Sweet college-girl Kareena’s night out to see rock band The Devil’s Rejects takes an unexpected turn, when she accompanies lead guitarist Jared to the battered tour van. Seduced to semi-nudity, she reaches that crucial moment in the evening – when she must face the throbbing source of Jared’s powers…

Jared pushed her away from him and lay back, grinning and expectant. His hand brushed the button of his jeans-front. They looked fit to pop, he was bulging so much.

“Take a look.”

She held her breath as his stare challenged her, the ghost of a smile on the lips which had kissed her. Then her hands were reaching out as though independent of the rest of her, taking hold of the top button, fumbling with it.

“What are you waiting for, baby? You’re a curious girl. Don’t you wanna take a look?”

She did, and then again she didn’t. But more than anything she wanted to avoid looking foolish in front of this guy. Gulping back trepidation, eyes fixed on the pressure-laden crotch of his pants, she unbuttoned all the way down. Something massive tried to burst forth, but it caught on the band of his white cotton briefs.

“Rip ‘em free, girl. Don’t be shy.” There was glee in his voice and on his face. He had her right where he wanted her, this guy. No way back. Her curiosity fired her courage and she pulled the fabric clean away from him.

Jared’s erect cock sprang huge and free from its restraint. Kareena’s hand shot to her mouth as it widened along with her eyes. The phallic source of her shock swayed between them thick and tall, buoyed up by an excess of lust. It was shaved close at the root, accentuating its massive proportions and the manner in which its trunk towered veiny and strong from its broad base. A family trip to see the California redwoods sprang to the college student’s mind. Laughter almost broke through and Kareena’s hand stayed on her lips to suppress it. Oh my good God …

“What you gotta say, baby?” he asked lightly. “Cat got your tongue?”

“Can …” She could hardly get the words out—but if seeing wasn’t believing, she’d have to resort to her other senses. “Can I touch it?”

“Sure. Be my guest.” It was a near word-for-word repeat of their exchange regarding the tattoo, but the context here was significantly more intimidating.

Her fingers stretched for the proud pillar, while Jared placed his hands behind his head, watching her tentative progress with amusement. It felt like she was reaching out illicitly toward a museum exhibit, with the security guy about to bark at her. Then she touched, and let out a gasp as he twitched and swayed from the contact. He was warm and velvety, yet simultaneously like rock. She prodded again and once more he moved in response, that great standing tower alive to every brush of her fingertips.

“Oh my,” she said above Counting Crows’ continued serenade, “it’s so hard.” She extended her fingers further and ran them from the bulging head downwards, unnerved but loving the feel of him nonetheless. “It’s so beautiful.” He said nothing, but simply let her explore at her leisure, as she ran her fingers down his long and sturdy column.

She let her hand flutter to the base like the butterfly or hummingbird from her imagined tattoos, and then proceeded all the way up again, her eyes transfixed by what her fingers were doing. When she reached the domed summit this time, her throat released a helpless moan. “Oh God, it’s so …” Then she caught his expression—pure enjoyment of her meek yet awed response to his cock’s proportions. Her lips curled with a smile in spite of all her nerves. “… It’s so big. It’s just so—goddamn—fucking—huge.” A burst of laugher escaped her lips and she stifled it with the hand not resting on his dick.

Her fingers wandered all down it again and she caught the corner of her lip between her teeth, glancing at his face. He was smiling as though he found her reaction charming. “I’ll bet you love this part, don’t you?” she said, boldness seeping through her nervousness once more. “When you spring out at a girl like that and get to see the look on her face. And then when she touches you. The look I’ve got on my face now, right?”

“Yup,” he admitted. “That never gets old.”

“I’ll bet it doesn’t.” She wrapped her hand as far around his column as it would go. “I guess if I was a guy I’d be proud of this too.”

“I got lucky,” he said. “God was feelin’ generous when he gave ‘em out that day.”

The one-time Sunday-school student responded with a gasp of laughter. “That’s terrible!”

“Or genetics, whatever. I won that lottery. But male vanity bein’ what it is, sweetheart, well—a guy can’t help his pride.”

“You should be proud.” Still her hand kept moving, stroking up and down the shaft now, registering every curve and ridge, every pulse. Her eyes gazed on her progress like she couldn’t believe what she was doing. A sense of daring welled up from inside her, that and a crazy illogical urge to flatter and please. Somehow he deserved it, and while she cloaked her words in irony, they were truly meant. “Your … your cock is incredible, Jared. Is that what you wanna hear? Do you like me saying that? ‘Cos it is, yeah? It’s magnificent. It’s … oh God, it’s fucking amazing.” All irony fell away, leaving naked admiration.

His smile revealed deep enjoyment in response to her stroking and praise, so she gave him more of both, getting wetter, more aroused, by the moment.

“Is it a good feeling?” She glanced between his face and her hand’s long up-and-down motion on his big hard shaft. “I don’t mean this … I mean standing up on stage and playing all that great guitar and seeing all the girls going crazy over you and your music …”

“Girls like you, Kareena.”

“Yeah, girls like me …” She bit her lip and her voice faltered a moment along with her stroke. Then she set about him again, smoother and stronger this time, his hardness resolute against her palm. “Seeing them there all pretty and dancing, shaking their asses with their titties bouncing in front of you … and … and knowing that you’ve got this in your pants waiting for them? Then knowing that later on that night you’ll let it loose for one of them and … and scare them half to death with how goddamn enormous it is?” Her palm was slippery on him now and she jacked more fully, frightened by the audacity of her extemporised cock-worship. “Is that a good feeling, baby?” God, she was calling him baby now. “I’ll bet you fucking love it, right?”

“Every fucking moment.” His face had darkened and now there was genuine interest there as well as playful taunting. She pumped him with her wide-stretched fist.

“And you feel like a rock star in those moments, don’t you? Even if you say you’re not one.”

“You’re right, I do.”

“ ’Cos you play like one, and you know you got this big hard rock-star cock.”

“When you put it like that …”

“Yeah, that’s how I put it. Oh God, look at you …” His great quivering phallus and her own words almost overwhelmed her, but she kept on jerking him.

“It’s not your first cock, though, Kareena …”

“No, it’s not. But it’s … different.”

“Does it scare you?”

Her hand slowed on his column and she looked at him. “You scare me.”

“I do?”

“You know you do,” she said, almost reprimanding as she worked his shaft hard. “And you love that too.”

“You got me,” he admitted. “I find scared little you sexy as all fuck. But what I love even more is that you’re swallowing your fear and doing it anyway.”

It was true. She’d played with one or two boys in her time, but it had felt safe—and not half as exciting. Not half as arousing or powerful. She wet her lips with her tongue and brought her mouth across the head of his cock, licking as she went. Her heart jumped at her own daring.

“You ready to get serious?” he asked her.

The fear rose up more powerful than ever, but she met his stare. “Yes.”

“Prove it.”

Shit. Almost literally she gulped down the fear he had mentioned and opened her mouth wide to supply the proof. It took some doing, but her lips enveloped him, the head of his cock popping right inside her mouth. Absorbing the shock of what she was doing she went for more, trying to get her cheeks around his shaft. The girth was too demanding—she couldn’t get him properly inside. Then he aided her in her ‘mission impossible’, grabbing her head and thrusting with his hips so that additional inches of his shaft plunged into her mouth. She gagged at the intrusion, her eyes opening wide as her mouth was filled with his hard cock. Now her lips were stretched properly wide around him.

He laughed as she struggled with her gag-reflex. “The look on your face right now, baby—worth a million fucking dollars.”

She moved to pull herself from his cock, but he gripped her tightly and held her on him, then dragged her off when he chose to do so, as she coughed and spluttered.

“That’s it, sweetheart, now you’re learning. Feel the fear and do it. What are you waiting for?”

She gasped for breath, gobbled him back into her mouth and sucked, having gotten the measure of his demanding shaft. “That’s it, Kareena, suck that cock. Let me see you do it, you naughty girl.”

Emboldened by her success, she took him deeper, her tongue flicking around the head and then searching down the thick underside, getting him slimy and wet with her spit. Her head went bobbing, the suck on his shaft increasing in strength as she worked him like a proper woman. She looked up to see if she was doing it right and saw wicked encouragement in his eyes. “Yup, you’re getting’ it. Keep that up. Keep using that mouth. You’re doin’ all the right things, baby.”

She sucked harder, her hand reaching around the base of the shaft, so she could massage the part her mouth couldn’t reach. Saliva spilled off the end of her flickering tongue as her mouth slid up and down him; she allowed it to trickle all over his shaft, sensing how much he would enjoy the sight of her soaking him. His cock was gorgeous in her mouth—hot, hard and pumped full of life.

“Look at that …” The words were a growl in his throat. “The good little groupie sucking on my dick. You look hot as fuck, girl. Outstanding.”

A sense of her own sluttiness bloomed within her and it only served as encouragement. She sucked harder and deeper, removing her hand from his shaft so that she could try and take him all in. The nudge of his head against the back of her throat choked her and she came off him, thick spit dribbling all over his cock as she spluttered. She gasped for air, eyes watering and saliva dangling from her chin. Mascara was no doubt making zigzags all down her pretty face, another sight in which he’d revel. But when she’d recovered, all she knew was that she wanted another go.

He knew it too. “Gonna do it all the way this time?”

“Uh-huh.” Some wild impetus she did not understand was upon her. She opened wide and dived back onto him, pushing down hard past her own impulse to gag. She held herself there with his cock crammed down her throat, fighting back her fear and striving to get more of him in. It wasn’t all the way, but surely as far as she could manage.

“Here—let me help.”

His hands pressed and his hips thrust and down she went, swallowing more cock than she’d have believed she could. Her hands clutched his thighs, nails digging in as she moaned in panic. His grip on her head gave her nowhere to go so she stayed there, face crushed to his stomach, the hair of his lower belly tickling her nose and his balls bristling against her chin. Still, he held the moment, as she sucked air desperately through her nostrils, her heart thudding and her cunt pulsing with need.

“That’s it, baby, that’s it …” Her eyes pleaded to him, but he kept her there with a savage smile, cock pressing deep into her swallowing throat. Then he gripped her hair and pulled her right off, her mouth spilling glutinous saliva all over him. As he held her there before his dripping length she felt dirty and used and sensationally good. Seeing his delight, knowing that his nasty cock was hard for her—it was ample reward for her endeavours.

“Fuck, girl, look at all the beautiful mess you made. You’re such a dirty slut.”

It sounded crazy and she had to pant out the truth. “I’m not a slut.”

He let go of her hair and stroked her face. “You mightn’t have been before tonight, Kareena, and hell, you mightn’t ever again. But tonight you are. Slutty is as slutty does, girl. And right here in this van you’re going to be one naughty slut for me.”

She knew it. The words passed her lips no sooner than she’d thought them. “I want your cum.” It didn’t sound like the voice of the girl who had got into that vehicle, but then she was scarcely that person now, was she? Half an hour with this man and his cock had transformed her.

His smile showed that he understood the new Kareena. “It’s yours,” he said. “Come get.”

Then she stalled. Did he mean with her mouth or some other way? And if another, there was more than his size to consider. “Jared, I don’t … I haven’t …”

His finger to her lips hushed her. Reaching behind her he drew the solution from the glove box. She gasped and almost giggled again when he pressed the condom box into her hands. Now there was no reason for her not to. Kareena, who had nearly stayed at home when Lacey called about a band called The Devil’s Rejects, was about to fuck that band’s lead guitarist.

Her hand went to her panties and she rubbed the sodden material, staring at that magnificent erection. Then she set about the procedure she’d learnt years before in health ed class, unwrapping one of the prophylactics, pinching the tip and fitting it carefully over the head. Her teacher would have been proud. Kind of … well, perhaps not really.

“Extra-large and ribbed for your pleasure,” Jared said, as she unrolled it all the way—down his long hard length, right to the base.

“You’re making a bad girl out of me,” she said, pulling the strand of her soaking pink panties away from her cunt and easing the fabric down her legs.

“I’m introducing you to the bad girl who was there all along,” he replied, helping her unzip her denim skirt. “Inviting her out to play.”

The garment was parting company with her when the smart-phone in the pocket began to sing—Pink’s Get This Party Started to be exact. She made a grab for it and it tumbled onto the van’s seat, the word ‘Daddy’ emblazoned on its screen. Jared got there first and held it up to her as it sang out and glowed. “Papa checking up on his precious angel?”

“Give it!” Panicked she swiped at the phone, her conscience flaring. She didn’t want Jared knowing her business, even though she knew she was giving so much away in her reaction.

“Doesn’t he know you’re out indulging your love of rock music?”

“He thinks I’m studying. I promised him and Mom …”

“So he is checking up.” Jared tossed the device onto the dash and caught her by the wrists as she made for it. “Leave it,” he told her, wrestling her into submission, “and talk to him tomorrow. It’s Saturday night and the only studying you’re doing is how to satisfy my dick, understood?” He kissed her, and she put a hand to his face as her lips returned it. “Understood?” he repeated.

“Yeah.” A strange calm had overcome her, one which erased the surging guilt at that parental reminder.

“We can work out your daddy issues later,” Jared said, his fingers brushing her neck. “Right now, I’m getting these jeans off, you’re ditching that skirt and we’re gonna fuck like animals. What would he think of that?”

“Oh God …” She giggled desperately and stepped out of her skirt, leaving herself utterly naked for him. He stripped off the rest of his own clothes, his wrapped cock remaining at full attention all the while. Then he looked her over, taking in everything to the neat triangle of hair at her pussy. “He’d be appalled,” she said, meekly.

“I don’t doubt it. But he’s there and you’re here, about to sit on my dick. So stop fucking around and do it.”

“Yes, Jared.”

He settled himself on the passenger side, cock standing tall, and she climbed onto the seat with him, planting her knees either side of his groin. With one hand she pulled at her nipple, while with the other she gripped the head of his cock and rubbed it against her clit. She was wet as a dew-drenched garden for him.

“That’s it, sweetheart, now let me feel that tight cunt. I’m all the daddy you need tonight.”

“I know it.” Reaching down she pulled the lips of her pussy wide apart till his glans was nestling between them. So lewd, so fucking naughty—her as much as him. Her breath caught in her throat. It was time to take her bad-boy—all of him.

She sank onto him and his cock opened her up as she descended, filling her warm soaked channel. He moved to meet her, gliding inside tight and smooth, compelling her soft walls to stretch. Her mouth fell slack and she moaned, as her feminine passage took in more than it had ever experienced before. “Ohhh fuck, so full …”

He gripped her thighs and thrust vigorously, sinking himself deeper, so that she unleashed a full-throated, ecstatic scream. “Now you’re full, baby.” No shit, she was.

Her head tipped back and she grabbed her breast, kneading as her pussy clutched him. He’d stilled his own movement and was instead rocking her gently on himself, letting her get accustomed to his size. That had to be some kind of gentlemanly behaviour, she thought. Slowly, she ground her hips on him, the pulsing of her channel massaging his hard column.

“That’s good,” he said, his voice hoarse. “Let’s get that tight young pussy all trained up. Come on, rock on it.” She did, moving back and forth on him with steadily building momentum, riding his cock.

“Fuck …” she breathed.

“‘Fuck’ is right,” he told her. “‘Fuck’ is what it’s all about. That’s it, let’s work that cunt.” Her hands reached out, gripping his chest and clawing as she rocked on him. “Ride the fuckin’ train, baby. Come on, speed it up.”

She did, pumping harder, speeding up so that her pussy slithered up and down on him, massaging his thick pole from root to tip. Shreds of hair stuck to her face as she bounced on him, bounced for him, building up the motion and finding out exactly how much of him she was ready to take.

“That’s it girl, come on! Let me see those titties move.” Again she obeyed, shoving their up-and-down motion right in his face as she trampolined on his groin, taking him deep inside on every downward fall. As she rode harder, her control began to slip away; her body tightened as its urge for release increased.

“Do it, girl, fuckin’ ride it. Give it everything.” Her grip intensified on his cock, cunt clenching hard. His hands gripped hard on her ass in return, and he pulled her to him, delivering a volley of hard thrusts into her depths. She cried out and gritted her teeth, clutching him and fucking back like she’d never imagined she could fuck anyone.

“Come on, baby, that’s beautiful, fuck me like a slut!” he urged, and for a few more crazy moments she did. Then sensation caught her up and claimed her.

“I’m gonna come!”

“On my cock, baby. Do it.”

She’d have done it whether or not he asked, but the thought of pleasing him only intensified the explosion. Her whole body convulsed and she shook on him, her pussy gripping his cock like a vice, inhuman moans and screams erupting from her body. Jared grabbed her by her breast and the roots of her hair and clutched her all the way through it, while her nails dug into him. Fuck … Fuck … Coming … Oh God …The words screamed in her head as her pussy juice drenched his balls. She spasmed and shook as all the tension drained from her body, then slumped against him, utterly spent.

She lay on his chest, panting for breath and sweating from every pore, pulsing quietly around his still-hard cock.

He let her rest there, cradling her and stroking her back, while she regained her breath. Music continued to play and she relaxed into the interlude, loving his tenderness even while he remained inside her. How sensual. How luxurious. How totally blissf …

“Kareena …”


“Aren’t you forgetting something?”

She dredged her face up from his chest and stared wearily into his eyes. Oh God. He was still incredibly hard and her pussy had just taken a pounding. “Ehhh – your turn, yeah?”

“Yup, my turn. Now if you don’t want me to fuck you so hard you’ll not be able to walk tomorrow, I suggest you get your sweet little cunt off my cock and clean up the mess you’ve made.”

She risked a cheeky rejoinder. “But you’re wearing a rubber. I should know, I put it on you myself.”

“Yeah, and now you’ve creamed your girly-cum all over my balls. Go deal with it or there’ll be consequences.”

Fuck … She wasn’t sure whether she should risk those, so she slid herself up and off Jared’s cock, her pussy clinging to him throughout the long and slow extraction. Dazed she climbed down into kneeling position before him, glad of the van’s superior legroom. His covered shaft, balls and thighs were soaked in her juice, so peeling the condom up and up until it snapped off the end of him only dealt with part of the clean-up operation. Gripping the still-rigid shaft, she lowered her head and extended her tongue, hesitating a moment before contact.

God, I’ve never tasted myself. The flavour when she sampled it was pleasantly sweet; her nectar was musky and the fact that she was licking it off his shaved balls only added to her enjoyment. She worked her tongue under and around his sac, drawing it up between the cleft between his huge rocks and then rolling each of them in her mouth, caressing his shaft as she worked. To think how tentative she’d been when first sucking him … his growing noises of contentment sounded even better than the music he’d played.

“Lick it all up, girl, that’s if you want my cum as much as you said.”

She sure did. She felt filthy for how much she wanted it—not because it was cum, but because it was his. So she rolled his balls in her mouth, wondering how full they were, humming so that the inside of her mouth vibrated against him. Wow, that was one of Lacey’s tricks and now Kareena was making it her own! She lapped his clean thighs and then worked her way up his cock just for the hell of it. Her tongue writhed all over him from the base upwards, snaking around from both sides so nothing was missed. Like a firm strawberry popsicle on a hot day, she licked him with enthusiasm; when she came to the dome, she gobbled him greedily, sucking hard.

How does that work for you, Mr. Rock-star? She challenged him with her glance.

Heavy breathing was his response—that, and fingers rumpling her hair. His gaze was loaded with erotic enjoyment. Kareena’s free hand had dropped to her pussy without her even consciously doing it; as she massaged his lower shaft and sucked on his head she was playing with her wet self. Her senses were all intoxicated, and she slavered to his base once more, raking her teeth against his balls this time (another Lacey-suggestion), watching for his reaction. His hoarse gasp gratified her and she tongued all the way under his sac, palm jacking up and down his slick length like she’d been doing this for years.

“Look at you, hot little slut,” he said, and this time she could scarcely take issue with the epithet. “Going to work like a pro.”

Excitement was building in his eyes and in the set of his jaw. She was getting him close and the realisation made her pump him harder. Her other hand was strumming more insistently on her clit.

“How do you want to take it?” he asked, and it surprised her he was even giving her a choice.

“Any way you want,” she panted as she jacked him and frigged herself. “On my face, on my tits, God, any way at all. In my mouth. I wanna taste you, or feel you on me … I don’t care.” She truly didn’t. Her response was all new-Kareena. “Please, Jared,” she said, “fucking gimme your cum …” Oh God … Her words, dirty and slutty, astonished her, but not as much as what happened next.

Both of Jared’s hands gripped her hair and pulled her up to the head of his cock. “Suck me off now, you naughty bitch.”

She took him full in her mouth and sucked—hard and fast and juicy, her hand kneading his heavy balls. She dived as he’d taught her, taking him into her throat. The instant she did it, he shoved hard and drove with his hips, fucking her face. Oh my God! His cock rammed deep into her throat, hands then pumping her up and down like he was dribbling a ball. She came, even as she tried to deal with the onslaught. Her pussy clenched and juice slithered down her thighs.

“You want my cum? You want my fucking cum?” Oh God, yes … yes … “Then fucking take it, you greedy little tramp. Ohhh …” His grip in her hair tightened and his whole body went rigid, as he unleashed his load. Kareena’s mouth and throat were pumped full of hot cum instantly and she gulped down in great desperate swallows, her cheeks filling again each time she made room. Valiantly, she came back from her own orgasm to deal with his, sucking down everything he had to give, drinking him to the very last drop.

By the time he was done and sliding free of her, she’d taken it all, aside from what dribbled from the corners of her mouth. Those traces she caught with a sweeping motion of her tongue, lapping it all inside and gulping it down to join the rest. She was panting, tears of exertion spilling down her face. Her cunt still pulsated and Jared’s thick and salty cream was all over her tongue. He stared down at her from where he lolled against the head-rest, his tired and pleasured face topping the moment. Kareena’s eyes were glazed, but her smile was one of pure exhilaration.

“Pleased with yourself?” he asked.

“Shouldn’t I be?”

“Oh yeah. You should be pleased as fuckin’ punch, girl.” Then she grinned and he returned it, all the warmth of earlier glowing in his eyes.

It was a moment to cherish, for all its filthiness.

She held it till shyness began creeping on her once more and then her hand went groping for her shirt. Time to get dressed, before she was told to. That was the way these situations worked, she guessed. But Jared stalled her even as her fingers crumpled the plaid fabric.

“What do you think you’re doin’, sweet tits? You think this party’s over?”

“Well I …” She’d been hoping not but did not dare assume.

“Leave your clothes where they are and get your naked ass up here,” he said amicably, patting the leather banquette. “Chill-time.”

The windows were fully steamed with condensation, she noticed, as she climbed up to him, so at least no one could peer in and see her nestled, still naked, against him. He slung an arm around her and they actually cuddled, his cock resting thick and slack against his leg. “You drained me dry,” he said, ominously adding, “for now”.

“You’re a wild-man,” she told him, running her fingers across his slick chest and wondering what other craziness the evening might include. “Fuck a pretty girl’s face with no warning? That’s just mean.”

“You weren’t complaining when you came.”

“No. Well … and calling me a what? A ‘little tramp’ …”

“Well you are,” he said, stroking her hair. “A hot, sexy, fuckable little tramp. That a problem?”

“I guess if you put it like that …”

He reached for the whiskey flask on the dash, swigged from it and passed it to her. “Drink up. You deserve it after such a committed performance.”

“Yeah, I do, don’t I?” She drained the final trickles of whiskey down her cum-slimed throat and barely flinched this time. He took the bottle and tossed it onto the rear banquette.

“So,” he said, hand still caressing her scalp, “what’s all that business with Daddy? You almost jumped out of your pretty skin when you saw him there tryin’ to get through.”

She sighed and wrapped arms around him. It was weirdly easy to confide in a naked stranger, once he invited it. “It’s not only Daddy, it’s him and Mom both. They’re kinda on my back a lot about – y’know, studying and all. Want me to be like my big sister, worried I’ll turn out like my cousin. I know who has more fun …”

“What’s the deal about big sis?” he cajoled, when her story faded away.

“Law school,” she told him. “The whole family’s pride and joy—I’m expected to follow in her footsteps in some way and they never let up on that.”

“But you’re not her.”

She let the fingers of one hand tease his chest. “Tell me about it. I’m a middling student—always have been.”

“Sounds like me.”

“Really?” She propped her chin on his chest and stared up at him. “Good that you’ve got your music then.” She sighed deeply. “I’m barely keeping up this year. Business and math and … and marketing—I mean that bit’s okay, but the rest … what I really want is … hey, you don’t wanna know about this,” she trailed off.

“Sure I do. That was one hot fuck you gave me. You earned some listening time.”

Kareena giggled and slapped a mildly outraged hand against his chest. “God, is that how a girl earns your attention? I’d better make the most of it.” She laid her head back on his chest. “Okay, well I’ll tell you then. When I left school, I wanted to make stuff. Jewelry. I can do that, I’m good at it. But to them it’s nothing more than artsy-craftsy nonsense. ‘You’ve got to make a real career for yourself, like Linda’s doing. You have to show effort.’ God, I don’t even know why I’m telling you this.”

“’Cos I asked.” He squeezed her close to his chest and she snuggled into him. “It’s different now. You’re not their baby anymore. You’re out livin’ your own life, in your own space. It’s all …”

“I’m not,” she said, and her head slumped against him. “I … I’m at a local college. They said it would save money if I could keep living at home. I’m …” It shamed her to admit it all to him. She hadn’t even meant to and the confession made her well up.

“They’ve got you right where they want, haven’t they?”

“Yeah.” It all sounded so pitiful when he put it like that.

“Only not tonight, right?” She stared up at him and smiled through her brimming tears. “Tonight you’re right where they’d least like you to be, doing what would drive them nuts. Feels good, doesn’t it?”

“Uh-huh. Yeah, it does.” He had her laughing again. Jared was good at that.

The sudden opening of the van door, however, erased her smile. The shaven-headed bass guitarist was looking through at them both. She let out a yelp and huddled herself tight against Jared to cover up as much of her nakedness as she could. “We got more fliers for the Brewhaus gigs in the back?” the guy asked Jared, eyes on Kareena. “Some girls wanna spread ‘em about.”

“Yeah, we’ve got a bunch in the back.” Jared reached for the van’s keys, which were still dangling from the ignition, while Kareena went scrambling for her shirt; she managed to cover herself up to some extent. “Leave it unlocked,” Jared said, tossing the keys to his fellow band-member.

“You got it.”

Kareena stared at Jared in shock, amazed that he could sit there on show like he didn’t give a damn. “It’s only Jackson,” he told her, laughing. “Think he’s never seen a girl with great tits before? He doesn’t care.”

She held the plaid to her naked breasts nonetheless when the guy returned. “Hey,” he said, acknowledging her properly this time, his eyes lingering on her semi-covered form. He was chewing a cocktail stick and there was close scrutiny in his gaze. “Jared always chooses good company. Is this a private thing or …?”

“Fuck off, buddy,” Jared said with good humour. “This one’s with me. No sharing tonight.”

“I hear you,” Jackson said, still ogling her quietly. “Damn shame …”

There was something almost protective about the way Jared held her as the other guy departed, like he knew she was unnerved. “Don’t worry about him,” he said. “He’s a good guy really—bit of an opportunist. Not like me.” He winked and it made her giggle once more. She was still hot-faced from the other musician’s gaze on her breasts and from the understanding that girls—girls like her—had been shared on past nights like this one. Her throat had turned dry, and she’d been finding it tricky enough to swallow before the interruption.

“You got anything more to drink?” she asked.

“Yeah, but it’s in the back. If you want it, you’re gonna have to get out the van. I’m way too comfy.”

“Can’t you go?”

“You want it, you go get it.”

She swatted him on the shoulder. “Damn you.” She moved to put her shirt back on, but he stalled her.

“Nope. Leave that.”

“What? You mean …”

“Go like you are.”

Kareena froze, caught between embarrassment and an unaccountable desire to please him. That and the fact she really needed that drink. He clicked the keys in the ignition to set the music playing once more and reached into the glove box, taking out what Kareena knew to be the makings of more than a regular cigarette. “You can have a toke on this when you get back,” he said, as he set about rolling the joint. Still, she hesitated and he whipped the shirt away from her, exposing all she had once more. “Go get that beer,” he said, “and bring me one too. I wanna watch your naked ass in the side mirror.”

“God, you’re a piece of work,” she said with a scowl, but did it all the same.

The cool of the night air puckered every inch of her skin as she climbed from the cab, naked except for her strapped heels. She picked her way over the patchy grass with her own juices cooling on her thighs, glancing about for spectators to her nudity. Her heart was racing, nipples turning hard, more from the thrill of what she was doing than the cold. Got a good view of my butt? She had no doubt that the van’s substantial side-mirror was providing him one, and the morally treacherous ‘new’ Kareena hoped that he liked what he saw.

As she pushed down on the handle of the van’s back door, it stuck. She wrenched at it, tugging downwards in a panic, wondering if that Jackson guy had locked it after all. “Jared, Jared it’s jammed! I can’t move it.”

“It always sticks,” he called. “Keep working it. You’ll be fine.”

Damn him, he knew it would do this! The bastard would be sitting back in the cab sparking his joint and laughing, knowing she was standing here with her tits jiggling as she tried to force open the door. Finally, the handle shunted downwards and she managed to haul open the door and clamber inside, hoping no one was inadvertently being mooned by her stretching rump. In the seclusion of the van, she found her anger tinged with excitement and resumed her giggling, imagining what she must have looked like naked and grappling with the door.

The van’s rear was all but stripped of its former contents, with CD and flier boxes scattered around along with the odd mike stand. A funky mattress was leaning against one side and Kareena smirked at the cliché before realising that she had become a key part of it. She spied the beers—a six-pack of bottles—and grabbed them, wanting to complete the return trip as quickly as possible.

Voices were drifting from the bar as she clambered back and struggled to shut the door. Shit. She ran along the side of the van, hoping that none of the Brewhaus’s customers would glimpse the just-fucked streaker as she scurried. When she arrived at the cab’s door and grabbed at the handle, however, she found it locked with the window open and Jared staring out at her, a querying smile on his face.


“Jared, stop pissing about. Let me in!”

“What—you mean it won’t open? What’s with you and van doors?”

“You locked it, you fucker! Open up!”

There was laughter from the direction of the bar, both male and female, followed by a wolf-whistle. Kareena shot a glance over her shoulder. A group of smokers was enjoying the show along with their cigarettes.

“Damn you, Jared! Unlock the door!”

“What do I get if I do?”

“What do you …”

“Only I kinda like the thought of your naked ass on show to all the world. I took a good look. It’s a fuckin’ peach.”

“Jared …”

“And those boobs bouncing up and down like that. You look real pretty when you’re angry. Angry and butt-naked, I mean.”

“God, Jared … what do you want?”

“Your Daddy tried calling again while you were out back. It made me laugh that his good girl was freezing her tits off with those pretty cheeks all on show.” Mention of her father went some way to quenching her fury. There was undoubted appeal in how outraged he would be if he knew the type of night she was having. “Now tell me, Daddy’s girl,” Jared said, “why should I let you back in?”

“I’m not a Daddy’s girl,” she stormed, sensing the game he was playing.

“No?” He looked unconvinced and it riled her to know that she’d provided him good reason.

“I’ll prove it to you—that I’m my own girl, and your girl for tonight. You can do what you like to me.”

“Whatever I like?”

She missed a beat, but then the situation’s immediate demands kicked in. She didn’t want to be shut out in the cold a moment longer.

“Whatever you like, yeah. All your promises canceled. Happy?”

Jared raised her phone and it flashed, capturing her shocked face and her bare tits. “I’m happy now,” he said. “You’re good to your word, then that pic can be deleted. If not, I might have to send it to Daddy and let him know what his darling daughter has been getting up to.”

“Oh God, you wouldn’t …”

He made a show of flicking through her contacts list. “Maybe I would, maybe I wouldn’t. You gonna risk finding out?”

“You bastard!”

His smile disarmed her, though. Playful on the surface, it suggested unfathomable depths of lust. Little mattered to her in that moment besides whatever games he might be planning.

He shoved down the handle and opened the door. “Get that ass inside and let’s negotiate.”



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