We will always feel unsettled by what doesn’t sit right with our soul.

When we feel off, it’s our intuition trying to tell us something, which is exactly what is likely to occur when we experience the Mars-Uranus square on April 7th. In astrology, a square is when two planets are within 90 degrees of one another, creating a point of stress or movement in which a particular situation is brought to a head so that action has to occur.

For this specific transit, we will see Mars in Aquarius square off with Uranus in Taurus, resulting in a clash between our authentic self and the need for change to build greater stability.

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Mars square Uranus is one that traditionally occurs once a year; the last time we experienced this was July 2019, and we won’t see it occur again until July 2021. This doesn’t mean we should feel pressure to act now, but instead just be aware that the ongoing cycle or theme specifically involving a dominant masculine figure may be up for review in the coming days.

For transits such as these in which we don’t see them occur very often, we need to reflect and bring awareness to what previously occurred in our lives around certain dates, especially related to the themes of the planets involved. There has been a push and a change as we’ve seen Uranus move into Taurus last year towards greater stability, but in this case, it doesn’t mean conformity, which is something we’ve all been contending with and learning.

In reflecting back to last July, think of what occurred or what you were feeling in terms of change, grounding, home, ambition, passion and desire. Even if it wasn’t related to a dominate or a masculine figure of importance, first just reflect on what your beliefs and feelings were.

Astrology very much works like a story. We get to explore chapters of our life, page by page, year by year. So while we can always say the past is behind us, it’s also something that remains so we can build upon it. In this case, it’s important to note our feelings and thoughts about these themes because it shows where our attention will be directed for this square.

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