October 1985

It was official; twenty days into my illicit relationship with my mom I had become a sex addict. All I could think about was fucking. In trigonometry thoughts of my mom sucking my cock filled my head instead of theorems. In English class I couldn’t concentrate on the meaning of a “Tale of Two Cities” when all I could think about was when I could bury my head between my mom’s legs and taste her juices. It got so bad I resorted to jerking off in the bathroom two to three times a day. My greatest fear was that someone would catch me jacking it.

While I played soccer I was not popular. For some reason social stigmas from middle school carried over into high school. Back then I had a stutter, bad haircut, and was socially awkward. By the time I reached high school my stutter was pretty much gone; I got a good haircut, and came out of my shell. However, my classmates and teammates still saw me as a middle school dweeb instead of the new and improved high school me. And if any of them ever caught me jerking off in the bathroom I felt I would become even more of a pariah than I already was.

I was taking a chance stroking it in the men’s room, but if I didn’t school would be pure torture. In my family there was nothing more important than grades. In the past if I didn’t do my homework or did bad on an exam I would lose TV and video game privileges. Now that relationship between my mom and me had evolved she changed her tactics, she would withhold sex. At sixteen years old I quickly realized that pussy was the greatest motivator in the world. While I was already good at school my grades actually got better. My B+ average in trigonometry had shot up to a solid A, and in Spanish I turned my A- into an A+. At this trajectory I would be able to surpass Katie Rush in the class rankings. And doing that would make me extremely happy. You see if I didn’t jerk-off in school I wouldn’t be able to concentrate in class. And if I couldn’t concentrate in class my grades would fall and I wouldn’t be able to fuck my mom. And if I couldn’t fuck my mom I wouldn’t know what to do.

After walking out of the bathroom after one of my stroke sessions I ran into Kathy Kramer. I always thought Kathy was beautiful, but she was out of my league. She ran with a different crowd, she hung with the goth and punk rock kids. Rumor had it that she would spread her sixteen-year old legs to the bouncers at Saint Andrew’s Hall so she could get into all the non all-ages shows.

I don’t know if any of that is true. All I knew was that she was extremely beautiful. She was 5’7, weighed 125lbs, and had a petite 34B-25-34 figure. She also had beautiful blue eyes and black hair cut into a bob.

“Hey Robert,” she said.

“You know my name” I replied.

“Of course I do,” she said. “I’ve known you since 5th grade.”

“Oh yeah,” I said laughing.

“I just wanted to know if you’re ready for the test in Mr. Radshaw’s class on Friday?” she asked.

“Yes,” I replied. “I think it’s going to be a pretty easy test.”

“You actually understand all that astronomy shit?” she asked.

“Yeah,” I replied. “I love outer space and I love science.”

I couldn’t believe I just said that. That sounded so nerdy. If I could kick my own ass I would.

“Do you think you could help me?” she asked.

“Sure,” I answered. “When and where?”

“Tonight at 7,” she said. “How about your house?”

“Sure,” I said.

“Thank you so much,” she said as I gave her my address.

After she walked away I wanted to jump for joy. This was the first time a girl wanted to hangout with me in or outside of school. Sure she only wanted to come over to study, but I’ll take what I can get.

When I got home from practice I did what I always do, take a bath as my mom washed me. As her hand slowly moved up and down my large soapy cock my mom asked, “How was school today?”

“Good,” I replied as she kissed its tip. “Kathy Kramer is coming over tonight to study.”

“Do you like her,” my mom asked she increased the tempo of her strokes.

“Yes,” I replied. “Today was the first time she’s ever talked to me.”

My mom smiled and laughed as she said, “That’s because she can sense there’s something different about you.”

As precum leaked from my cock I asked, “What do you mean?”

“Since we stated doing what we do you’ve subtly changed,” she said as she stroking even faster. “You seem more confident. And women find that attractive.”

“Girls can tell that?” I asked as my penis started to pulsate.

“Yes baby,” my mom said as my cock exploded all over her hand.

After she licked my cum off her fingers she said, “It’s like a sixth sense.”

I had no idea what my mom meant by that, but I had to take her word for it because she knew more about women than me.

“I can tell you want to fuck her,” she said.

“How do you know that?” I asked.

“Because your cock is still rock hard,” she said. “Now get out of the tub and let mommy take care of that.

After I got out of the tub my mom dried me off, as she was doing that she started fondling my cock and balls. She then got on her knees and started kissing my swollen cock before inserting it into her mouth. As her tongue licked my enlarged member I closed my eyes and started thinking about Kathy. I wondered what her cunt tasted like. I wondered if she could suck cock as good as my mom. I wondered if she was passive or aggressive when she fucked. I wondered if she wanted me as bad as I wanted her. As soon as thoughts of us fucking filled my head my cock once again exploded as I filled my mom’s mouth with my sticky seed.

 “Baby,” my mom said after she swallowed my load. “You need to get your homework done before your friend comes over.”

She then stood up and kissed me on the lips before walking out if the bathroom. I then got dressed and went down to the kitchen table to do my schoolwork and eat some dinner.

At 7:00 on the dot, Kathy arrived. My mom opened the door and did the typical mom thing and tried to embarrass me when she let Kathy in by saying, “You must be Kathy, Robert has told me so much about you.”

I could hear Kathy say, “Really what did he say?”

My mom then responded by saying, “He told me that you are the most beautiful girl in the world.”

Before my mom could say anything else I ran into the entrance hall and said, “My mom was just joking. Right, mom?”

My mom flashed a wicked smile and said, “I don’t joke about things like that,” before walking back into the kitchen.

“Your mom’s weird,” Kathy said.

“Aren’t all moms weird,” I said.

“Ain’t that true,” she said laughing. “If you came over to my house my dad would force you to play a game of 20 questions.”

“That would suck,” I said.

“Yeah, especially since my dad’s a cop,” she said laughing. “Most of the boys that come over to my house go home crying.”

“That would suck even worse,” I said.

“Yeah,” she replied. “Your house is so much bigger than mine. Want to show me around?”

When she said that I started feeling really uncomfortable. As I mentioned before my father was extremely well off, and had no problem flaunting his wealth. We lived in a 12,500-square-foot mansion. It had three floors, 8 bedrooms, 8 bathrooms, five-car garage, six fireplaces, a billiard room, state of the art kitchen, two living rooms, a game room, a family room, a playroom, and two swimming pools; one indoor and one outdoor.

My dad bought the place ten years before he knocked up my mom. He told me he bought it as a statement. And that statement was that he was rich as fuck. I’m guessing he used the home as bait to get women to do whatever he wanted. He would bring them back here, spoil them, and they would let my dad stick his cock wherever he wanted all while hoping he would put a ring on their finger and make them Mrs. Neal Schapiro.  

As I gave her the tour I wondered if I was more like my father than I realized. I wondered if I would use my family’s wealth to get what I wanted. The tour concluded at the indoor pool. As she looked around she said, “It must be so cool to be able to go swimming all year long.”

“It is,” I said. “Would you like to go swimming?”

“I came here to study,” she said smiling.

“We can study later,” I said.

“We could,” she said. “But I didn’t bring a bikini.”

I could’ve suggested that she could wear one of my mom’s, instead I simply said, “We could skinny dip.”

She looked shocked that those words came out of my mouth. After a long minute she finally said, “I never expected those words to come out of your mouth.”

“Why not?” I asked.

“At school, you seem so reserved,” she said. “I never expected you to have a wild side.”

“Well I do,” I said.

“What if your mom catches us?” she asked.

“She won’t,” I stated.

“How do you know that?” she asked.

“Dynasty’s on tonight,” I said. “Her and my sister watch that show religiously. They’ll watch last week’s episode on the VCR before they watch this weeks. Nothing can pry them away from the TV.”

“So how long does that give us?” she asked coyly.

“A little bit less than two and a half hours,” I replied.

“I’m game,” she said. “But on one condition.”

“What’s that?” I asked.

“You take off your clothes first?” she said.

“Okay,” I said.

I have to admit I was a little nervous. After all Kathy would be the first woman to see me naked, other than my mom. I quickly took off my shirt. While I wasn’t jacked like some of my teammates, I did have pretty good muscle tone and a flat stomach. I then took off my shoes and socks before unzipping my pants and sliding off my boxers. As soon as all my clothes were I could see her eyes fixated on my hard cock, which was pointing in her direction.

“Impressive,” she said as she slowly took off her Cure t-shirt. She then unclasped her white bra. Once it was off I could see her erect pink puffy nipples. She then slid off her plaid skirt and white panties. Unlike my mom, her pussy was covered with pubic hair. I was so turned on.

Instead of immediately jumping each other’s bones we just awkwardly stared at each other’s naked bodies. After what seemed like an eternity she finally asked, “So what do we do now?”

“This,” I replied right before jumping into the pool.

She jumped in right after me. For about fifteen minutes we just swam. We were both checking each other out, waiting for one of us to make the first move. I started to believe the rumors about her weren’t true. She just let us believe that they were to add to her alternative mystique.

Eventually I worked up the courage, swam over to her and kissed her on the lips. She did not resist. She put her tongue into my mouth and for several minutes they wrestled before she pulled away and said, “You’re a good kisser.”

“That’s not the only thing I’m good at,” I replied. “I can make you feel really good.”

“Show me,” she said.

I grabbed her by the hand and walked her out of the pool and into the changing room. I laid her down on the bench, spread her legs, spread her pussy and started rubbing her clit. She started pinching her nipples and moaning as I inserted a finger and continued rubbing.

“Oh God,” she screamed. “This feels so good.”

“I can make you feel even better,” I said.

“Do it,” she said.

I then buried my face in her muff, started licking her clit, and fucking her cunt with my tongue. After a few minutes her body started trembling before succumbing to orgasmic bliss.

“Did you like that?” I asked.

“Yes,” she replied. “That’s the first time anyone’s done that to me.”

“You mean the bouncers at Saint Andrew’s don’t eat you out?” I asked.

“It was one bouncer, and it only happened once,” she said. “And it only happened because I really, really, really wanted to see The Jesus and Mary Chain.”

“Can I fuck you?” I asked.

“You better,” she said as she got on all fours.

I got behind her, inserted my cock and started pounding away. Her pussy was so much tighter than my mom’s. It felt so good as it as my cock slid in and out of it. Her moans were intoxicating. Her ass looked incredible. I knew I couldn’t last much longer. I tried to hold on for as long as possible, but my body was ready to explode. So I took my cock out of her cunt and sprayed my load all over ass.

“What did you do that for?” she asked. “You could’ve cum in me.”

“I don’t want any babies,” I said as I collapsed next to her on the bench.

“I’m on the pill,” she said. “Been on it since right after I turned sixteen.”

“I didn’t know that,” I said right before kissing her.

“You didn’t ask,” she said between smooches.”

“I guess I didn’t,” I said laughing.

“This wasn’t your first time was it?” she asked.

“Nope,” I said.

“I knew it,” she said gleefully. “I knew there was something different about you.”

“How could you tell?” I asked.

“You didn’t fuck like this was your first time,” she said. “You pleased me before pleasing yourself. Most of the guys I’ve been with just stick it in right away or want a blowjob first.”

“How many guys have you been with?” I asked.

“Four,” she replied. “The bouncer at Saint Andrew’s, Dave Smith, Craig Swan, and Mick Wylie. How many women have you been with?”

“Two,” I replied. “You, and the woman I’ve been seeing. “

“Does she go to our school?” she asked.

“Nope,” I said. “She’s older.”

“College?” she asked.

“A little older,” I replied.

“Whoever she is she trained you well,” she said laughing.

“She is a great teacher,” I replied.

“Speaking of teachers,” she said, “Maybe we should get dressed and actually start studying.”

“Or you could suck my cock,” I demanded.

She looked at my hard cock and said, “I could. But you need to do something for me.”

“Anything,” I replied.

“Say please,” she said as she lightly fondled my package.

“Please suck my cock,” I begged.

“Mmmmm,” she said right before getting on the floor between my legs and licking my balls with her tongue.

She moved her mouth toward my shaft as it started swelling up. As her lips engulfed it we both heard my mom yell, “What is going on in here?”

Kathy immediately removed her mouth from my cock and turned white as a ghost as she cried, “Please don’t tell my dad.”

“What would happen if I told your dad?” my mom asked.

“He’d send me to live with my grandma,” she said as tears started rolling out of her eyes.

“Why would he do that?” she asked.

“Because he and my mom caught me and Craig Swan fucking,” she said.

“Your dad sounds like an ass,” my mom said.

“He’s super religious,” she said. “He believes you shouldn’t have sex until you’re married.”

“You’re sixteen-years-old, at your age, you should be fucking each other’s brains out,” my mom said. “How often do you think about sex?’

“All the time,” Kathy said.

“You do that because your body is craving it,” my mom said. “Do you want to suck my son’s hard cock?”

“Yes,” Kathy said as she wiped away her tears. “But I can’t.”

“Yes you can.” my mom said. “It’s as easy as this.”

My mom told me to lay on the floor. She got between my legs, lowered her mouth onto my rock hard shaft and started sucking. After a minute or two, she took her lips off my cock, turned to Kathy and said, “Your turn.”

“What’s going on here?” Kathy wondered.

“Something hot,” my mom asked.

“But you’re his mom,” Kathy said. “And moms shouldn’t do that with their sons.”

“I’m also a woman,” my mom replied.

“But this is incest,” Kathy said. “And

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