Wondering why your partner is yet to take your fling to the next level?

According to a dating expert, warning signs can show your other half is “just not that into you”.

Anna Bey, who runs a “ School of Affluence ” on social media, often gives tips to women about bagging a wealthy man.

The Swedish-born influencer is married to a rich banker – but admits it can be difficult to get some affluent blokes to commit.

In a recent YouTube video, she outlined seven red flags that imply a man is “wasting your time”.

These include flaking on plans, chatting to other women or being too into his phone. So is your fling guilty of doing any of the below?

Anna wants to help other women settle down with rich men

1. Regularly cancelling on plans

Anna doesn’t think you should waste time on partners who don’t stick to plans.

She argued: “A man is really not into you if he cancels at the last minute…

“If he is being flaky, he’s not valuing you. Remember to value yourself.”

2. Being inconsistent

If someone doesn’t know what they’re looking for in a partner, they are less likely to settle down.

Anna said: “Being unsure of his feelings is a big warning sign.

“Bad boys are a waste of time.”

Anna says flaky men are a no-no

3. Chatting to other women

Anna’s next opinion will probably divide opinion.

She doesn’t think men should talk to other women if they are pursuing a romantic relationship.

She added: “If he is talking to other girls on social media – even friends – that is a massive disrespect to you.

“Believe me, if he is really into you, he won’t even be interested in talking to other girls. They’re keeping their options open.”

4. Spending too much time apart

While Anna thinks its “healthy” to spend time with other people, she doesn’t think this should happen too often.

She argued: “When he starts wanting a lot of space away ‘with his boys’ is a red flag.

“This shows he’s not making you his top priority, and he’s making you the second option after his friends.”

Anna had words of warning about men who spend too long on their phones

5. Being obsessed with their phone

This suggests they’re not interested in spending quality time with you, especially if they’re scrolling when you’re trying to talk.

Anna said: “If he’d rather spend time on his phone than spend time with you, this is another warning sign.

“Men who are madly in love with their partners will prioritise you and put their phone aside for quality time.”

6. Not spoiling you

Anna thinks blokes who spend money are more likely to care about you, which is another belief that is likely to receive a mixed response.

She believes: “Money is a love language and if you are really into somebody, you want to give that person the world.

“When a man is being stingy with you, it is often a warning sign that he is not sure of his interest in you.”

7. He ghosts on you

If your man doesn’t keenly reply to your messages, he may have other more important priorities.

Anna said: “If you haven’t heard from him in a while, he may just not be that into you.

“He won’t take a whole day to respond to you if he’s really into you.”

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