Why settle for less than you deserve?

Women settle for men they aren’t attracted to all the time, but why? Is it because they aren’t shallow and can see through to a guy’s great personality? Or is it because some women feel less confident in relationships with men who are too attractive?

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Self-confidence is a huge deal for many women — especially when it comes to social media. Expectations are high — we see near-perfect people with perfect bodies in ads and through our friends’ and followers’ posts — we feel like we have to be perfect to “get the guy” of our dreams.

We insist on comparing ourselves to other women who are skinnier, prettier, taller, have clearer skin or better hair. It’s hard to find a single female who is completely happy and satisfied with her looks and her body.

Men play a big part in this. Unfortunately, a lot of women tend to base their self-confidence off of the opinion of men — whether or not a boy asks them out or pays them attention or compliments or flirts with them.

Obviously, it feels good to have someone pay attention to you and to know that someone is attracted to you, even If that feeling is superficial. You feel like you’re pretty and desired and all of your insecurities can disappear for a moment … at least until they come rushing back and you start to think damaging things about yourself.

Self-destructive thoughts like, “he hasn’t seen me in a swimsuit yet so he doesn’t know what I look like entirely — what if he doesn’t actually like me after that?” start to float around your mind. Or you start to think that once he meets someone more attractive then he will go for her instead and no longer be interested.

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