Morning Delights

Lana woke from her dreamy slumber feeling content and happy. She smiled and thought of Evan, dreaming of what his presence does to her. The lyrics of Kirsty MacColl’s “Head” drifted through her mind as she wiggled her body in pleasure and then felt him behind her reminding her of last night.

She snuggled back towards his body feeling his warm naked skin next to hers. She felt him pressed against her round ass and realised that there was more pressing than she had first imagined. She grinned as she realised Evan was laying next to her with a deliciously arousing morning erection that lay invitingly nestled between her cheeks. Lana rolled slightly away and reached back with her hand and gently stroked his length. Her hand grew more adventurous moving lower and gently manipulating his full heavy balls as she weighed them in her hand. Lana’s fingers moved up and gently wrapped round the shaft. Sliding her hand up along the length Lana rubbed her thumb and felt the silky smooth wetness of precum oozing out. She gently circled her thumb smearing the liquid over the head.

Lana was feeling aroused at what she was doing and moved her other hand to her hardening clit. Her fingers slid down along the length of her now very moist lips. Her hands began slowly moving together, one sliding along the now fully erect shaft as the other slid along the inside of her wet lips then grazing around her hard clit. Lana kept up this slow soft steady rhythm as her wetness grew. She jumped as Evan’s hand appeared on top of hers as she rubbed her now slick clit.

Evan leaned forward and kissed her neck lovingly as his hand moved with hers over her now parted wet pussy. Lana swapped hands as she now guided his hand seeking more from her lover as her hand gripped tighter and stroked harder along his rampant shaft. They both groaned in pleasure as their hands moved with more urgency. Their hands moving as one as Evan’s fingers plunged into the wet well of her hungry pussy. Lana’s hand also diving down the length of his shaft. A movement in tune with their rising heartbeats as their hands moved up and down, in and out. Hungry loins moving to meet each hand, both of them wanting more, needing more.

Evan suddenly withdrew his hand reaching for her hips and rolled her and lifted her hot body over his. Lana lifted her leg and straddled his body, her wet pussy dripping wetness along his hard shaft as she ground her body on his. Evan’s hands moved to cup and hold her firm hard breasts. His fingers gently squeezed and rubbed her now perky nipples. Lana moaned with delight as she leant forward and kissed Evan hard, her tongue searching for his. Their eyes now locked together in a blue-green endless sea of love as Lana lifted her hips and plunged down hard on his rock hard manhood. Evan cried out “LANA” as her curved ass hit his heavy full balls. Their bodies froze together momentarily as they grinned at each other savoring the pure pleasure of their bodies now joined as one.

Lana steadied herself with her hands on his chest, massaging his nipples as her hips now rose and fell seeking fulfillment of her needs. Her stretched pussy savoring every inch of his shaft as she pushed down relentlessly. Evan moved one hand to her hip and the other to her hot clit. His thumb rubbed and circled over her ripe bud as their sweaty bodies cried out for more. Their bodies slapped and pounded together as pushed to meet each other. Their breathing ragged as a colossal wave of pleasure hit Lana, crying out “EVAN”. Her pussy burning with a sudden fire as is it tightened its grip on Evan’s shaft. His thumb pushing hard against her clit as his body arched up filling Lana’s womb as his balls tightened and Evan exploded deep inside her. Hot plasma bolts of cum firing deep inside as his balls were drained by Lana’s hungry womb squeezing and sucking every last morsel.

Hearts racing, breath ragged as they kissed, foreheads together as their eyes danced together in love. Evan’s arms circled Lana’s waist pulling her tight as he whispered, “I Love You, Lana” in her ear.

Lana smiled and whispered, “I Love Yo,u Evan” as she nibbled on his earlobe. Their hot sweaty bodies lay together as their combined juices flowed out around his shaft and coated their wet loins and thighs. Lana moved her head to his chest and listened to Evan’s heart beating its rhythm of love to her as she cuddled his hot body. Evan circled his arms round Lana, gently stroking her long raven hair and cradling their bodies together in the warm afterglow of their wonderful morning awakening.   


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