Missing the one that you love is hard, and I get that.

Lovesickness — sometimes, you can’t control when you miss the one that you love. Whether you’re sitting right next to your significant other or you’re worlds apart, sometimes lovesickness just hits you out of nowhere. You just want to connect to your love in a way no one can describe — but listening to songs about being lovesick can help you put your finger on those emotions you’re feeling.

Sometimes when you’re in love, you listen to love songs — but what about when you’re feeling lovesick? Love is awfully complicated and all relationships have their ups and downs, so take a look below at the best songs to listen to when you’re lovesick that are easy to relate to.

With the following playlist, it’s safe to say that we’ve got you covered for when the lovesick blues come over you.

1. “Love$ick” by Mura Masa

Lovesick Song Lyrics: “Please man, pretty please with a cherry on top, ok? / The weather cold / The weather so / Chill, chilly really penguin feather roll / Cause I’m sipping Pro’ / Yeah that ‘meth is pro’ / Promethazine, yeah a stepping stone / Oh they acting up? Get your weapon drawn / They only killing time, another second gone / I heard your man ain’t home / Now you melatone / But you acting young / And you hella drunk / I need you / I want you / (And I swear to God, you gon’ miss me when I’m gone) / I need you / (I’m a lovesick f—)”

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