Love is in the air!

Sometimes love is hard to define or explain, so putting your feelings in a cute love paragraph for him is a great way to tell him “I love you”.

Love’s a feeling that comes in many forms in one lifetime. When you feel lost for words, it’s important to figure out the right thing to say so that you can express your emotions correctly to your partner without any misunderstanding.

In today’s age, many people push love to the side. Due to our busy lifestyles, its rare we take time out the day to formally express our feelings of love for someone who we’re in a relationship.

Despite this, people are more likely to express feelings of anger and disgust more frequently than their love and admiration for each other. This could be because naturally as humans we avoid situations in which we have to be vulnerable.

When you express your positive feelings for someone, you run the risk of them not feeling the same way about you (even if you are dating).

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The truth is there is no way to go through life without being vulnerable with others. It’s the only way to truly build relationships and trust with people who are close to you. When you spend your whole life avoiding the feeling of rejection, you are also avoiding the feeling of being accepted by the person you want it from the most.

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