Want to up your kissing game?

You’re in luck – because Dr Emily Morse has shared her top tips on Instagram.

The doctor, who specialises in Human Sexuality, urged followers to put more effort into their smooches.

She told her 199,000 Instagram followers: “Kissing needs your attention.

“We put a lot of focus on ‘the first kiss’ or if someone is a ‘good kisser’.

“I challenge you to think differently, as kissing is always something you CAN work on and prioritise like everything else.”

Dr Emily Morse says it’s important to vary your movements to spice things up

Emily then shared her tips for making kissing “hot as f***”.

They include:

1. Being present – if your mind is wandering elsewhere, you probably aren’t giving your snog enough passion.

Try to focus on the pleasure instead of drifting away elsewhere.

2. Going slow and steady – passionate kissing doesn’t mean you have to chew your partner’s face off.

Take things slow and enjoy the moment.

3. Nibble and swirl – instead of going for basic washing machine motions, keep the smooch spicy by varying your movements.

Gently nibbling on your partner’s lips and giving your tongue a small swirl is bound to take the experience to another level.

4. Be a tease with your tongue – hold some of yourself back and make your partner work for it. This will make them want you more.

5. Vary the intensity – this stops your smooch from getting boring.

Don’t forget to switch things up by varying the pressure your applying to your partner’s pout.

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