At the very least, it won’t be a healthy relationship.

By Marwan Jamal

Editor’s note: The following is based on scientific research only and is not to be considered as medical advice.

The narcissist, the unstable and the paranoid. These are the three types of people you should never be in a relationship with — or even date.

According to the former FBI agent, and best-selling author, Jon Navaro, these three personality types make almost 75 percent of the world’s most dangerous people — the rest is for psychopaths and sexual predators — and bonding with any of them can threaten both your physical and mental well-being.

I’ve done my research and below is a short profile for each of the three types. It will show you how they think and why you should avoid being in a relationship with one of them.

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1. The Narcissist

The name came after the Greek myth of Narcissus, the handsome hunter from Boeotia who fell in love with his reflection and kept staring at it until he died. There are many causes for narcissism but the most common is caused by the parents and they are: abuse, neglect and — the other side of the spectrum — excessive pampering.

Narcissistic personalities care only about themselves and their needs. They’re, entitled, arrogant and with a very high sense of self. They also crave admiration and will do anything to get it which is why they spend more energy, time and money on looking attractive.

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