Leon Gets Stacey Wet

It was a hot and humid night and midnight was getting near. Stacey was wearing a sexy red bikini and a small pair of cotton shorts that barely covered her bottom. She was rolling and ready to hit the annual “beach party” at the frat hard. The frat had outdone themselves on the decorations and they had even gone so far as to hang misters above the dance area to cool everyone off.

The frat guys were handing out cups of punch to the girls as they walked in. Stacey was pleasantly surprised by the fruity sweetness of the drink, which she knew was full alcohol because after her first one she was already feeling a strong buzz. It wasn’t long before she found herself moving involuntarily to the beat and she found herself drawn into the mist zone to cool off in the mist while she shook her ass. The vibe was strong and Stacey was feeling it, so when she felt a pair of arms wrap around her from behind and a strong body press up against her backside, she smiled and pushed herself back into the stranger and moved her hips a little bit more to the rhythm of the music.

She could feel his bare skin against her back and could feel that he was fit but not a meathead. Point for him. It was kind of hot not knowing exactly who was grinding up on her from behind, and she allowed herself to close her eyes and to raise her hands up as she swayed to the music, allowing the stranger to run his hands up and down her scantily clad body. She let her hands reach behind her head to feel the stranger’s features. She felt his hair first; it felt a little shaggy, but clean. Then his face – it was smooth with defined cheekbones. As she began to pull her hands away, she felt his breath and then his kiss on the back of her hand. 

There was something familiar about this stranger that Stacey couldn’t place, but she had a good feeling. Maybe it was the alcohol or the heat or the music or just the vibe in general, but she felt comfortable with him. He was a good dancer too, with strong hands that didn’t need to ask permission to explore her body. It didn’t take long for the stranger to pull her tightly to him and begin kissing her on the neck. The strength of his arms and the boldness of his actions had Stacey very turned on. She felt his hands begin to spin her towards him and when she saw who it was, she couldn’t help but smile and blush.

It was Leon, a cute upperclassman that she had a photography class with. She had chatted with him before but didn’t think he had ever noticed her. He was older and seemed more sophisticated than most of the other guys in the class. Clearly, he had noticed her tonight, though. He pulled her in close and put one hand under her chin, lifting it up to meet his lips for their first kiss. It was deep and passionate. She could taste the saltiness of his sweat mixed with the fruity alcoholic punch. It was intoxicating, to say the least. As they made out, his hand moved down to cup her ass under the leg of her short shorts and pulled her tightly to him. 

Leon broke their embrace and took hold of Stacey’s hand. As he began to guide her away from the crowd, Stacey’s anticipation of what was to come began to grow.

He took her around the side of the house where it was dark but dimly lit with Christmas lights strung overhead. He pulled her close again and put her back against the house and picked up where they had left off, exploring her mouth with his tongue and finally getting to run his hands over her tits and between her legs. Stacey was wet in more ways than one and she moaned as Leon worked her body. He was bold and didn’t care if anyone was looking or if they were caught.

Maybe it was the alcohol or maybe it was the heat of the moment, but Stacey didn’t care either and made no move to stop him as he pulled her bikini top to the sides and set her tits free. His mouth quickly covered one while his hand rubbed the other. Stacey was enjoying the attention to her tits immensely and it was enough to just keep standing as her legs began to shake from the pleasure.

Leon came up to kiss her again and at the same time, he slipped his hand into her shorts and began to rub. Stacey tried to suppress her moans, but Leon was relentless as he brought her closer to the edge. Stacey felt it coming and she bit Leon’s shoulder hard to try to keep herself quiet as the orgasm caused her to lose her mind and control of the rest of her body.

When it subsided, she gasped for air and couldn’t help but laugh a little at how amazing it was. She pulled her top back over her tits and Leon leaned in for another kiss, which she returned but only briefly. 

She moved from kissing his lips to kissing his chest and as she went lower, Leon pulled the string on his board shorts and set his cock free to meet Stacey as she got onto her knees. It was Leon’s turn to groan as Stacey went to work teasing and engulfing his cock with her mouth. Had he known Stacey was going to be such a phenomenal cocksucker, he would have gone after her a long time ago. This was truly a pornstar level blow job he was getting. Stacey wasn’t holding back at all; she was deep throating him and tonguing his balls and wrapping her tongue around his member while it was in her mouth.

Then she looked up and took Leon’s hand and put it on her head. “Fuck my mouth, please. I want to taste your cum.” 

Leon was more than happy to oblige as he moved his hand to the back of Stacey’s head and began to thrust his hips with an increasing rhythm and intensity. Stacey didn’t miss a beat. She kept sucking and slurping while holding Leon’s balls with one hand and the other hand wrapped around his leg. Leon looked down and marveled at the sight of this girl taking his cock like a champ in her mouth and the thought of it was enough to bring him to the edge. He groaned as the cum pumped out of his cock and into Stacey’s waiting mouth. It was more than either of them expected and Stacey couldn’t get it all down, causing some of it to spill out of her mouth and onto her tits below.

When Leon finished spasming, Stacey gave him a few more sucks and allowed his semi-hard cock to pop out of her mouth. “Wow, that was a lot,” she giggled as she wiped her mouth with the back of her arm. She looked down and saw even more cum on her tits. “Guess it’s back to the mist to clean up for me!” 

“How about you come up to my room and we take a shower instead?” Leon fired back. And like that, Stacey was following Leon once again. 



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