If quality time is your husband or boyfriend’s favorite of the 5 love languages, listen up!

One of the greatest self-helps books of our time is Dr. Gary Chapman’s “The Five Love Languages: How to Express Heartfelt Commitment to Your Mate.”

According to Dr. Chapman, the 5 love languages are: words of affirmation, quality time, giving gifts, acts of service, and physical touch.

Understanding the how to speak someone’s quality time love language can be confusing for those to whom it doesn’t come naturally.

In order for a person whose love language is quality time to feel loved, appreciated, and valued, it’s not only important that two of you spend time together, but that you spend that time in constructive ways that help you grow as a couple and learn more about one other on an ongoing basis.

If quality time is your boyfriend or husband’s primary love language, it’s important to understand what men quality time really means to him. Believe it or not, for men who speak the quality time love language, there’s a wide variety of things they may be more or less interested in doing when they spend time with you.

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