Best-selling author Harville Hendrix weighs in on improving your relationships while in quarantine.

Relationships are one of life’s most beautiful offerings.

What may feel like a gift on some days can feel more like a labor of love — with emphasis on the “labor” — on others.

Relationship stress is a part of life and can stem from a myriad of reasons. The COVID-19 epidemic and enforced physical distancing have produced household tensions, globally.

While this might be the default effect during times of stress, it doesn’t have to be — and is precisely what safe conversations are all about.

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Positive connection strengthens our immune system.

Connection with others is valuable for our physical health. It strengthens our immune system as a defense against infection.

But, to connect and stay connected requires a skill that makes connecting possible: communication.

Good and effective communication is vital to our emotional, physical, and relational health.

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