An newlywed is suing his wife after alleging that she deceived him about her biological sex before the marriage went ahead.

The bride insists that, despite the allegations, her husband knew she was biologically male before they wed.

The pair, from West Nusa Tengara, Indonesia, were married on June 2 in a religious ceremony, says a spokesman for the West Lombok police.

The couple have only been identified by local media as Muh, 31, and MIT – the bride’s initials – who is 25.

They met through social media and fell in love.

Muh claims that MIT refused to have sex on their wedding night.

She then said she wanted a divorce and ran away.

Upon digging for more information about his new wife, Muh says that he learned from the neighbourhood chief that MIT was biologically male.

He then filed for divorce and registered a police report against his new wife on June 5 – for fraud and defamation.

MIT is being sued for fraud

Dhafid Shiddiq, who heads the criminal investigation unit at West Lombok Police said: “After what happened the victim was shocked and felt like he was cheated, that the good name of his family and [his] village was tarnished.”

However, MIT claims that her husband knew full well that she was male before the wedding.

She said: “He [Muh] proposed marriage to me, he asked me to come to his house [and] when we were there he forced us to be intimate.

“After that, he knew I was a male.

“He touched me all over, and he also knew that my sex was just like him, but he still carried on with it.”

The police haven’t yet announced formal charges, but they have accused the bride of fraud.

The accusation under the Indonesian Criminal Code (KUHP) carries a maximum sentence of four years.

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