Is he just not feeling it … or is something else going on?

The feeling of falling in love is like nothing else. Being in love with someone is exciting, intoxicating, uplifting and heartwarming.

And the next best thing to experiencing true love is declaring those feelings out loud to the man you’ve fallen for, right?

Well, not always …

If you say I love you too soon, especially if it’s sooner than he’s willing to say those three words in return, his silence can feel insufferable.

In a flash, that easy, comfortable feeling you had in your relationship goes running out the door, while vulnerability, discomfort, and anxiety come rushing inside.

His lack of verbal reciprocation may even cause you to reconsider the value of your relationship altogether.

In truth, a man is clearly shows his level commitment to you when he dates you exclusively, shares himself with you intimately, and does things like consulting with you while planning his schedule.

And yet, there’s a tendency to judge the validity of a relationship, as well as a man’s intention, by his willingness, or lack thereof, to say those three words.

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