Listen to your body’s language.

We all have heard happily married people say, “You’ll know immediately when you’ve found the right one to be with.” Common wisdom suggests that it’s almost instinctual, as if your body just knows you’ll be okay with that individual. It’s a romantic thing that we’ve all encountered or hope to encounter one day.

Believe it or not, the opposite concept is very true, too. Studies have shown that our bodies will often signal that we need to stay away from someone sooner than our hearts or minds will.

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How to find your soulmate? These signs tell you he’s definitely not:

Make no mistake about it, if you notice yourself reacting in the following ways, these are all signs he’s not the one and that your own body is trying to tell you to leave someone be.

1. You feel tense around them, even when they’re kind to you.

A common thing that happens when someone isn’t right for you is a pervasive feeling of tension, even when no reason has been given to be worried or stressed near that person. If you find yourself constantly on edge around them, they’re not the one for you.

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