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Agatha Allbut & The Bimbo Squad Ch. 06: The Game Continues
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This story contains adult content including This story contains lesbian group sex including spanking, masturbation, cunnilingus, and more. If this is not your type of smut, please find another story.

Round 4

Erin’s attitude didn’t improve much, but she was ignoring Aggie instead of attacking her. “Pick a nude player and sexually stimulate them for thirty seconds. If no players are nude, take something off,” Erin pulled off her sock.

Shay went next and read, “You must strip one item of your clothing, but you can make another player take something off.” Shay looked around the group and her eyes stopped on Christina, “Christina, take something off,” she said. Standing up and reaching under her skirt, she pulled her granny panties off.

Christina stood up and shimmied out of her boy shorts revealing a pair of tangas underneath. Once again the judge’s voice paused the action, “Player three, you were told to wear eight items of clothing, It appears you violated that rule.”

Christina looked out at the stage lights. “I’m not wearing a bra,” she said.

“Player three is not in violation of the rules. The game may continue,” the voice boomed.

Christina sat down and pulled a card. “Seduce another player for thirty seconds.” She jumped up and practically ran over to Aggie. Christina reached out and touched Aggie’s arm as they locked in a passionate kiss, both girls’ hands caressing and fondling each other. They fell to the floor rolling around, trying to touch everything at once. Hannah called time, but the girls were oblivious as they swallowed each other’s tongues.

“Vee, can you give me a hand, please?” Hannah asked as she tried to separate the lust-filled ladies. Both were breathing heavily, looking at each other with animal hunger, their hair mussed and makeup smeared. Hannah cleared her throat, bringing them somewhat back to the present. They both took their seats, continuing to look at one another, forgetting about the game.

“I get to lick someone, again,” Vee said, after reading her challenge. She headed straight for Aggie, licking her from the knee to the edge of her skirt. Aggie closed her eyes to imagine it was Christina licking her.

Vee sat down and May took a card, “Pick any player and personally strip them of one item of clothing.” May stood up and walked over to Erin. “Stand up,” she ordered the sullen girl. Erin stood and May yanked down the ankle-length skirt Erin was wearing, exposing her bikini briefs to everyone. Erin dropped into her seat holding her hand out for the skirt. May held it up and twirled it over her head in victory as the spectators cheered. When May was done she threw it right into Erin’s face before sitting down.

“I got the same thing as May,” Aggie said, looking over the group. She decided to strip off Vee’s black leather capris, leaving her in her miniskirt. Aggie reached under Vee’s skirt and unfastened the pants, sliding them down her thick powerful legs and off her body. Once Aggie removed them she handed the pants to Vee and returned to her seat.

“Seduce another player for thirty seconds,” Erin read as soon as Aggie sat down. Erin stood up and walked over to Christina and whispered into her ear. Christina giggled as Erin continued to whisper and start giving Christina a back rub. Christina begins to moan in pleasure. All the while, Erin was looking at Aggie smiling, trying to make her adversary jealous. When time was called Erin leaned in and kissed the sexy Latina, pissing Aggie off.

Shay pulled out her card. “Oh No, not this,” she said. “You can choose to remove one item of clothing or all the other players can tickle you for thirty seconds. So I either expose myself or get tickled which I hate. I guess I’m the first one to show her boobies.”

Every eye was on the curvaceous strawberry blonde as she slowly unbuttoned her blouse, let it slip from her shoulders, and flutter to the floor, exposing her well-formed, perky breasts to everyone. She sat down holding her hands over her breasts waiting for the next girl’s turn, hoping it would pull all the attention away from her.

All the players got serious now. They realized that the game could and probably would end with most, if not all of them, naked in front of a group of strangers. Christina tentatively reached for her challenge, “Stimulate a nude player. Since no one is nude, I’ve gotta take something off.” Christina looked at her options and then looked at Shay, “I guess your girls aren’t going to be the only ones on display,” pulling off her tube top.

There was more cheering as Christina sat down. Aggie silently joined in with the crowd, seeing what she thought, were the most perfect breasts to ever exist on the planet.

“Strip or be tickled. Some choice,” Vee muttered. “I’ll either be the third set of tits flopping around or let five people tickle me. Aww hell. Y’all saw my nips already anyway,” she said, undoing her bra and letting her large tits hang out. There were more cheers as the crowd started to get a bit rowdy.

May was happy she was still wearing five pieces of clothing. Hoping that she wasn’t going to be exposed anytime soon. Taking a card, she read, “Roll the die and lick that player on any uncovered skin.” May dropped the die and it came up two. May crawled over to Shay and began to lick her on the nipples, making them all wet. She alternated left and right and every time the cool air hit the wet nipple it got a little harder. By the time she was done, Shay’s nipples were pointing out toward the crowd. They all clapped at how far they were protruding from her. May took a little bow and sat down.

Aggie once again got to strip someone of something they were wearing. She decided on May since she was wearing the most. Aggie asked May to stand up and pulled off her polo shirt. May kissed Aggie as she pulled the shirt up and off the slender Japanese girl’s body.

Hannah was getting aroused by the action around her and in between her duties as emcee, she was absentmindedly rubbing herself through her clothes. She suddenly realized what she was doing while she watched Aggie and May kiss. She jerked her hand away from her body, quickly walking over to Erin, she held out the tureen. Erin drew her card and read, “I get to strip someone if I strip something. Since May is wearing the most, I guess she can take off her last sock,” she spoke as she worked loose the buttons on her blouse and slid it off her body.

Shay pulled out her card, muttering just loud enough for those closest to her to hear, “Please don’t be strip, please don’t be strip.” She paused while reading her dare, “Aww fuck,” she cursed, “Have someone strip something but you must do so as well. Well, I guess someone had to be naked first,” as she stood and dropped her mini skirt to the floor, showing her extremely hairy bush which covered her pussy entirely.

“Damn, she looks like a 1970’s porn star,” someone yelled, seeing the forest of hair between Shay’s legs. Shay blushed while the crowd cheered for the naked girl. Shay sat down and crossed her legs hiding most of her bush from view.

Shay looked around at the other players, “Well I could make Christina naked so I won’t be the only one, but she’ll probably be naked soon anyway. Instead, I think I’ll choose Vee.”

Vee flipped Shay off as she stood up, reached under her skirt, slid her panties down her legs, and kicked them off. As Vee sat down, Christina read her card. When she was done, she froze for a second. She looked at each player and seemed to be counting. After giving each player the once over she looked at Hannah and said, “I have a very interesting card here. It says, ‘Pick any clothed player and have them strip completely naked’.”

The whole room froze looking at Christina. Everyone began to count the clothes on the remaining players. Aggie was the first to realize she was the most dressed and got a sinking feeling she was about to be the second player naked.

Christina made eye contact with Aggie saying, “I figure the fairest thing to do is to pick the person with the most clothes. That’s you, Aggie baby. So get naked.”

Aggie stood up by rote. Every molecule in her body was as red as a well-cooked lobster dinner. She was scared, angry, and just a little aroused. She decided the only way she would be able to strip in front of all these people was to do it quickly and not think about it. She undid her skorts and let them fall to the ground. Next, she quickly pulled off her top, dropping it on top of her skorts. She reached behind her back to the clasp of her bra and let the straps slide down her shoulders and let it fall onto the growing pile of clothes at her feet.

Aggie froze, unable to take the last step. After waiting, Hannah came over and had a whispered conversation with Aggie. Hannah knelt in front of the slender girl and slowly slid her panties off her long lean legs, exposing her cleanly shaved mons. Hannah worked the panties off Aggie’s body and moved away from the naked girl. She stood motionless before all present in nothing more than what she was born with until someone in the crowd started cheering and the rest joined in. Aggie was still red but for some reason she felt happy, her eyes shining as she sat down. She felt Christina’s eyes boring into her and she looked over. Christina mouthed, “forgive me,” to her, and Aggie gave her a quick nod and wink.

Christina smiled in relief and heard Vee read, “Make another player remove one item, but you must remove one as well. Well, naked chick number three,” she said while shimming out of her mini skirt. Once it had fallen to the floor there was an explosion of laughter, as everyone noticed that her pubic hair was shaved into a skull and crossbones. Vee pointed at May and said, “Time to lose something.” May stood up and unfastened her khaki’s and slid them down. Showing that she was wearing plain, white cotton panties to match her bra.

The easy banter had gone now as the tension mounted. Only three girls still had clothes and then not much. They all expected to be naked soon. They had no idea what would happen but they knew they still had the rest of this round and three more to go.

May sat down and drew a card. ‘Personally strip a player of something they are wearing.’ She smiled and looked at the only two other dressed players. “Well, Christina, since you got Aggie naked it’s only fair that you join her.” May stood up and walked over to the Olive skinned girl. Once Christina stood up, May dropped to her knees and buried her face in Christina’s crotch.

The audience laughed, there were some wolf whistles as May slowly lowered Christina’s French cut panties down her legs using only her mouth. Once the Latina was naked, May stood, keeping the panties in her mouth and shook her head like a dog with a chew toy. There were a lot of appreciative noises from the audience. May drooped the panties in Christina’s lap and sauntered back to her seat.

Hannah spoke up before Aggie could get her card. “Once again, we have reached the last card of the round.”

Aggie sighed and took out her card. She held it to her chest, both covering her small perky breasts and working up the courage to read it. She held the card out, reading slowly and clearly, “Roll the die and fondle that person lustfully for thirty seconds.”

The room grew very quiet as everyone realized that the game had reached another milestone. Hannah handed Aggie the die, she shook it hard and threw it down. The die bounced and spun across the stage, stopping against the back wall. Hannah walked over, looked down, smiled, and picked up the die.

Someone who was getting impatient called out, “What’s the number?”

Hannah looked at Aggie and said just loud enough for everyone to hear “It was a six, you need to roll again.”

Aggie took the die and tossed it again. This time it stopped in the middle of the players. Everyone laughed when they saw it was six. Hannah picked it up and handed it to Aggie again. “Third times the charm,” Aggie said as she rolled again.

This time it landed at Vee’s feet who looked down and told everyone, “Three.”

The crowd went wild remembering the last time Aggie and Christina had to kiss. Christina smiled broadly as she launched herself from her seat and practically ran over to Aggie as they locked their lips together falling to the floor. This time nothing was off-limits, as they sucked on breasts, rubbing clits, exploring each other’s bodies unashamedly. All too soon Hannah called time and it took Vee, Hannah, and Shay to separate the lust-crazed women. Once Hannah had her players under control, she announced the ten-minute break.
(·Y·) (·Y·) (·Y·)


Round 5

Everyone was back in their seats several minutes before the break was officially over. The round started almost immediately with Erin reading, “Roll the die. That player may personally strip you of something you are wearing. If you are already naked, You may strip one item from the player of your choice. Well, I’m not naked, so where’s the die?”

Hannah handed the die to Erin, who just dropped it down and it landed on six. Aggie jumped up and ran over to Erin. She made Erin stand up and face the audience. Aggie moved behind her nemesis and started to mess with her bra strap, ‘accidentally’ letting it snap onto her back.

“You bitch!” she hissed at Aggie. “I’ll get you back for that.” Aggie roughly pulled off her bra, without unfastening it, making Erin grimace in pain. There were giggles at Erin’s discomfort and no one reprimanded Aggie for what she did. Aggie strolled back to her seat with Erin’s bra still in her hand. Before Erin could demand it back Aggie stretched it out and flung it into the audience to the cheers of the crowd. The players could just make out someone waving it in victory.

Erin said nothing while sitting down, but she glared at Aggie, plotting her revenge. Hannah was smirking from the enjoyment of watching Aggie get revenge on the bully. She held out the tureen to Shay. Shay, without looking, pulled a card. She read it out loud, “Pick a topless player and massage their breasts for thirty seconds. Don’t forget to put an ice cube in each hand.” There were more than a few gasps of delight in response.

Shay looked at her fellow players, pouting when she saw that the person she wanted to use, May, was still wearing a bra. So she looked at the other players and without telling anyone, she took the ice bucket that Hannah was holding and walked over to Vee. Taking two handfuls of ice, she pressed them against Vee’s nipples. “Fuck! Ice is fucking cold!” Vee exclaimed, to the amusement of the audience. Shay rubbed the ice all over the Goth girl’s ample breasts until Hannah called, “time.” When Shay pulled her hands away, Vee’s tits looked like a sheet of Braille due to all the goosebumps she had. Her nipples were sticking out over an inch.

“I’ll warm you up, baby,” a male voice shouted, eliciting laughter from everyone.

Shay sat down, curling her legs under her and put her hands underneath her to warm them up. “Holy shit, she’s rubbing her cunt,” some guy yelled.

A female voice responded, “Shithead, her hands are cold, she’s using her body heat to get warm.”

“That is one hot body,” another guy tossed in. Hannah cleared her throat, glaring at the audience who were interrupting the game.

Once the unruly observers had settled down, Christina took out her next challenge. “Damn, does anyone shuffle these cards? I got the same thing as Shay. Since Shay has cold hands, let’s give her cold tits as well.”

Christina took the Ice Hannah was holding and walked over to Shay, who was pouting playfully at Christina. Shay threw out her small breasts and Christina started flicking her nipples with the edges of the ice cubes. Everyone could hear Shay gasp when the ice made contact with her warm flesh. Her nipples quickly hardened with the stimulation. Shay started to shiver, not just from the cold, as Christina drew lines of melting ice all over Shay’s breasts. “Time,” Hannah called. Christina dropped the ice into an empty glass and sat down, rubbing her hands together to warm them.

Vee grabbed for a card and read it silently, then she looked up at Hannah in shock. Hannah silently prompted her to read the card. Vee shrugged, “I guess there is an advantage to being naked in this game,” she announced. “Place an ice cube in your panties and leave it there until you complete your next turn. If it melts, replace it. If you do not have panties on, then you must masturbate for thirty seconds.”

Aggie’s eyes shot open when she heard this dare. She was amazed, she had been sitting in front of dozens of strangers naked, for almost an hour and now she might have to masturbate too. There was no way she could bring herself to do anything like that. She was about to tell Hannah she was out, but her eyes met Christina and drew strength from her new friend and decided to stay. There was an unspoken agreement that they would support each other until the end, no matter how embarrassing the dares get. Aggie glanced at Erin who was smirking at her. Aggie knew Erin was thinking that the shy timid girl would back out, but this wasn’t the old Aggie, with Christina’s support, there was nothing short of a gang bang that would make her leave.

Aggie turned her attention back to Vee who had two fingers in her pussy and was violently thrusting them in and out. Meanwhile, her thumb was rubbing her clit and the other hand was crushing her tits and pushing them up so she could lick and suck on her nipples. The players gazed upon this spectacle with awe and lust while the audience cheered her on.

“Time,” came Hannah’s voice, despite the protests from the observers.

Vee reluctantly withdrew her fingers, licking her sweet nectar from them. Her face was flush and she was breathing heavily. “Damn, that was getting good,” she voiced, as she sat back and chugged her drink.

May drew a card, read it, and said, “Vee you look a bit hot, time to cool those titties down with some ice.” There was laughter as Hannah handed May some ice. Instead of taking just two cubes, May took the ice bucket and headed toward Vee. May looked at Vee’s plentiful pair, lifting one at a time and putting an ice cube under each one. May then took a handful of ice in each hand and shoved the icebergs in her hands into Vee’s rack.

“Now I know why they’re called chesticles,” Vee said as she started to get goosebumps all over her body. May continued to rub the ice into the Goth’s globes. As the Ice melted, May started to lick the rivulets of water as they ran down Vee’s flesh sending shivers deep into both their bodies.

“Time,” called Hannah. May took her hands away and those closest to Vee could see that her flesh had started to turn bright red, Vee rubbing her breasts to warm them as May sat down looking towards Aggie.

Aggie gave Erin an evil look with a smug smile knowing she was going to get to rub ice on Erin. She drew her card and read, “Remove one item of clothing. If you are already naked, then roll the die and that player will give you a light spanking of three swats.”

Aggie’s face blanched and she felt more nauseous than she ever had in her life. Her parents had never used any physical punishments on her, ever. Lars had asked once or twice about spanking her and she had adamantly refused. Now someone who was practically a stranger was going to spank her in front of a large group of strangers. She wanted to run and hide. This was worse than her encounter with the bimbo squad. She looked at Christina who looked at her reassuringly. Keeping her eyes locked on Christina, Aggie took the die from Hannah and dropped it to the floor.

“Please not Erin, I can do this as long as it’s not Erin,” Aggie mumbled. She jumped out of her seat when she heard Hannah announce, “three.” Aggie got on all fours with her ass pointing toward the crowd. Christina knelt behind her and started to caress Aggie’s cheeks.

“Spank her slutty ass,” a male voice called out.

“Shut up or GTFO,” one of the ladies in the audience retorted as she was cheered by the rest.

Christina shifted her position and raised her hand and lightly swatted Aggie on the ass. Aggie, not knowing what to expect, jumped when the hand landed on her virgin ass cheek. A second swat followed on the other cheek. Aggie was happy that Christina was being gentle. Christina paused making Aggie sweat the third one and swung her arm as hard as she could making firm contact on both cheeks at the same time.

“FUUCCCKKKK,” Aggie yelled as the pain spread from her abused rump to the rest of her body. Christina left her hand in place and her fingers found Aggie’s wet slit and slipped in. Aggie almost collapsed from the combination of pleasure and pain. Christina pulled her hand away before anyone saw her hand probing Aggie’s depths. Christina returned to her seat and turned away from the audience to discreetly suck Aggie’s essence off her fingers.

Aggie took the time to recover and tentatively stood up and walked to her seat. She cautiously lowered herself and sat down trying not to put pressure on her sore buttocks.

“We apologize to player six for the rudeness of a single member of the audience. The person in question has been removed and we wish to remind our guests to be respectful towards the ladies on stage.” Aggie nodded her acceptance of the apology.

Hannah walked over to Erin, who pulled a card, “More fucking ice on tits,” she whined. She thought about choosing Aggie but decided that it would piss Aggie off more if she got to feel up Christina after getting a spanking from her.

Erin took the cubes and walked over to the slim Latina. She took several ice cubes in each hand and tried to make crushed ice with Christina’s breasts. Christina was in pain from the cold and pressure but refused to let it show, not giving Erin the satisfaction.

Just as Christina couldn’t take it anymore and was about to scream in pain, Hannah called time. Aggie thought that Hannah called time too soon. Confirming Aggie’s suspicion, Erin glared at the hostess. Hannah said, “Go sit down before I kick your ass all over this room.”

Erin sat down and was about to say something when Shay spoke up, “Erin, you’ve been a bitch all night. Chill out or get the fuck out.”

Erin glared at everyone in the room and when she saw she had no support she slumped back in her chair. The anger emanating off her was palpable. Aggie could see the heat of her anger rising from her body.

Shay took a card and read, “Make out heavily with player four for thirty seconds.”

Vee smiled at Shay and they began to kiss each other. Tongues went into mouths and hands found breasts. Nipples were pinched and tugged, asses were squeezed. Vee was about to slip a finger into Shay when the dreaded call of, “Time,” came. The girls separated and sat down looking at each other with lust in their eyes.

Christina read her card, “If you still have clothes take something off. If you are naked masturbate for thirty seconds.” There was scattered applause and Christina lay back and began to lightly rub and caress herself. Her eyes were open, staring deeply into Aggie’s eyes who was watching her without blinking. Christina played with her breasts and slid her hands down her body and found her love nub. She started to rub it. As time went on she rubbed it harder and faster, her breathing grew rapid and her eyes lost focus as she was getting close to orgasm. Aggie was transfixed, the only part of her body that was moving was her tongue licking her lips imagining that she was licking up the flow of cream oozing from Christina.

“Time,” was called, followed by several boo’s, mostly, but not entirely male.

Christina lay there trying to recover from her near orgasm, while Vee pulled her card. “Ohh, I get to spank somebody now. I just need the die to find out who.”

Aggie was still engrossed in Christina’s body when to her shock Hannah call, “six”

“WAIT! WHAT? I get spanked again? Fuck.” Aggie got in the familiar position and waited for Vee to start. Vee put one hand on Aggie’s ass and then licked her other palm and smacked the petite girl with all her might. The force of the blow knocked Aggie to the floor. “OWWWWW FFFFUUUUCCCCCKKKKKK,” Aggie bellowed.

Hannah quickly stepped between the two girls. “Light spanking,” she reminded Vee.

“Sorry, Aggie, I got carried away. I usually spank my playthings hard,” before anyone could respond. Vee delivered the last two spanks firmly but not hard, but since Aggie was already sore each swat was worse than the first.

Vee returned to her seat and Aggie was helped up by Christina and Hannah. Before she sat down, Christina hugged her new friend and whispered for a few seconds.

Aggie smiled at Christina and sat down. Christina returned to her seat. May drew her card and looked at Erin, “Well, now, Erin, looks like we both have just one thing left,” and she pulled her bra over her head, letting her breasts free. Cries of “Arigato” and “Konichiwa” came from several of the males watching the game.

Aggie drew her card and thanked her lucky stars she wasn’t getting spanked. She thought about making Erin suffer, but decided to get back at Vee back for the spanking. “I get to ice down someone,” she told the players. “I think I’ll ice down Vee.”

When Hannah walked over, Aggie whispered in her ear, Hannah smiled and nodded. “Vee lay down on the floor please.” Vee hesitated for a moment, Hannah signaled her to lay down. Vee shrugged and lay on the floor, her head toward the audience. Aggie took the bucket of ice from Hannah and walked over to Vee, “This is for that spanking you gave me earlier,” and upended the bucket onto Vee’s chest.

“OHHH FUCK ME THAT”S COLD,” Vee yelled. Everyone laughed and Aggie got down on her knees and picked up the ice that was on the floor, and began putting it back onto Vee’s body. Vee’s whole torso was covered in ice. She was laying there shivering while Aggie kept picking up the ice that fell off her and put it back on her.

Time was called and Vee jumped up. Aggie looked at her and offered her a hug, “No hard feelings?”

Vee looked at her angrily for a second, then smiled and accepted the hug. She said, “No hard feelings, but I will get you back.” The spectators cheered at the good-natured interchange.

Erin, still sulking, watched them, then snatched a card from the tureen. “Roll the die and give that player a sexy lap dance for thirty seconds.” Erin rolled and saw it came up five. She went to May, sat on her leg, and rubbed her pussy up and down the leg. There was nothing sexy about the emotions at all. No jiggling, no shaking, nothing at all to arouse anyone watching. As soon as Hannah opened her mouth to call time, Erin went back to her seat and threw herself into it. At this point, the crowd, by silent mutual agreement, had decided to ignore Erin and her bad attitude.

Shay took her card and read it. She looked at Christina, “Hey, sexy chica, you and I get to make out.”

Christina made a come here gesture. Shay walked over and climbed into Christina’s bean bag chair. They began to kiss and feel each other’s breasts. Compared to some of the earlier make-out sessions, this was pretty tame. When Time was called, Christina pulled her card as Shay returned to her seat.

“I’m giving a lap dance to…” and she tossed the die, “…Shay,” she laughed. She climbed onto Shay’s lap and shoved her tiny twins into Shay’s face. Shay did a motorboat and Christina turned around, offering her ass cheeks. Shay motorboated them too. Christina then bent over and began to twerk, shoving her pussy into Shay’s face. When Hannah called time, Christina took a bow, thanking the crowd for their cheering. She said to Erin, “That’s a sexy lap dance, sweetie,” eliciting laughter from everyone.

Vee gave Christina a high five as she returned to her seat. Then she pulled a card and read, “Roll the die. Give that player a spanking for ten seconds.” She shook the die and looked at Erin, hoping she would be able to properly spank the whiny cunt before the game ended.

The die stopped and Hannah called out, “six.”

“Can’t anyone else get a fucking spanking,” Aggie said, wincing as she assumed the now-familiar position, rubbing her tender ass.

There was laughter as Vee got behind her and started lightly slapping her reddened cheeks. The audience counted out each blow as it landed. Aggie realized that even though each blow wasn’t too painful, each one was striking her right in the same spot, so the cumulative effect was unbearable. She started to wiggle around, trying to make Vee miss her mark, but Vee was too skillful and hit her mark every time. Vee was able to land twenty-one blows before Hannah called time.

Vee stood up, Aggie holding back tears from the pain radiating from her damaged derriere. Finally able to lightly sit in her chair, she looked over at Vee, “I’ll get you back for that,” she told her tormentor.

Vee smiled and replied, “Bring it, you waif.”

The girls giggled and May pulled her card. “Shit, she said. I gotta put ice in my panties until I finish my next turn.” Hannah put the ice bucket down next to her and Aggie pulled her card.

“The last card for the Round,” Hannah told everyone.

“Does that mean I have to keep the ice in my panties during the break?” May asked.

“Yes, it does,” Hannah told the slight Japanese girl, smiling in apology.

“Fuck me,” May said.

“SWEETT!” Aggie cried. “Time for revenge Vee. I get to pick a player and write something dirty anywhere on their body. Too bad it specifies a washable marker, otherwise I would use a sharpie.”

Vee raised her eyebrows at the statement and saw Hannah hand Aggie a large blue marker. Aggie walked over to Vee and pushed her legs apart and wrote:

‘Space for rent, cheap, well used, cum on in, and drew an arrow pointing to Vee’s pussy.’ There was laughter, Aggie looked at Vee and blew her a kiss. Vee nodded in approval and tossed Aggie a salute.
(·Y·) (·Y·) (·Y·)


Round 6

The break lasted only long enough for the players to refresh their drinks and relieve their bladders. Everyone was getting worked up and wanted to get the relief their bodies were demanding. When May returned to the stage, she dropped a second ice cube into her panties. The melted ice from the first one had soaked the material of her panties, so they had become translucent.

Erin pulled her card and read, “You may make any nude player give any other nude player oral sex for thirty seconds, but you must give the same player oral sex for thirty seconds.” Erin thought about it and threw the card at Hannah saying, “I ain’t giving any of these bitches head!”

The audience continued to ignore her and Shay took her card. “I get to masturbate for thirty seconds.” She instantly started rubbing her clit hard and fast while her other hand played with her nipples. She rubbed her distended clit furiously, trying to reach a climax, but Hannah called time way too soon for her, leaving her even hornier and more frustrated.

Christina read her challenge smiling, “hand hands everywhere. Lay down on your stomach and all players will pleasure you with their hands for thirty seconds. Then roll over onto your back and let them continue on your front for another thirty seconds.”

Christina lay down and everyone but Erin went over to her. Hannah signaled the players to wait and went over to Erin. No one could hear the conversation, but they all knew that Erin was refusing to participate. Hannah said something that made Erin look at her in shock before she reluctantly joined the other players.

“Begin,” Hannah told them.

Aggie started massaging Christina’s shoulders, Vee was rubbing her ass cheeks and probing the dark opening, May was massaging the right leg and Shay had the left. Erin started to poke Christina in the arm. Christina was very aroused and relaxed having four people massage her and was able to easily ignore Erin.

“Turn,” Hannah called, and Christina did. Erin continued with her poking, Aggie started to suck on Christina’s breasts, Vee was caressing her at the waist and on the mons, Shay and May started massaging her feet. When time was called, the players returned to their seats.

Vee read her card and picked Christina to masturbate for thirty seconds. Christina was very close to orgasm, but she didn’t want to cum yet, so she rubbed the outside of her labia and avoided her sensitive nipples.

May’s turn came and she nodded her head in approval, “I get to pick two nude players and have them 69 for thirty seconds. I think that since Aggie and Vee have been teasing each other, they need to be together.”

Vee walked over to Aggie who was practically catatonic. Suddenly she was Agatha again. She had abso-fucking-lutely no desire to do anything oral with anyone. She was shocked to realize how long she had been strutting around naked in front of God knows how many strangers. She wanted to run back to her dorm room, lock the door, and cry herself to sleep.

Vee sensed a change come over the elfin girl. She looked at her and saw that she was a completely different person. She wondered if Agatha was suffering from some kind of mental disorder. Agatha didn’t resist when Vee pulled her out of her seat, but she was otherwise completely unresponsive. Vee laid Agatha down on the floor and spread her legs. Vee climbed on top of her and started to gently probe Agatha’s moist pussy with her tongue.

When Agatha felt the tongue enter her she sat up and was about to scream, but her momentum caused her mouth to land on Vee’s pussy. Before she could pull away some of Vee’s cream ran into her mouth and she was pleasantly surprised by the sweet, tangy flavor. She was still somewhat disgusted and about to pull away when she noticed Erin watching her intently. Agatha refused to let another bully win, so she didn’t pull her mouth away. She took a few licks of Vee’s nectar and began to rub her clit as she probed her with her tongue. She could feel Christina’s eyes boring into her, giving Agatha the wherewithal to continue.

Still feeling uncomfortable with the situation, Agatha forced herself to swipe her tongue across Vee’s womanhood. Vee moaned, sucked Agatha’s clit into her mouth, pressed her tongue against it, and started to hum. Agatha’s body shuddered as she continued to lick the outside of Vee’s pussy. Vee thrust her hips back at Agatha, trying desperately to get penetration. Vee continued humming on Agatha’s pussy and shoved a finger in her tight, practically virginal pussy. Agatha moaned in pleasure and without thinking about it she pushed her tongue inside Vee. Vee shuddered in pleasure, having a mini orgasm.

Time was called and Vee rolled off Agatha. She spun herself around and French kissed Agatha. Still lost in the pleasure of having her first hummer, Agatha returned the kiss without thinking about it and wondering why there were two similar but different tastes in her mouth. Suddenly Agatha’s eyes shot open and saw the purple-haired girl she was kissing. ‘She’d just had her tongue in my pussy and now it’s in my mouth,’ Agatha thought as she tried to take control of her limbs. Vee slipped a finger into her pussy and that finger was all it took to exercise Agatha for good.

Vee saw the girl she had gotten to know was back and wrote the change off to the amount of alcohol they had all been consuming to get through the game they were playing.

As Aggie and Vee returned to their seats, May shouted, “Finally!” and took out the sliver of ice from her panties and tossed it into an empty glass. Laughter filled the room as she unconsciously rubbed her pussy to warm it up.

Aggie sat down and pulled a card, “Finally, I don’t get a spanking,” she said. “If you are naked roll the die. That player will act as a photographer and pose you for a pictorial in an adult magazine. Five poses at a minimum. If you are not naked, remove one item of clothing.”

Aggie rolled the die and up came the dreaded number one.”

“YES,” cried Erin smiling for the first time in the last two rounds.

“GOD DAMNIT,” was Aggie’s reaction.

Erin had Aggie sit on the edge of the stage and spread her legs wide holding her pussy lips open as wide as possible. When Aggie was in position Erin told her to pull her lips further apart. Aggie winced as she reached the limits of her elasticity.

Erin made her hold that pose for almost a minute. Then Aggie was instructed to lay on her side one arm under her head, the other hand cupping a breast, offering it to the viewer, and her top leg was pulled up so her foot rested on her knee, still exposing her most intimate parts.

After Erin tired of this pose, she made Aggie lay flat on her back and roll her legs and ass up so her knees were on either side of her head and she had to reach around them and spread her ass cheeks exposing her asshole to the prying eyes of the crowd.

Aggie was ashamed of how exposed she felt, but she was looking at Christina and drawing strength from her. Erin then had Aggie lay flat on her back, and stick her legs straight up in the air, framing her pussy between them.

Erin had her hold this one for a long time, she watched as Aggie’s legs began to shake from the strain. Once Aggie could no longer hold the pose, Erin gave her an evilly sweet smile and had Aggie sit down and spread her legs as wide as possible, planting her feet flat on the floor. Her hands were behind her head and her chest was thrust out emphasizing her tiny twins. Erin sat down, Aggie was grateful that Erin hadn’t thought to make her finger herself.

Erin pulled her card and read it. She didn’t say anything, just stood up and pulled her panties down revealing a completely shaved mons and fluffy pussy lips. For the first time, there was no comment when a player exposed her body to the crowd. Erin sat down pissed that no one commented on her now nude body.

Shay chose her card and told the crowd, “I get to suck on some nipples for thirty seconds, I just need the die to see who gets sucked.”

Hannah handed her the die and she rolled it. It landed on six, so Shay walked over to Aggie knelt and sucked Aggie’s left nipple into her mouth. Shay just sucked on it pulling it deeper and deeper into her mouth. When time was finally called, the whole breast was bright red and glistening with saliva.

Shay sat down, Christina looked at Vee and read her card, “Make two nude players 69. Who should I pick? How about Erin and Vee.” Erin glared, Christina and Vee smiled knowing that no one would stop her if she got rough with the annoying bitch.

Erin lay down and Vee climbed on top of the sullen redhead. Vee found her tiny clit and bit down on it hard making Erin jump. When Erin tried to complain Vee pushed her ample rear into Erin’s face so she couldn’t speak. When Erin tried to pull away, Vee kept her ass pressed against her face, not letting the girl complain as Vee forced two, then three, then four, finally five fingers into her. Erin was screaming into Vee’s pussy demanding someone stop the assault on her. Hannah was watching as Vee abused the surly bitch. She had gotten on everyone’s last nerve, so Hannah made no move to stop Vee as Vee triumphantly announced, “I’m fisting her.”

Without taking her fist out of the girl or her ass off Erin’s face, she turned her around so the crowd could see she had almost half her arm inside Erin. There was a lot of laughing and cheering while the crowd watched Vee fist in Erin’s pussy.

Hannah waited over three minutes, making sure Erin was well and truly fucked, and then called time. Vee jerked her arm out of the redhead using a cleansing cloth to clean her arm. Before Erin could complain about anything, Hannah gave her a warning look and she slinked back to her seat.

“Vee finished cleaning her arm, then read, “Let’s see, someone gets oral sex for one minute from me and someone else.” She looked meaningfully at Erin who looked away, not wanting to be anywhere near the abusive freak.

Vee smiled at Erin’s reaction, ” I think I’ll pass on this one,” she told the crowd.

May pulled her card and cried “No fucking way would I do that, so I guess I’m naked now.” She stood up and pulled her soaking wet translucent panties off her body, “At least, now I can warm up a bit she said tossing her panties on top of her other clothes.

Aggie pulled her card and stood up. Looking at the other players she said, “My turn for hands everywhere,” and she laid down. Erin again refused to participate and Hannah went to talk to her.

Aggie called out to Hannah, “Fuck her, let her sit there.” Hannah shrugged and gestured for the group to start. Christina whispered to each girl who nodded in agreement. When they were told to start, four mouths descended onto Aggie’s bare skin and began to lick and nibble her all over. Aggie began to squirm in pleasure as the other naked girls covered every inch of her skin with love bites.

When she turned over Vee took one breast, Shay took the other, Christina started licking her pussy and May began to kiss her. Aggie felt her orgasm building with the expert attention of four sexy nude women. She was ready to climax and just before she got to the point of no return, time was called. All the players pulled away instantly knowing Aggie was on the edge of exploding.

As the active players returned to their seats, Aggie took deep breaths to try and control herself before standing and shakily walking over to her seat, falling into it.

Hannah offered the tureen to Erin and she drew a card. “Suck nipples for thirty seconds,” Erin read and looked at the other players. She sighed, stood up, and dropped to her knees in front of Shay. Erin took one of Shay’s nipples in her mouth and didn’t move until time was called.

Shay took her card and shifted to a more reclined position. She reached for her pussy and began to rub a finger through her slit saying, “Masturbate for thirty seconds.” Shay slipped two fingers into her pussy. Her back arched and her eyes fluttered closed as she slid her fingers deeper into herself. Shay was floating away on a cloud of pleasure when she heard Hannah call time.

Christina read, “If you have clothes… Well, that doesn’t apply. Roll the die, if that player is naked, which we all are, give them oral sex for thirty seconds.” Christina took the proffered die and rolled it. The die bounced and skittered across the stage, and ended up on six.

Christina jumped up, ran over to Aggie, dropped to her knees, and pushed Aggie’s legs apart. Christina started kissing her way up Aggie’s smooth toned thighs working her way up to the tantalizing juicy center. Aggie threw her head back and gasped every time Christina’s lips touched her sensitive skin.

Christina paused and inhaled Aggie’s intoxicating scent. She licked her lips, leaned forward and planted a kiss right on her clit. Aggie shot up in her seat and grabbed Christina’s head, forcing it into her. Christina licked Aggie’s labia several times and was just about to thrust her tongue into Aggie when time was called.

Vee selected a card and looked at Aggie saying, “I get to write on someone now. Die please.” She shook the die and rolled it gently. It bounced once then landed with the number one up.

Vee grabbed a marker and wrote in large letters on Erin’s stomach,

‘I am a sullen bitch who needs to be ass raped by the biggest dicks in town.’

Everyone started laughing hysterically. Erin clenched her fists and silently fumed, hoping for a chance to get back at the freak of nature who kept humiliating her.

May pulled a card that allowed her to skip her turn and once again Aggie was stopped before she could pull a card.

“The last card of the round,” Hannah announced.

Aggie drew her card and laughed. “First, I was being spanked, now I’m a fucking doll for people to pose.” She held her hand out for the die and rolled. The die bounced off the stage and no one could find it. Hannah went backstage and got another one. Aggie rolled again, this time it came up four.

Vee told Aggie to stand on her tiptoes facing away from the audience, legs shoulder-width apart and to spread her ass cheeks. Once Aggie was in a satisfactory position Vee made a clicking sound like she took a picture, then told Aggie to get in a reverse doggy position. Aggie looked at her in confusion.

“Get on all fours, facing up like a crab walk from gym class. Keep your legs spread too.” Aggie got in the position and when Vee was happy, she made a clicking sound.

“Now I want you to lay back and stretch your legs as wide as possible. Aggie did so and her outer lips separated, letting those in the front rows see the inside of her pussy. Another clicking sound, letting Aggie know a new position was coming.

“Now sit with your right side to the audience. Your right leg sticking straight out and your left leg bent and crossed over your right. Now lean back a bit resting on your hands, and arch your back. CLICK”

“Now facing the same way, get up on your tiptoes, and squat down with your chin resting on your knees. Let your arms hang down, so nothing is exposed. Look toward the audience, and tilt your head slightly,” Aggie complied.

Vee smiled at the sexy pose and wished she had a camera for real, “click “she said and returned to her seat.

“And that brings us to break,” Hannah announced.
(·Y·) (·Y·) (·Y·)


Round 7

This break lasted longer than the others when the players tried to go to the stage, Hannah told them, “There’s a slight delay while we take care of something.” After almost twenty minutes, everyone was let back into the auditorium.

The players noticed that there were only five seats left and Erin’s stuff was missing.

The disembodied voice announced, “Player one was informed that she would not be allowed to complete the initiation for The Sisterhood of the seven, due to her attitude and failure to follow the established rules. She escorted out and will not return. All remaining players are offered apologies. Hannah, please continue the game.”

Hannah nodded and went to Shay, who drew her card and read, “If you are not fully naked, this dare is optional. Pick one or more players to give you oral sex until you are satisfied. Oh finally!” Shay exclaimed. “I won’t be greedy, I want May.”

May stood up and walked over to Shay who was laying on the stage. May crawled between her legs and buried her face in Shay’s steaming sex. May thrust her tongue into the dripping orifice and coated one of her fingers in the excess cream she was unable to swallow. May then shoved that finger into Shay’s ass, causing Shay to moan in pleasure. May started to ass fuck Shay while licking the insides of her pussy. Shay was gasping and groaning in pleasure when May took her other hand and pressed two fingers into her pussy as she continued to lick it as fast as she could.

“Yes, oh fuck yes, May, lick my cunt and drink my cum,” Shay cried out. Her body stiffened and she started wailing and thrashing. May continued to drive her fingers into Shay as her body thrashed in orgasm. Shay, lost in orgasmic bliss, tried to push May away. May sat back and smiled, her face covered in Shay’s cum.

Christina drew next, “I see a pattern here. I got the same thing. I want Aggie, God do I want Aggie.”

Aggie knelt between Christina’s legs and tentatively started licking her lips. Her hand reached up and started feeling her firm breasts. Christina wrapped her long legs around Aggie’s head and pulled her in deeper. Christina’s breathing grew faster and faster as Aggie got a little more aggressive and began to probe her snatch with her tongue. Aggie’s tongue found Christina’s clit and began to flick it. Christina shuddered, closing her eyes and suddenly, the room was filled with a stream of Spanish as Christina reached the pinnacle of pleasure. Aggie laid her head down on Christina’s leg and stayed there, needing the physical contact of her friend turned lover.

Vee looked at the naked girls and said, “I can’t decide who to choose, so I want May to eat me, Aggie and Christina to suck on my tits, and Shay to kiss me.” As the players got into position, Vee reminded them, “I like it rough, so have at it.”

All the players shared a glance and as one they leaned down and bit Vee hard on various body parts. “HOLY SHIT! YESSSSSSSSSSS!” she exclaimed and began to kiss Shay. Aggie and Christina pulled her tits out as far as they would go and began to pinch them while May was forcing her fist into Vee.

Vee was in heaven enjoying the sensations from her body getting ever closer to the orgasm she had been denied all night. Her thighs clamped on May’s head and her hands found two pussies. She had no idea whose, but she stuck a finger in each and started to finger those two girls.

Vee felt her orgasm building and she tried to hold it back as long as she could. She violently arched her whole body so that only her head and feet were touching the ground. May lost contact with Vee’s vag, the cool air hitting her hot pussy pushed her over the edge. Vee’s hips began to thrust and she cried out as her cream began to spay out of her with so much force it hit Hannah in the chest. Vee had no idea how long her orgasm lasted, but she was completely and totally satisfied like never before. She grabbed May and kissed her hard while the others retook their seats.

May kept Vee right where she was begging, “Please pleasure me, and don’t be gentle. I always wanted someone to be rough with me.”

Vee smiled at her new friend and started to roughly finger fuck the tiny oriental, while she pinched and squeezed and twisted various body parts. May was in seventh heaven, getting one of her salacious desires fulfilled. She was being used and abused in front of a group of strangers. She was thrilled at the way Vee was treating her. The combination of pleasure and pain had her cumming in no time. Vee picked up May and carried her to her seat. Vee sat down holding May and gently rubbing her back and kissing her.

Aggie looked around the room and realized it was her turn. She looked up at Christina and no words were spoken. They kissed each other, Aggie lay down on the floor and spread her legs for Christina. Christina slid her hands under Aggie’s ass and pulled her up and she thrust her tongue into Aggie’s waiting crease.

“Lick my pussy, baby. Eat me long and hard. Make me cum. Lick my dripping pussy, suck up all my juices, drink me dry, you sexy bitch.” Aggie was amazed to hear herself talk like this. She had never known how good sex could be. She now knew why Lars had kept wanting her to suck his dick. Aggie lost all control of her body and started screaming gibberish as her first real orgasm took control of her, turning her into a pile of jello. Christina stopped when Aggie quieted down.

The audience erupted in applause, cheers, and catcalls as Hannah led the players off the stage. A few other girls went and got the boxes filled with clothes for them.

“Great game, ladies,” Hannah told them. “One of the best I’ve seen. If you want, we have rooms made up for you to sleep in, or you can go home and be back here around 8 am for breakfast.”

The girls were too tired to make the drive and they all decided to stay. “We don’t have enough rooms so you’ll have to pair up. Shay, if you don’t mind you can stay in my room, Aggie and Christina can share one room, and Vee and May can take the other.”

They all agreed to these arrangements and followed Hannah out of the auditorium, still naked, to the bedrooms.

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