While most industries are down on their luck right now due to the coronavirus pandemic, the sex industry is experiencing a boom.

Porn is being viewed more than ever and cam girls are struggling to keep up with demand.

After all, what else are people supposed to do when they’re trapped at home?

Especially if they’re single and not allowed to date.

But, there’s another side to the online porn industry which is seeing more people not only spending money, but signing up themselves.

OnlyFans is a platform which allows people to sell access to their sexy photos and videos.

Adult XXX stars, models and raunchy influencers sometimes subsidise their income through their OnlyFans accounts.

As many people have lost their jobs, been laid off or just can’t go out and earn money right now, there’s a huge number of people asking…

“Could I do that?”

High earning OnlyFans stars like Paige, who makes £15k to £20k a month on the platform, certainly make it look attractive.

But, what is it really like?

In an interview with Vice, Paige said: “You’re honestly working 24/7.

“You’re working, like, seven jobs at once.

“You’re a photographer, lighting coordinator, set designer, editor, admin assistant, promoter, accountant.

“Sometimes you might forget to sleep. Sometimes you might forget to eat.”

Paige (pictured) and Tommy Rose share their top tips for new OnlyFans sign-ups who are looking to make money during lockdown

While Paige is unlikely to face any competition on the site – she has a loyal band of followers – she thinks newbies may struggle.

With so many new joiners she says that the competition will be fierce for subscribers.

Another OnlyFans worker, Tommy Rose, who earns around £1.2k a month on the site, says that the requested content during lockdown has changed too.

She says that now, many of her consumers now just want to have a chat because they’re unable to be intimate or close with others in real life.

Tommy said: “Being able to just sext with someone or have them send you nudes in a girlfriend-experience type way has definitely rocketed for me.”

Paige has been posting on OnlyFans for two years and has a loyal following

Giving her advice to those considering taking up the job, Tommy said to be aware that there’s “no going back”.

She believes that many people don’t realise that sex work can impact future jobs and friendships.

The stigma around sex work means that you need to be able to handle the consequences of such a career.

Tommy also said you should make your boundaries clear when doing sex work.

If you only want to post lingerie photos, and nothing more extreme, Tommy says to stick to that.

She adds: “Don’t be pushed into supplying things you’re not comfortable with just for the sake of a bit of extra money.”

Vice also spoke to an OnlyFans newbie, Miss June.

The young woman joined the site because she was worried about paying her mortgage and bills.

Posing for pictures might sound easy, but there’s a lot more to making money on OnlyFans than meets the eye

Pre-lockdown she looked after peoples pets, but since the quarantine that work has dried up.

Now, she focuses on fetish content – such as feet, tights and high heels.

Miss June had an account in the past for a short period, but says that the work is harder now during lockdown.

She said: “People have a lot more time on their hands, so I find that I’m getting badgered more.”

Miss June also says that lots of people are feeling the pinch at the moment and so can’t afford to subscribe.

Last month she earned around £200, which is half what she earned when she previously had an account.

So, if you’re thinking about going into the foot pic business – maybe consider what the pro’s have to say beforehand.

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