This is a continuation of my story, “Waiting in the Wings in Wet Panties.” I hope you enjoy!

I wake to a slender arm draped around me. The sun streams through the blinds, casting its light on me. It is shining a little brighter today. I glance over my shoulder making sure it is really her … it wasn’t just a dream.

Her beautiful blue eyes are open and she is smiling. “Hey, you,” she whispers.

“Hey you,” I whisper back, smiling, rolling over to face her. 

We wrap our arms around each other and gingerly kiss as if double-checking our physical touches are still welcome.

I start, “So, last night was …”

“Amazing,” she says, finishing my sentence. We both giggle like little girls. 

Our hands start exploring again, while we whisper together. My hand is on her breast. I delight at her nipple hardening beneath my touch. Her arm wraps around me with her hand rubbing my bottom. I have to pinch myself to make sure this is real.  

“Did you know … the way I felt about you?” I asked, planting a light kiss on her cheek.

“I think a part of me suspected, but you are the only real friend I have ever had, Lexi. I didn’t want to risk losing you as my friend. I still don’t.”

“You won’t ever lose me, Cassie. I promise. Whatever happens, you won’t lose me,” I say, tracing her lips with my fingertip.

“And Matt is such a great guy for you. He really is, Lex,” she says reaching her hand to stroke my hair.

Oh my goodness, her touches feel good. Really good.

“I know he is,” I reply.

“So, what about Matt? You love him, right? Will you tell him about us?” Cassie asks.

“Who do you think told me to invite you over last night?”

“Damn. I like him even more now.” And with that comment, we stop talking for a while and make sweet love again. 


So, a month has passed since Lexi first slept with Cassie. She came over and told me the day after it happened. As soon as I opened the door, I knew she had slept with Cassie – she just glowed. She stood a little taller as if a huge weight had been lifted off her. I could only imagine what finally having fulfilled a longing, a longing she had since high school, meant to her. There was only one way to react – I opened my arms and she lept into them, hugging me, seemingly needing my approval. I gave it amidst mixed reactions – fear of losing her, yet happy she confessed her feelings to Cassie.

Emotions ran high between us and it seemed only natural to take it to the bedroom. I swooped her up in my arms and carried her upstairs to my bed. We slowly undressed each other, seemingly seeing each other for the first time, and made love. I didn’t bend her over and roughly fuck her, but lovingly lay with her, making love in slow, sensual strokes. Our bodies clung together, desperately needing this embrace, our way of telling each other everything was okay. She never looked more beautiful to me. Our eyes stayed locked throughout and after we climaxed, we drifted to sleep with me still inside her. I love her.  Need her

Lexi reassured me she still loves me … doesn’t want to be without either one of us. As unusual as this sounds, she is still my girlfriend, but my girlfriend has a girlfriend. This sounds even weirder, but I am really okay with her having sex with another woman. However, I would lose my shit if she wanted to have sex with another man. Explain that one! 

This is definitely not what I expected when I first started dating Lexi. But, I love her. I do. And I believe she loves me … and Cassie. To make her choose just doesn’t feel right. Surprisingly, sex between us has never been hotter, since she has been exploring sex with Cassie. I didn’t see it at the time, but I guess she was always holding back sexually with me. Her unfulfilled cravings with Cassie had inhibited her a little with me too.

Her confidence is definitely on the rise. As is my cock. Think about how she must feel. Lexi was a girl always hiding in the background, carrying uncertainties, hiding feelings. Imagine how that crumpled her spirit. Now, she is emotionally and sexually involved with not one, but two people – with her true feelings realized and expressed. 

Here is a perfect example of the “New Lexi.” We were in a theatre a couple of weeks ago when her hand suddenly reached over and grabbed my cock. I mean, grabbed it. What the fuck! To say I was shocked by her bold move is a huge understatement. I decided to go with it. So, my hand snuck over and grabbed her pussy. And it was on. We played this erotic little game where we continued to act like we were watching our movie while our hands ravaged each other. 

I didn’t have to look down to know she was unzipping my pants. She labored, working my hard dick out my hole in my boxers and proceeded to jack me. Not being outdone, I slid my hand up her skirt, into her panties, and finger-fucked her naughty little pussy. We were in a contest to see who could keep the quietest, both of us trying to act like we weren’t affected. She gave it a good fight but ultimately failed miserably, whimpering and moaning in her seat. Fortunately, we didn’t have any neighbors near us to overhear. 

Damn, she gave me a great handjob and I was fighting not to cum first. I had to up my assault on her pussy and moved my fingers up to strum her clit. It is her hot spot and a few strokes and her legs were quivering. She leaned over and buried her face in my shoulder, panting out her orgasm, quietly squealing into my sweatshirt, just as I exploded with my own orgasm. Her hand quickly shot to my head to catch most of it. Her napkin cleaned up the rest. I am telling you, the Lexi from a few months ago would never have given me a handjob in a theatre. Never. 

Another thing – she is obsessed with my cock now. Hold up, I’m not complaining one bit. That is the one thing I have over Cassie … a fat cock. She is always giving me little cock squeezes when we are out and she thinks no one can see. Her blow jobs were always amazing, but now she sucks me like a porn star. The other night, after several failed attempts, she finally successfully deep throated me. Her gagging didn’t deter her one bit. It was her idea and she wasn’t about to give up. I’m telling you, this girl’s confidence is soaring. And I love getting to watch her inhibitions disappear. Nothing better. 

Getting back to our life now. Lexi spends time with me and time with Cassie. Sometimes, we all three get together at Lexi’s apartment but have kept our sex lives separate. So far, our unconventional relationship satisfies us all. Today, Lexi and I are spending the day together hiking, as we both love the outdoors. I knock on her apartment door, but she doesn’t answer, so I let myself in.

Hearing a noise from her bedroom, I head down the hall to find her. What I see when I reach her open door freezes me on my spot. Lexi is lying on her back naked with Cassie feasting between her legs. I mean really eating her out with uncontrolled passion. Lexi is bouncing her amazing ass all over the bed and squealing. Neither sees me. 

So, what is a gentleman to do at this moment? As I said before, so far, our sex lives have never intermingled. Should I slip back out? Cough, making myself known? Uh oh, a decision is made for me, Lexi just spies me and jumps, interrupting Cassie’s, ummm, breakfast.

“Matt!” she cries out.

“Sorry, I am a little early. Want me to wait outside?” I say, unable to keep a little smile from creeping across my face.

Lexi looks frazzled, so Cassie jumps in with, “Hey, well, instead of just standing there like a perverted voyeur, why don’t you come give her a kiss and hold her down while I finish giving her an orgasm.”

Problem solved. Just like that. I stroll in and kiss my girlfriend on her sweaty face and crawl onto the bed, pulling her head in my lap. She looks up at me with a grateful smile. And Cassie bows her head, sliding her tongue back in my girlfriend’s pussy. Just like that. 

Lexi squeals again and I lovingly stroke her face. I can’t see all the delightful expressions her face makes when I give her a tongue lashing, so this is actually a rare treat for me. Her mouth forms a perfect little ‘O’ as she moans. Her eyes tightly clench then open to look up into mine. Her fingers twist and clutch the sheets.

Cassie puts her hands on the bottom of Lexi’s thighs and lifts her legs to where her knees push towards her chest. I watch as she moves her mouth up to Lexi’s sensitive little clit and my girlfriend loses her mind. This is one of the hottest things I have witnessed and I know Lexi can feel the effects pressing against the back of her head. Fuck! My cock wants to explode out of my track pants. 

I don’t want to steal Cassie’s thunder, but want to add in a little touch of my own. I reach my hand down and pinch Lexi’s left nipple. Her closed eyes fly open, as I continue to roll her taut little button around in my fingers. 

“Does that feel good, honey?” I whisper. Lexi can only nod.

I am given a unique viewpoint of her release, as her orgasm overtakes her. Face flushes a deep red. Back arches high, with tummy reaching for the ceiling. Leg muscles flex, showing off the effects of her workouts. And she screams … pants … screams … pants … and screams again.

Cassie releases her legs and crawls up the bed to lay beside her, with Lexi’s juices glossing her lips. Now both their heads are in my lap. Lexi turns her face to kiss Cassie on the lips. I take in this beautiful sight as I stroke Lexi’s hair. I could never have imagined I would be a part of something like this. I’m not sure why, but I reach my other hand over to stroke Cassie’s hair as well. Both girls moan beneath my caresses. 

Time passes with us absorbing this newfound connection. Cassie moves first, rolling over, patting my leg and smiling up at me, “Hi, Matt.” 

“Hi, Cassie,” I say returning her knowing smile.

I think our relationship is about to change … again.

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