From my bar stool I could see her, the long dark curls, long smooth legs elongated by a pair of silver five-inch heels. The dress was a shimmering silver, covering her modesty from the front, thin straps allowing her to show off her shoulders, the neck leading up to that face. That face, a heart-shape with rounded cheeks and a very subtle rounded point of the chin. Long shiny earrings hung down, her ears hidden in the mass of curls. The lips were full but free of filler, unlike many others around her. She just looked so natural, and she moved on air. I was on high-alert as I watched her, for a moment everyone else was gone and she had the floor to herself.

The music had changed, the floor was a mass of bodies all struggling to find space but she wasn’t there. Had I just had a dream, for nobody else out there came close to her beauty. Now someone was standing beside me, with dark curls and shimmering dress.

“I saw you watching me,” she said. “I guess you liked what you saw?”

“You move like nothing I’ve seen before,” I said as I put down my beer.

“Just have to release my tension after a long week,” she replied. Smiling, her dark brown eyes appeared to shine at the same time. Those lips, a light pinkish-red gloss, little dimples in the corners of her mouth. She was probably five-six in heels, natural curves, I couldn’t stop looking at her.

“Can I get you a drink?” I asked.

“Dark rum and cola,” she said with another wide smile, those perfect white teeth. “And a straw.”

The barman nodded as he made up the drink, his eyes on her at the same time. The back of her dress started half-way down over her shoulder blades, showing just enough skin to draw attention without flaunting it. Accepting the drink, she slowly began to suck through the straw with her eyes on me. Those pursed lips, it was almost like she was blowing a kiss. The dress was slightly loose, not tight enough to give away every curve of the body. I drank my beer to catch up, she was working quickly through the drink. I ordered another round as she hung around. We talked for an hour about anything from travel to films and even sport – avoiding the sensitive subjects of politics and religion. A few more drinks had passed but I was still in some control of my speech and body movements. Then she said it.

“I should tell you that I get horny on rum and cola,” her eyes shining once more.

“How many does it take?” I asked with a smile.

“One but I really needed it. Want to get out of here?”

“I have a hotel room just a few blocks away,” I said.

She smiled as she collected her purse that the barman had kept out of sight for her. Blowing him a kiss, she locked arms with me as we left the bar, the music still audible half-way down the street as we walked up the steps into the hotel. It was a clear but air-less night, little wind coming in off the ocean. I was glad the room had air conditioning, it was the only way I had been able to get any sleep in the last few days.

The lift was one of those small cramped affairs, just enough for 2 or perhaps 3 at a stretch. An iron gate across the front, a little judder as we set off upward to the fourth floor. Away from the club and the hot sweaty odours, I could now smell her perfume. It was understated but enough to draw my attention. Having had to raise voices to hear each other in there – I was amazed that we had even managed to hold a conversation of any kind. My ears were returning to normal now, as was my eyesight for she was even more beautiful away from the strobe lights.

“By the way,” she said with a slight accent. “I’m Carolina.”

“David,” I replied in what I considered to be accent-less English.

“I want you to know I don’t often do this. I’m not one of those easy girls, but I guess we… clicked?”

“I guess so, and I’m honoured.”

The lift slowly reached our destination floor as I pulled the gate across to let us out, Carolina stepping out first as I watched her sway on those heels. She giggled as she looked back at me. “I think I might be a little tipsy.”

Opening the door with a key, it was refreshing from the modern soulless hotels I’d stayed in recently. I had needed to get away, somewhere I’d never been before and the Amalfi had been a good pick. The room was small but had what I needed. A bed, a small bathroom and the aforementioned air-conditioning unit. It was a little noisy at times but the heat usually meant I was too far into sleep to care. As I locked the door, Carolina was stood behind me striking a model pose, hands on her hips with one leg wrapped behind the other. Her lips shimmering as I approached, caressing her face as I leaned in to kiss her. Her hands were also moving to my belt, pulling the leather through the buckle slowly, a soft moan as I moved from her lips to her neck. My hands lowering the thin straps down over her shoulders, the dress slipping down a little to show cleavage and the tops of her breasts. A faint tan-line but not too obvious, I kissed the tops as she finished unbuckling me, her slender fingers working the button on my jeans then unzipping me.

My hands continued so slowly slide her dress down without resistance. The areolae and nipples were perfect, not oversized nor puffy, the small bumps and firm protrusions. She moaned again as I licked and sucked on each in turn, her hands now easing my jeans down and then my briefs. Now she was unbuttoning my shirt as I pulled back to admire her upper body, the light Mediterranean tan glistening under the soft ceiling light. Compared to my pasty-white British skin – though now an irradiated pink from the sun, it was enticing. She was thirteen years my junior at twenty-seven but it didn’t matter as she continued to undress me, her own dress at her feet revealing a lace thong which provided minimal cover at the front. As my briefs dropped, she placed her hands on my throbbing penis, looking up at me as she slowly stroked.

Slowly lowering to her knees, I spread my legs a little to balance as she began to kiss the tip, still stroking with one hand while the other slipped inside her thong. As she licked the head, the hand moved down shaft to my balls, slowly cupping them. The head now in her mouth, her eyes closed as she sucked slowly, the tongue running over the shaft. My hands running through her hair as she took me deeper, working down to the base as I helped by slowly pushing inside. I had been a while since I had been with a much younger woman and I was eager to enjoy every moment. Her eyes still closed, just the sound of sucking, the hand from down her thong now massaging her left breast. As she pulled her head back, a little pre-cum on her lips, she smiled up at me as she resumed stroking but firmer and faster.

“Cum over my tits,” she purred as she wanked me, licking and kissing the shaft intermittently. “You can do it.”

Reaching out to the wall for support, I could feel the trembling within. A thick hot blast of cum erupted from me, splashing over the breasts and down the cleavage, some landing on her neck and face too. Giggling again as she got to her feet before sitting on the bed, I continued to wank myself as she spread those delicious legs. The thong pulled to the side, the sweet prize revealed as she ran a finger up and down the lips while scooping the first of the cum into her mouth. It was then I saw the ring on her hand, a wedding ring. Previous experience told me I should have walked away but now we were here, and she wanted it as much as I. She followed my gaze and smiled.

“Oh, yes I should have said. You don’t mind do you? I don’t.”

“Where is he?”

“On business, and he’ll be fine. I saw his laptop the other day, thousands of memes about hot wives.”

“Think he means for you to be one, or other people’s wives?”

“Can’t be picky now can he?” she grinned as I helped slip her thong off. A small strip of hair just above the lips, she shuffled back and invited me to taste.

Getting my head down between those hot thighs, I lapped at the pussy, slowly edging my tongue between. Her hands now through my hair, she did taste wonderful as her fingering had already made her wet. My hands squeezing her thighs as I penetrated her, the soft pink flesh within, the soft moans from above. Her clit was small but I had learned to find them quickly, teasing if at first I pushed my tongue deeper inside the vagina. As I did this, she was still licking herself clean from my first ejaculation. Teasing the clit again, sucking firmly, her thighs closed around my head like a vice.

Her hands squeezing her breasts, probably a 32B, her back arched as I chewed and nibbled at her pussy. She screamed, her body shaking as she came hard.

Coming up for air, I watched her grabbing at the sheets. Standing over her, I resumed wanking, heavily aroused by the sounds she had been making. This one didn’t take long as I watched her naked body writhing – only wearing the hot heels. Kneeling between her legs, I aimed my tip at her breasts once more as another thick stream left me, then I aimed directly in her open mouth. Her left hand was down over her pussy again, fingering herself three-fingers wide before spreading for me to enter. Pressing the head against the tight opening, I pushed in as she spread her arms out wide. Holding her by the hips as I slid slowly deeper, I was now over her, kissing deeply and passionately as she cradled my head in her hands. Working up the speed, her body could easily take a six-inch as I started to thrust, my right hand on her left breast.

“Ever had a threesome?” I asked as we fucked.

“Not yet, but I’d love one,” she replied as she panted. “Two guys, maybe you and my husband.”

“Is he big?”

“Hmmm,” I know he’s gonna like you as much as I do.

As she said that I came hard in her, she screamed again as I continued to fill that sweet body. As I pulled out, she leaped at the chance to clean up, working every drop that had oozed back out onto me.

“Maybe you should ring him then,” I said as we lay there in each other’s arms

“Maybe next time, for now, it’s just us.”

“I can live with that,” I replied as we kissed and basked in the cool breeze that had finally presented itself


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