Sometimes when you are knee-deep in a relationship or a marriage, you lose sight of one another.

By Nicole Merritt

Sometimes, when you are knee-deep in a relationship or a marriage, years in, you lose sight of one another. You lose sight of what originally drew you to your partner. You forget which of their qualities were once endearing to you. You fail so see past the flaws which have now become your pet-peeves, and you stop looking at — and listening to — them as you once did.

To avoid this easy-to-fall-into trap so many long-term relationships succumb to, it’s been intriguing, informative and fun to ask my husband the same set of questions a few times every year.

If you’ve read my article on “Why Families Should Implement Quarterly Check-Ins,” you know I am an advocate for families improving internal communication through “periodic performance reviews.”

Marriages need these same sort of “wellness checks” on a regular basis in order to maintain emotional intimacy. Asking each other provide an opportunity for feedback and growth as a couple.

Though the questions you ask each other should not always remain the same, it is vital to a relationship’s survival and success that couples ask and answers questions like these from time to time in order to ensure that both of you are aware of one another’s changing (or constant) perspectives on life and on your partnership.

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