If you want him to respond, these cute texts are sure catch his attention.

He’s handsome. He’s interesting. He’s worthwhile. But for some reason, he won’t text you back. Why is that?

It’s time for you to grab his attention, let him know how much you’re interested — and make him want you, too!

Sometimes finding the perfect words to text a guy feels hard. But why does it have to be?

Chances are he’s worrying about his own texts just as much as you are about yours. He probably doesn’t know what to say or how to perfectly speak his mind. We’re all human. after all.

So do him a favor: Speak your mind first and woo him out of any doubt by sending him some cute, flirty texts.

Let him know how you feel, what you want, and how you want it.

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Let’s be honest: there’s no reason to be shy. Be confident and he’ll appreciate you for it. Knowing you know what you want will make him that much more confident that you’re the right choice for him.

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