A gorgeous model and ex-Miss Colombia has been having sex every day with her boyfriend in the hopes of falling pregnant with a green-eyed baby.

Elizabeth Loaiza, 31, revealed the raunchy details of her sex life with her boyfriend and admitted to getting ruffled under the sheets on a daily basis.

The model, who won the Miss World Colombia beauty pageant in 2006, was answering questions from her 1.8 million Instagram followers when someone asked: “How often do you practice [sex] for a baby?”

But before the blonde beauty could even respond, her boyfriend chipped in with “every day”, to which Elizabeth replied with: “See, someone has already answered for me!”

Elizabeth Loaiza
The 31-year-old already has one daughter Ana Sofia

When asked about her relationship, the Instagram bombshell added: “If it wasn’t happy with my boyfriend I would have sent him you know where. We are hoping for a green-eyed (baby).”

The identity of Elizabeth’s other half remains a secret, although she does already have a daughter called Ana Sofia who was born in 2009.

She previously stated that she would like another child when she was 30, but she turned 31 on January 7.

Elizabeth Loaiza
She has sex with her boyfriend on a daily basis

And in another viral post, when she waved goodbye to 2019 she showed off the illuminated trainers she personally designed.

She shared the clip on Instagram with the message: “I’m in love with my brand new trainers. You can get them at ‘elizabethloaizastore’.”

In the footage, the curvy Colombia is seen sitting on the floor and twiddling with her pink trainers while wearing skimpy white lingerie and a “bling” hat.

Elizabeth Loaiza
Elizabeth wants a green-eyed baby

The clip was viewed over 100,000 times and received hundreds of comments from fans who were interested in buying her personally designed trainers.

One fan commented: “What a stunner you are, delicious legs.”

Another added: “What is the brand’s name? I want a pair.”

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