With temperatures hitting high this week, the UK is absolutely roasting this May bank holiday weekend.

And as it’s going to be so sweltering outside, you feel the need to cool things down.

As we’re all sweltering at the moment, Daily Star Online asked Ann Summers to spill the beans on sex positions that are great to do on hot days.

If you and your partner love to get down and dirty with some oral pleasure, here’s how to really mix it up.

Ice can make a great addition to foreplay and sex if you use it the right way.

So how can it become the greatest thing during oral?

Couple in bed together
Oral sex is all about different sensations

Simply pop an ice cube in your mouth before going down on your partner and it’ll provide them with extra sensation.

Follow it up with some cooling lube during penetrative sex to keep things really going.

And if all goes well, this kinky sex tip of the week will be sure to blow their minds this bank holiday weekend.

Ann Summers suggests using the Cool Tingle Lube to help keep those sensations going throughout sex.

Laura Whittaker, senior manager at Ann Summers, told Daily Star Online: “This weekend is shaping up to be a hot one.

“So we’ve got the perfect tip to cool you off. Oral sex is about different sensations.

“Hot and cold sensations are great to surprise your partner with a totally different feeling, and this weather is an excuse to cool down.

“Simply pop an ice cube in your mouth before getting started and give your partner a nice, cool surprise.”

She continued: “To take it to another level, a lube like Cool Tingle Lube can help keep those sensations going.

“It’ll leave you feeling nice, nice baby!”

Are you looking for more tips to make oral pleasure better?

To really get into things, edible licks and lube can make oral extra exciting while providing a sweet treat for your partner.

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