Sixteen years ago, I did not marry my best friend & when we met it was not love at first sight.

By Mike Berry

Last week my wife and I celebrated 16 years of marriage. Lots of people gave us “Happy Anniversary” wishes and left comments on our Facebook pages. Between the 2 of us we amassed nearly 200 likes on each of our status updates combined.

It was a good day spent with our family. As I thought about it later that evening, I reflected back on our anniversary day a few years ago. That day was not good… at all!

We were both busy. And we were both stressed. I was working to complete some big tasks at work and she had phone calls to return. I remember that we were irritated with one another and even snapped at each other a few times throughout the day. We collapsed into bed around midnight that night, and, within minutes, were both sound asleep.

So much for a blissful, romantic anniversary right?

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However, that’s real life. That’s reality.

Often, we try to keep the magic of our dating years alive throughout our marriage, all the while missing a very important growth element that must happen.

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