Libby has resisted becoming a Hot Wife, but will a much older man convince her to embrace it?

With a bottle of wine in tow, they walked hand in hand down the beach to Mark’s place. It was an older home, tucked back away behind some palm trees and sea oats. Only the second floor was visible to those walking along the shore.

“Last chance to back out,” he said.

“I’m fine,” she reassured him. “A little nervous, yes, but more excited than anything else!”

He kissed her, “I love you baby. You’re the best!”

Then they opened the gate and stepped into Kent’s fantasy.

“Hello, Kent, great to see you again,” Mark said, greeting them warmly. “This must be Libby! You are even more beautiful in person, my dear. Please come into my yard and I will get us some glasses for that wine you were so kind to bring.”

Mark stepped back into the house not only to get the wine glasses, but to give himself a moment to calm the instant erection he’d gotten when he saw Libby. At sixty-seven years old, he still got plenty hard, but it had been some time since it happened in a rush like that. Usually he needed to stroke himself and watch some decadent porn before a gradual flow of blood took his flaccid penis to rock hard cock.

But one look at Libby’s hot little twenty-three-year-old body, complete with voluptuous tits, sexy legs, and a nice round ass was all it took for his eight-inch dick to sit up and take instant interest. And now that it had done so, it wasn’t about to be denied. He grabbed the wine glasses and headed back outside. What harm would it do for her to see that he was so hard for her?

Kent and Libby were still standing in the lush yard, surrounded by trees, bushes, and vines that crept along the fence providing a delightful amount of privacy. Mark had decorated it with potted plants and flowers scattered around a wrought iron table and chairs with blue and white striped cushions and an umbrella to match. Off to the side there was a coordinating set with a couch and two chairs, complete with a little coffee table. It all offered a welcoming feel and that helped to calm the butterflies in Libby’s stomach.

“Please, have a seat,” Mark said kindly, as he opened the bottle of wine. Kent noticed Mark’s bulge right away and felt his own cock twitch. He had no other interest in the man’s junk except to see it invading his wife’s sweet pussy, but the sight of this man being so hard for her made him equally erect.

Libby noticed both men sporting a woody and couldn’t help but feel flattered. She hoped the wine would quell the remaining bits of nervousness she felt. She really wanted this evening to work out like Kent wanted it to. It had taken her some time to get to this point, but now that she was sitting here eye-level with Mark’s big dick, the dampness in her panties made her realize she might not be doing this just for Kent.

Kent had promised that tonight was just a meet and greet, a chance to see if there was enough chemistry between his wife and his fishing buddy. But the way Libby looked when he saw her looking at his package made him secretly hope they could jump ahead six steps and he’d be watching his fantasy unfold tonight.

Kent loved his wife of five years. They enjoyed each other’s company and had a great sex life. She had been an eighteen-year-old virgin when he married her; he had been anything but. He’d spent his twenties racing through women like a man possessed. He had experienced many things in his bachelor days, but when he hit thirty and met Libby, he felt like his whole life came into focus. She wouldn’t have sex until they got married, so six months later he put a ring on it and had no regrets.

Libby had proven to be a quick study and was open to learning new ways to make him happy in bed. He’d worried that her having no experience would be somewhat disappointing. But it had pleased him to be the one to pop her cherry. The sight of her virginal blood on his cock on their wedding night was oddly erotic and, when he told her it was the bride’s duty to suck his cock clean afterward, she’d been eager to please him and did so without question. Over time, she had become exceptionally talented at sucking cock and never said no to anything he wanted her to try sexually. She had accepted his desire to tie her up and spank her as the most natural thing in the world. She’d gone along like a champ when he became interested in inserting big dildos and other large objects into her pussy. She’d even agreed to his Saturday night role-play sessions, being the patient to his doctor, the student to his teacher, and the slave to his master. She simply never said no.

Until he asked her to fuck another man for him. She had been appalled, and then hurt, and then suspicious that this was his way of getting her to allow him to fuck other women. He had assured her that he had no interest in having sex with anyone but her. That if he had wanted to, he would have suggested swinging so they could both fuck other people. He didn’t want that at all. He just had this growing need to see her being used by another man. But he apologized, dropped it, and didn’t bring it up again.

Then one Saturday night, when they were role-playing principal and naughty teacher, he was denying her orgasm, teasing her, edging her, keeping her on the brink, and he blurted out, “I’ll let you cum if you agree to fuck another man for me.”

“Yes, God, anything, please! Just let me cum! I need to cum so badly!” she cried out.

He said, “Cum for me baby! Cum while this other man fucks you hard!”

Then he drove his cock into her and said, “Feel how hard his cock is for you! Cum on his cock, slut!”

Her orgasm had been mind-blowing, causing her to squirt for the first time in her life.

After they cooled down, he apologized for getting carried away. She looked straight up at the ceiling and said, “Don’t apologize. I enjoyed pretending it was another man fucking me and I want to give you that experience for real. But you need to choose someone you trust, and do it soon, before I change my mind or lose my nerve.”

The next day, while fishing with his friend Mark, Kent got the courage up to tell him what happened the night before.

Mark looked incredulously at Kent and said, “Are you trying to ask me if I would be interested in fucking your wife?”

“No! Yes. Maybe. I don’t know,” Kent answered, feeling conflicted.

“Sure,” Mark said without hesitation.

“You are?” Kent asked. “But you don’t even know what she looks like.”

Mark laughed. “Why would it matter what she looks like? You’re asking me to fuck her, not date her. Besides, my cock hasn’t seen the inside of a pussy in nearly five years, Kent.”

Kent was a little stunned. He was more or less hoping Mark would have some advice on how to approach the matter. He hadn’t actually thought about asking Mark to be the guy to fuck Libby. He was a lot older.

Kent laughed, “Dude, aren’t you almost seventy?”

Mark raised an eyebrow at Kent and answered, “Dude, I’m sixty-seven and my dick works just fine. Look, you want to see another man fuck your wife, I’m offering. What’s the big deal?”

Kent hesitated and said, “Mark, she’s twenty-three. No offense, but you could be her grandpa.”

Mark laughed, then he invited Kent back to the house to have a drink with him.

Once inside, Mark asked, “Are you worried your Libby won’t find me attractive enough because I’m so much older?”

Kent laughed, “No, I’m sure she will think you’re fine. You’re very fit and don’t look your age. Besides, she likes older men. Hell, I’m a dozen years older than her myself. It’s just…”

“Kent, let me ask you something,” Mark interrupted. “Why do you want to see another man fuck your wife?”

Kent sat for a moment and said, “Although I’ve been with more women than I can count, she’s never been with any other man besides me. I guess part of me wants her to have that experience. But more than that, she is so fucking hot, I just want to watch her enjoy something exciting and taboo. It’s hard to explain.”

“I get it. It’s hot. Some other guy fucks the pussy that belongs to you, so to speak, but you know she still belongs to you and you get the grand prize of taking her back home and fucking her while she talks about how it felt to have another man’s cock in her,” Mark replied.

Kent frowned, “Yeah, but how do you know that?”

Mark laughed, “I watch a LOT of porn, and hot wife porn is among my favorite kind. Tell ya what, you go home ask that pretty girl of yours if she wants to give this fantasy of yours a shot with an older man. See what she says. If she’s game, I’m in.”

So here they were, sitting in his yard, and about to drink wine with a man who offered to fuck his wife.

Mark broke the silence, “So Kent told me that you volunteer at the bird sanctuary. I imagine that’s noisy and rewarding at the same time.”

Libby felt instant relief. She appreciated that Mark was willing to spend some time making small talk to break the tension.

“Yes, I enjoy being able to help out. We have a hawk right now with a broken wing spending time with us recovering,” she said, sipping her wine.

Kent, on the other hand, was feeling anxious to get a conversation started that was a little more provocative than helping wounded birds. But he followed Mark’s lead and said, “She has a way with most animals and birds. They trust her.”

Mark smiled, “Animals are a good judge of character.” He knew it was important to be patient, not to rush Libby. But in his mind, he was wondering what she might want from him in bed. A tender lover? A rough, animalistic fuck? From what Kent had insinuated, Libby was adventurous. He’d love an entire weekend with her if he were being honest. But he would settle for one night with her, hell, even one hour with her. She made his cock ache.

Libby recognized lust when she saw it. The way Mark looked at her, and the fact that his bulge was still straining against his shorts, made her feel very aroused.

Mark sensed that he was staring a little too long, and a lot too intensely, and tried to throttle back, “Tell me something you’d like me to know about you.”

Before she could stop herself, the truth came tumbling out of her mouth, “My panties are beyond damp.”

She was instantly embarrassed, and Kent looked a little shocked. But Mark just chuckled and said, “Well, you sure know how to make an old man feel good.”

Libby smiled, grateful for his witty demeanor, and said, “Well, being in your fifties is hardly old.”

“Sweetheart, I’m guessing your Kent here has failed to disclose my actual age. I’m sixty-seven, so I think that might qualify me as an old man,” he laughed.

“Well, in my mind old starts at eighty, so you don’t qualify quite yet,” she said, as her nipples started poking at the fabric of her sundress.

Kent looked at his wife. He hadn’t told her how old Mark was because he thought that she’d say no. But here she was, flirting openly with him and her body showing obvious signs of arousal. He decided to push his luck.

“Baby, I bet you’d like Mark to finger check your wetness,” he said brazenly.

Libby blushed, but she nodded and whispered, “Yes.”

Mark took her by the hand and led her over to the lounge chair. He told her to lean back and open her legs. Then he said, “Before I touch you so intimately, I need to make sure that you really want this. Because Kent said we were just talking tonight. But if I’m gonna put my fingers in your wet pussy, I’m not stopping there.”

Libby looked Mark in the eyes and said, “I want you to touch my pussy. If you can’t stop there, then, don’t stop. I’m ready tonight.”

Kent nearly choked on his wine. He started to protest, then realized if he stopped this now, she might never agree to try again. He had imagined planning it all out, discussing rules and limits, but it was just going to happen spontaneously. She was putting herself out there for him. The least he could do is sit back and enjoy.

Mark saw Kent relax back in his chair and grinned. “Before I touch your wife, I want to make sure you really want me to. If you say yes, understand that your part is to watch and enjoy. Don’t interrupt unless Libby asks you to. Can you do that, Kent?”

Kent felt his cock twitch. “Yes, I can do that. Enjoy her all you want,” Kent said. “Just remember that when you’re done, I will reclaim her as mine.”

Mark nodded and looked at Libby. “One last thing before we begin. I’ve seen yours, so it’s only fair that you should see mine before I touch you. I want to make sure you like what you see before I invade your body with it.”

She shivered with arousal as she kept her eyes on Mark. He unzipped his shorts and let them fall to the ground. His cock was long and thick and as rigid as a steel pole. Kent’s libido was at war with his heart. He wanted to see that thick meat in Libby’s pussy, but what if he wanted her ass? But he gave his word to not interrupt. He needed to trust her to handle herself. Then he felt lust coursing through his veins as he watched her lift her sundress off over her head and tossed it on adjacent chair, her beautiful tits out in full view with nipples as hard as pencil erasers. Fuck, she was so sexy!

Mark walked over to the lounger and put his hand on Libby’s leg. Kent relaxed a little as he saw that Mark was proceeding slowly with her, making sure she was comfortable with his touch before he inserted his fingers into her pussy. He needed to trust that Mark would only give Libby what she could handle.

Libby moaned softly and closed her eyes as Mark ran a finger along her glistening slit. He lingered on her clit before slipping it slowly into her hot, wet, pussy.

“God you’re so tight and wet!” Mark said. She opened her eyes again when he withdrew his finger and put it in his mouth, tasting her. “And you taste fucking delicious!”

Then, he took two fingers and slid them into her juicy wet hole, but this time when he took them out, he fed them to Libby. She sucked them clean.

“Should we go in the house now?” Kent asked.

Mark said, “No need to. Out here in the yard is fine. We have plenty of privacy.”

Kent expected Libby to insist on going inside. But she just laid there, waiting for Mark’s next move.

Mark’s cock was aching. The taste of her made him want to just plow into her and fuck like a dog in heat. But he had more class than that. He could force himself to be patient. He wanted to tease her a little first.

He positioned himself so he could lick her delicious wetness. He could feel his heart beating wildly as he leaned in for his first taste in an awfully long time. He wondered if he was still any good at this, then she moaned, and his fears were cast aside. He licked and sucked her tender pink clit, eliciting more sounds of pleasure from her. He poked his tongue into her hole and she her hips began to rock. He took his fingers and massaged her little nub until she started bucking and panting. Then he took those two fingers and pushed them into her pussy while he continued licking and sucking. When he felt her get close, he used his teeth to bite down gently on her swollen nub and she came hard, squirting and screaming, “OH MY FUCKING GOD! YES! YES! HOLY FUCK!”

Kent grinned as he felt his cock aching to be released. But it was too soon to start stroking himself. He knew Mark was not done with Libby and he wanted to enjoy watching her face as she experienced different sensations and newfound pleasures.

Libby finally caught her breath and saw Mark’s face was covered with her juices. She was embarrassed at first but noticed that he seemed quite pleased that he’d made her squirt.

“You have a hot little pussy, and I’m going to fuck it, but first I want you to suck my cock and get it ready for your cunt,” he said, moving to place his fully erect penis in her face. “Look how hard my cock is for you, Libby. You need to suck on it and get it all wet, so it slides in smooth when I’m ready to fuck you.”

Libby took his cock in her hands and opened her mouth wide. Kent had a wonderful cock, but Mark’s was much thicker, and it made her feel like a little slut trying to work it into her mouth. He let her take the lead on how much and how fast she could handle him like this. He suddenly hoped this wasn’t a one-night stand as he’d like very much to teach her how to relax her throat to accommodate his girth.

As she did her best to suck his large dick, she played with his balls. Mark moaned a little, enjoying the feeling of her soft, delicate fingers massaging his sac. It felt so fucking good to have someone else’s hand besides his own playing with his nuts. If he thought he could recover fast enough, he would let himself blast his sperm into her mouth. But he wanted that cunt and he wanted it now.

He retreated from between her sensual lips, picked her up, and carried her to the table. It was just the right height for him to fuck her while standing up. He spat on her pussy, not because it lacked wetness, but because he’d seen it done enough times in porn flicks and had always wanted to see if it felt as sexy in real life. He decided it wasn’t half bad as he watched Libby’s face and it seemed to make her hot. He had a sudden urge to spank her bare cunt, but that would have to wait for another time. He needed to be inside her; he couldn’t wait any longer.

Kent unzipped his fly and released his aching cock. He spat on his hand and started stroking himself the minute he watched Mark’s rigid pole enter his wife’s pussy. He hoped that Mark liked to talk dirty and wasn’t disappointed.

Mark felt the sweet warmth of Libby’s soft, pink folds spread open to allow him entrance. He moved in slowly and deliberately, savoring the feeling of her ridiculously tight vaginal walls as they engulfed him. “Sweet Jesus, please don’t let me cum yet,” he thought. He started moving in and out of her a little faster, feeling her tight little love hole squeezing his cock with each thrust.

Kent was stroking his own meat at a similar pace, watching the beautiful mix of lust and desire on Libby’s face. She was clearly enjoying, and he felt so much happiness knowing that he had arranged for her to experience this pleasure. He was so glad she was letting herself go and enjoy every moment.

As Mark sped up a little, Libby started rocking her hips to matching his movements thrust for thrust. He was filling her up with his hot, hard cock and she felt like her whole body was humming. She cried out, “Yes, fill me with that cock, Mark. Fuck me hard!”

“You like my cock, baby?” he said through gritted teeth. “You want me to keep filling your hot little pussy with my thick prick?”

“Fuck yeah, baby, fill up my cunt! Fuck me deep!” she answered, panting.

Mark started hammering her, fucking her hard and deep, just liked she’d begged him to. He was gonna cum soon, but he was pretty certain she was close too.

“God, baby, you’ve got me so close! Where do you want me to cum?” he asked tersely.

“Fuck, baby, I’m cumming now! Cum with me! Cum inside my slutty little cunt!” she screamed as she let go, her orgasming triggering his.

“Fuck, yeah, you little whore! Take my seed in your slutty cunt!” Mark cried out as he felt his cock spurting pulse after pulse of cum into her tight, young pussy. His body shook as he finished with one final hard thrust.

Kent watched them both cum before jacking himself off to a wickedly strong orgasm, shooting ropes of sticky, white cum onto the ground. Mark eased out of Libby’s dripping wet hole and went to sit down next to Kent.

“Come over here, Libby and suck our cocks clean,” Mark commanded. Kent was taken aback but grinned at him as his wife hurried over and obediently did as she was told.

When she was done, Kent told her to stand up and part her legs for him. “Look at his cum dripping out of you, baby, and running down the inside of your legs. Such a dirty little slut!”

Libby grinned, loving the fact that they had all very much enjoyed her being a dirty little slut. Mark offered the use of his shower and, while she was inside cleaning up, he thanked Kent for letting him be Libby’s first “strange” cock.

“You’re a lucky man, Kent,” Mark grinned. “You’ve got a hot little wife there!”

“And, thanks to you, now she really is a Hot Wife!” Kent replied.

“I know this sound presumptuous, but I’m hoping this wasn’t a one and done kind of deal. I’d understand if you said no, but I’d love to fuck your wife again, if you’d let me,” Mark admitted.

Kent smiled, “I imagine Libby would enjoy that as well, and I sure as hell know that I would!”

“Why don’t you plan on next Saturday, and you can spend the night if you’d like?” Mark asked feeling excited to know he’d have another opportunity with Libby.

“Oh, man, I don’t know. Saturday night is usually our role play night,” Kent said. “But maybe we can do some hot role-playing with you.”

Libby came out, her long red hair in wet curls from the shower, looking like a hot little vixen. She smiled seductively and said, “Did I hear we are having a sleep over at Grandpa’s next weekend?”

Mark and Kent both felt their cocks twitch and agreed that next Saturday was a date!

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