It just takes one magical kiss to stay on their mind forever.

I am an aficionado of the kiss. No other act is so simple and so intimate.

The light suction, the flick of the lip, the playful nibble, the deep advance and retreat of the tongue — a good kiss is like jazz, an improvisation of melodies, flirtatious staccatos, and passionate brassy crescendos. A good kiss is a rapport enacted physically, like sex, but more erotic. So knowing how to kiss a guy or girl in way they’ll never forget is key in any kind of romantic relationship.

Many women don’t realize this. I’ve been surprised at how many treat kissing like it really is first base — just a step toward something better. And when I meet such women, I face a dilemma, like being a music lover who discovers that a new friend has bad taste.

What should you do if someone doesn’t know how to kiss well?

Do you break it off, or do you educate by offering some kissing tips and techniques? And if you choose to educate, how do you teach someone how to be a better kisser without being offensive?

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