When it comes to relationships, communication is everything.

Sharing your thoughts will bring you and your partner closer together – and this is the case in the bedroom too.

Dr Emily Morse has urged couples to talk about their sexual preferences.

Doing this gives you more room to explore your fantasies and it could help to dispel awkwardness too.

Wondering where to start?

Thankfully, the sexpert has shared a five-word phrase that helps to improve your sex life.

On Instagram, Emily explained: “‘Tell me more about that’ is such a great phrase to adopt when it comes to talking to your partner about what they’re into…

“When we get curious instead of shaming and blaming, you’d be surprised at how much our partners want to share with us.

“It opens up the conversation in so many ways.

“It’s important to remember that these aren’t one time conversations either.

“The more we talk about our sex lives, the easier it will get.”

Emily’s advice was much-appreciated, with 2,600 Instagram users liking the post.

Some also took the time to share their own words of wisdom.

One commenter recommended: “Express genuine interest and ask questions. Curiosity is hot.”

Another said: “I had a friend that would always say ‘tell me more’ and I think it’s great in any relationship to find out more information.”

And a third added: “Yessss. And then hypothesising scenarios with them to figure out limits and potentially new avenues to explore.”

So what are you waiting for? Start chatting about sex with your partner.

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