Is he ghosting you? Here’s how to stay calm while you figure it out.

When it comes to dating, one of the most discouraging things is when you’re seeing a man who suddenly and seemingly out of nowhere vanishes.

Maybe he stops texting. Maybe he says he’ll call you and then doesn’t.

When a guy doesn’t call or text you back, it can drive you crazy.

Is he ghosting you? What should you do?

In any of these scenarios, it can be challenging to determine what to do.

The confident part of your brain wishes to believe something unavoidable (but not dangerous) occurred, like his phone died or he’s truly overwhelmed at work and busy with things he can’t control. Or maybe your own phone is broken and your text simply didn’t go through, so he’s been trying to call you without you knowing it.

Then there’s that miserable part of your brain that envisions the outright worst possible outcomes, causing feelings of rejection to surface.

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So, how should you deal with this vanishing man? Exactly what should you do to get him to call or text you back?

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