When it comes to kissing, it’s one of the most incredible intimate acts that you could do with someone.

It also helps people to decide whether or not there’s any physical chemistry, so in other words, it can make or break a relationship.

Whether you think you know what you’re doing or not, a sexpert has given her advice on mastering the intimate act.

Nadia Bokody shared a 12 minute clip on her YouTube channel where she has over 237,000 subscribers.

She shared 10 things pretty much everyone should know in order to be a great kisser, so how many are you aware of?

These tips will make you a better kisser

1. Timing is everything

In the video, Nadia said: “When it comes to a great kiss, timing is everything you don’t really want to be surprising someone particularly if it’s a first kiss, you want to get good signs.

“The best way to do that is to wait until a moment when you are physically close, it’s more awkward if the person is standing metres away from you, but sitting on a couch is a great time.

“You want to give off some signals first that you are going there so your partner can know it’s going there, by touching them on the arms or hand or face.”

2. Freshen up first

Bad breath is a total deal breaker when it comes to kissing, ideally you want to have brushed your teeth or have a clean mouth.

Nadia suggests keeping some fresh mints close by, so when the moment arises, you can go in for that kiss with nice breath.

3. Get juicy lips

You want to make your lips irresistible and by doing that you’ve got to make sure they’re in good condition.

Nadia continued: “We think it’s just girls who care about their lips but kissing a guy with cracked lips is not enjoyable.

“Exfoliating and moisturising helps you get juicy lips and you might not particularly feel it yourselves. You can even use vaseline.”

Nadia Bokody shared her tips for being a better kisser

4. Move your head

It’s important that when you are kissing someone that you’re moving your head so your partner will respond and tilt theirs too.

5. Focus on one lip at a time

Nadia claims that one of the biggest mistakes is trying to take in their partner’s whole entire mouth.

She added: “What makes a really good kisser is someone who can focus on one lip at a time.”

6. Keep your tongue soft

Not all people like tongue, so it’s important to see whether your partner is going to be into it.

The Australian continued: “First way is comforting to ask them, the other is to wait and see if they use some tongue.

“Wait a good 10-20 seconds before introducing your tongue.”

The sexpert shared a 12 minute clip on YouTube

7. Move your tongue around

Now if they enjoy a bit of tongue, make sure when you do it, it’s not just in their mouth.

The sexpert advises to try gently circling it around their mouth – and don’t be slobbery either.

8. Involve hands

When you’re kissing someone, the last thing you want is to get awkward with your hands.

Nadia revealed: “You could put your hand on the other person’s face or cheek.

“Not doing something with your hand will make things awkward, alternatively you can put your hands on the back of their neck or waist.”

9. Close your eyes

Make sure you keep your eyes closed because having them opened is just as awkward because there’s nowhere really to look, Nadia advised in her YouTube video.

She continued: “The idea about kissing is to get lost with the moment that you get when you close your eyes.”

10. Don’t go further (for now)

And last but not least, when you’re kissing someone it’s good to just be lost in the moment because it can be fun.

Nadia said: “If this is a first kiss or you just started dating I don’t recommend doing anything more because it’s nice to keep things slow for the time being and kissing is fun.

“Being a good kisser is just an important skill to have when you’re in a relationship.”

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