Let’s break this one all the way down …

“I just need some space. A little time to clear my head.”

In the best case scenario, if your boyfriend says those words, he’s truly just trying to communicate a simple need he has for some alone time.

Or … he might be trying to get out of your relationship as easily and painlessly (for himself) as possible.

Either way, your guy probably doesn’t know he’s just shot the verbal equivalent of four tiny bullets directly into your heart.

In my experience, when a guy says he needs space, he’s usually saying he wants to end the relationship.

A request for space doesn’t usually mean, “I need to be alone so that I can be a better person — and thus a better partner to you.” Rather, it almost always means, “Look, I don’t want to be your boyfriend anymore, but I am really worried about hurting your feelings, so I’m saying this instead on the off chance that it won’t hurt you quite so much.”

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