that makes any sense. I’d heard him and mom having sex when I lived at home on rare occasions maybe that thing in his hand was part of the reason she left him.

I know it’s terrible but, I kept peeking at it as he kept stroking it. I blocked out his face and focused on his appendage. I soon realized I was unconsciously licking my lips. I backed out of the house as stealthily as I could. Taking a deep breath and calming my heart, I walked back in, announcing myself loudly. I heard some fumbling form his room and giggled before calling out again.

He came ( pun time ), stumbling out into the hallway, trying to zip up his pants over his shrinking cock. I looked away as if heading to back out to unload my car. I couldn’t help but smile as he tried catching up to me.

I turned when I heard him stumble down the hall, “Hey daddy, were you sleeping?”

“Umm, yea, I was just laid down for a sec after dinner, and I must have dozed off. Thanks for waking me.”

Internally I was laughing as he helped unload my car. We talked a bit while I put things away. He was dealing with it in more ways than he was saying. I just couldn’t get that image out of my mind of his fantastic penis. I’d never look at my dad the same way ever again.

When I was settled, we talked more. Dad asked about school and what I was going to do this Summer. Was there anything I wanted of my mothers? I told him I was going to find a part-time job here and maybe do some volunteer work for the Parks department. School was fine, and I didn’t want anything that belonged to Joanne.

It was getting late, we hugged good-night, and I went to my room to relax. I texted Nika to let her know I was in town. She was delighted, so we made plans to meet. I wondered if I should tell her about walking in on dad and catching him on the phone.




I was talking to Jay Thursday evening, well I was having phone sex with him when she suddenly had to hang up. I tried calling him back, but he either turned his phone off or didn’t want to answer. A couple of hours later, I got a call from Sabrina, letting me know she was in town and if I wanted to get together. Oops, I hope Jay didn’t get caught. It didn’t sound like he did since Sabrina was calm. I would think that if she’d caught him, she would have said something, she seems to like the juicy gossip type stuff. Jay did text me back while Sabrina and I were talking. He apologized, telling me Sabrina came home unexpectedly. Sabrina and I made a lunch date for Friday; this was getting interesting.

I met Sabrina for lunch near my house. I figured we’d end up there afterward. It made sense to be close in case she was extremely horny. The more I thought about our relationship, the more I realized the control she had over me. You could probably say the same thing about my control over Jay. He would do practically anything to please me. I guess being celibate for so long took its toll. I always thought I was a confident young woman. This affair with Sabrina gave me doubts about that. With her, I was the one following any path she led me down. I was enjoying the hell out of it, but it struck me as odd. With Jay, I was in control; with Sabrina, I had none.

We hugged when we met, glad to see each other. We sat and talked as we ate; the food was irrelevant. First, I had to hear why Sabrina had come home early. She said with her mother gone; she’d been calling and texting him, making sure he wasn’t depressed. Coming home as a surprise would make him happy.

Sabrina told me how she walked in and not seeing any sign of Jay. She heard him talking in his room and wondered who might be there. Sabrina snuck to the doorway to peek in. That was when she went silent. She sat there looking around, making sure we weren’t overheard.

She leaned in and whispered, “He was having phone sex with someone.”

My face lit up, Sabrina was actually blushing. I giggled, sat back, then leaned back in to whispered to her.

“Who was he having sex with?”

“I don’t know, but,” she paused, rechecking the room, “You won’t believe this, Nika. My dad has a huge penis.”

My jaw dropped. I didn’t let on that I was the person on the other end of the line telling Jay what to do. I’d played poker with my dad when I was growing up. He’d taught me what a “tell” was when I had a good hand and how to avoid it. Right now, I felt like I had a royal flush. I sat back and said nothing. My expression told her I was surprised.

She continued, “Nika, it must have been at least eight frickin’ inches long. I swear. He was slowly stroking it up and down. I hate to admit it, but girl I had to watch. Don’t hate me, please. It was amazing.”

She sat back, waiting for my reaction. I looked at her; my face still showed my surprise and amazement at her confession. I gathered my thoughts then slowly smiled.

“It was that impressive?”

She looked at me, smiling and nodded.

I grinned and purred.

She giggled; her face had a wicked grin as she reminded me, “You know he’s single now. Mom left him and filed for divorce. I’m sure he told you.”

I feigned surprise that she would suggest that I go after Jay. Inside I was elated she did. Now I could be a little less secretive with him. Her hinting suggested she didn’t mind, and I was going to take full advantage of that fact.

We finished lunch, teasing each other about her discovery and what we were going to do back at my place. I think both of us were feeling the warmth between our legs as we continued talking in hushed tones. We finished eating pay the bill, and since Sabrina knew the way we met in my driveway. In through the garage, as usual, we paused in the dining room. I looked back as I was heading to the bedroom.

Sabrina had a playful look on her face as she set her purse down on my dining room table. She reached in, her eyes gleaming then withdrew a plastic thingy. It was odd-shaped and blue. I looked at it, at her, then back to it again.

“What is that?”

She giggled, “It’s not as impressive as daddy, but it does the same thing without the mess.”

I was still wondering about it because part of it resembled a penis. The other part had me baffled; it looked like a bulb. Then she backed away from the table, lowered it to demonstrate how it was where the smaller end would go.

She carefully explained what was going to happen, “My sweet Nika. This end that looks like a male appendage is ‘the horse’. It’s going into that lovely vagina of yours. This other end, referred to as ‘the pony’, will go inside me. Together we will enjoy the benefits of an everlasting penis. Not quite as impressive as my dear sweet daddy, but still very enjoyable.”

I broke down laughing, the way she explained it was so funny.

She handed it to me so I could look it over. I’d never seen anything quite like it. I caressed it, stroked it, then smiled at Sabrina.

“So, ponygirl, let’s go ride a horse.”

She purred, “You’re such a good girl. I was hoping you like it.”

Then she pulled a small bottle out of her purse. I asked what it was since it looked like hand sanitizer.

She grinned, “It’s a water-based lube, lover. We’ll get my girly cock all nice and slick for us, and then we’ll play cowgirls at the round-up.

I laughed, “You are crazy, girl. In a good way.”

She smiled, following me to the bedroom, her hand on my ass as I carried her “girly cock” still looking it over. I couldn’t get over what we were about to do. I smiled, another first for me. A strapless strapon, wow. Is she learning this at college? Maybe I’m at the wrong school. But, now she’s passing it on to me plus she’s two years younger.

I chuckled to myself when she compared it to Jay. We’ll see if this thing is half as good as her “daddy.”

I tossed it onto the bed as we got undressed, kissing, and fondling. We were both getting worked up, anticipating my new experience. Sabrina had me lay back in the bed. She told me we weren’t going to do anything fancy the first time. She confessed to only using it twice before this with a girl at school. We were going to go slow to see how I liked it.

I watched laying back against the pillows one hand between my legs as Sabrina sat on the edge the little pump bottle on the nightstand. She’d squirt some along the shaft as if putting mustard on a hotdog like at a ballpark. This made me giggle, not very sexy. She made sure both the areas were fully lubed then rose to insert her end in her vagina. She struggled with it a bit adjusted and making sure it felt right then asked me how it looked.

She posed, turning like a model showing off on the runway. I told her it was different. Maybe if it were a different color, I wouldn’t be thinking I was going to be fucked by Smurfette. That got a big laugh.

She thought about it for a second, “Oh, Nika. That is kinky, and I kind of do look like her. A bit taller, though. You naughty girl.”

I spread my legs wide, waiting for her. Joining me on the bed, Sabrina held her girly cock as she slowly slipped it in me. It was a very different feeling. The sight of her, long, lean, and blonde contrasted significantly with her father, which I guess is obvious.

She watched my expression to make sure I was alright. I whispered to her to keep going. I think having Jay in me may have stretched me a bit, or Sabrina applied enough lube because the ‘horse’ didn’t hurt. I purred as she sunk it all the way much to her surprise. We lay there looking at each other, both thinking, Now what?

She leaned down to kiss me, then started sliding it in and back out. I looked down to see her ab muscles rolling. I expected to see the strapon, too; however, it was not to be seen from my vantage point.

I started to feel it, and so did Sabrina. She started talking dirty, and I responded in kind. I was her good girl, her sweet bitch, and her baby. I told her I was because she was my hot lover, my sexy bitch, and my white momma, plus a few other

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