Learn how to stop the arguments before they escalate.

Conflict-resolution strategies for relationships are now important more than ever.

In January 2020, when you were making your New Year’s resolutions about your life and relationship, you probably never thought that you would be stuck inside with your partner for a couple of months and be ready to call it quits.

Stay-at-home orders changed your life and might have thrown your relationship into a tailspin.

You enjoyed being together. But being unable to take a break from each other has tested your relationship, and you’re not sure if it will endure. Conflict resolution is no longer as simple as before.

In fact, we feel further apart than ever before.

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While in quarantine, some couples spent most of their time at home watching Netflix and playing games on their phone. Other couples shouted and yelled from morning until night.

And others stayed in separate rooms or different parts of the house, hoping they would never bump into each other until it was time for bed.

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