It’s his turn to swoon!

It can be hard to know how to compliment a guy you’re dating. I know that sounds a little silly, but think about it. When was the last time you successfully paid a compliment to any man without it becoming weird? And your boyfriend or husband, he definitely counts, just so we’re clear.

I have a hard enough time knowing which compliments to give the men in my life who are just friends or colleagues, so you should see how bad it gets when it’s my boyfriend, then man I’m in love with, on the receiving end of my complimenting.

When it comes to finding sweet things to say my boyfriend, I tend to stick to telling him how much I love him and what a good dad he is, often stiffly and quite awkwardly. In reality, if I could I’d be telling him how incredibly handsome I think he is every single day, but I always get this funny feeling of reservation when it comes to complimenting him in that way.

As a woman, I find that when someone fixates on complimenting my body or physical appearance, it can feel not just a little bit demeaning.

Men don’t have that kind of history of being objectified, so chances are they wouldn’t be bothered. Still, if we’re trying to create a world where men and women treat each other with equality and respect, then just because a guy likes being told his body just won’t quit, that doesn’t mean you should necessarily do it.

But what’s the alternative? How can you let your male partner know just how into him you are without turning him into an object? What can you say or do to help the man in your life understand just how much he rocks your proverbial socks off without being just as creepy as you accused so many guys on Tinder of being before he came along and swept you off your feet?

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