Frustrated women are forking out £1,000-a-go for orgasm lessons from a sex guru.

Self-styled orgasm coach Veronica Trufasu, 32, didn’t have her first one until two years ago when she had four in a row.

She’s since come so far in her quest for sexual self-fulfilment that she can now lift up to 1.5kg in weight from her lady parts.

Veronica said: “I teach women how to lift weights with their vagina because it helps them gain sensitivity and strength to build up to more powerful orgasms.”

Before she became an orgasm master, Veronica spent £30,000 on techniques and courses researching how to climax.

She reckons there are lots of myths around female orgasms and she’s determined to bust them.

Veronica, from London, said: “Society says that you are waiting for an orgasm to be given to you.

“Women expect their partner to give it to them but the truth is, no one gives you the orgasm, you create it with your mind, with your body, how much you are connected and your level of self-love.

Veronica can lift 1.5kg from her lady parts – something she says is key to bagging the best orgasm

“You actually create it within you.

“If women made that connection, they would realise that they could have it whenever they want and as many times as they want.

“Then they realise that instead of being stressed or needing a holiday, they can just self-pleasure regularly and that would make them feel more fulfilled than they’ve ever been.”

Now she averages around 170 women per class, who are generally aged 25-40.

She offers a range of courses for up to £1,000.

Veronica added: “Some ladies are extremely successful and they lied about having an orgasm for years to their partners, so their partners actually think they’re having one when they’re not.

“Others are really ashamed because they reached a certain age and they cannot talk about it anymore and think they’ve missed the boat.

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