Anyone living with children during lockdown will know it’s not simple getting away with much in the house.

When it comes to having sex, it can often become a real turn-off as it’s so difficult for parents at times.

But have no fear, a woman has shared a handy trick which prevents her children from hearing any “noises in the night”.

Writing on Facebook in the Kmart Hacks & Decor group, the mum revealed how she used a £2 item to prevent her headboard from banging against the wall while having sex.

And it turns out all you need is a pool noodle to eliminate any creaky noises in the night when having sex.

Man and woman, young heterosexual couple in bed, relaxing in bed and cuddling.
The mum said it’s been difficult with the headboards making noise

The clever woman started by cutting the swimming aid into pieces to fit around the top of her wooden headboard.

She confessed to coming up with the idea after the teenagers in her house complained that they had heard “noises in the night”.

Other members of the Facebook group were equally amazed by the woman’s simple trick, with one branding it the “best hack ever”.

Another added: “Ugh, my bed is noisy when I jump on it too! Great hack.”

Colorful plastic noodle in a swimming pool. Nobody.
She suggested buying pool noodles and putting them behind the beds

A third Facebook member joked that why would “never look any anyone carrying a pool noodle the same way again.”

But not everyone was impressed as some pointed out that there was actually an even simpler solution that didn’t involve any money.

One suggested: “Why not just move the bed away from the wall? Sheesh.”

And a second agree, adding: “My bed’s got a space between bed head and wall for this reason.”

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