This is what men like.

Men are visual creatures, there’s no denying it.

We see it in the way ads targeting men are often sexualized, and study after study proves that men have more drastic brain responses to visual stimuli than women.

That’s why we weren’t surprised when, in a 2018  survey sponsored by PornDude, visual images came in as the number one way to turn a guy on by a longshot. 58 percent of men agree that things like photos and video are the best form of foreplay.

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It makes sense, then, why guys are so into porn. The survey revealed that 88 percent of men get turned on by porn — whoa! The visuals porn offers gets guys into the headspace they need to get in the mood, a fact that they’re well aware of. 67 percent of the men surveyed admitted that they watch porn regularly. And long gone are the days of raunchy magazines and XXX stores (though those still definitely exist). These days, accessing porn is a whole lot easier thanks to websites like PornDude.

Don’t let this upset you, though. While some people might worry that their partner is watching porn while in a relationship, he’s likely not doing it because you’re not enough. It’s just how he gets himself going.

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