Stagnation can kill even the most well intending love.

As if April didn’t start out interesting enough already, we will experience changes in relationships we have as well as those we’re entering into when Venus moves into Gemini. On April 3rd, the planet of love, Venus, is set to shake up our own love horoscopes, no matter our zodiac sign.

In astrology, Venus is the planet that is often felt most strongly within our relationship and self-love sector. This is the planet that prefers everything to feel good and be beautiful in the process, and while an admirable goal it’s also just one side of the balance we all need.

The superficial understanding of Venus in Gemini is to be defensive because lovers (or ourselves!) can have a wandering eye. But this is only one side and one perspective of a very emotionally deep transit.

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While, of course, within any Venus transit we can see issues come to the surface in a relationship, it doesn’t mean the planet of love in this air sign means we’re all going to see those we love leave us for others. In order to really gain the full weight of Venus in Gemini, it’s important that we acknowledge this limited view and then let it go, choosing instead to look at what it indicates about us, our preferences, and needs within a relationship dynamic.

Gemini is an air sign, which means that his brain is always going, always wondering, planning, thinking and quite possibly plotting. The reason this sign gets the bad rap for having a wandering eye is that he hates to be bored and can’t feel like all of his options are taken away or limited.

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