Ever had a dream about an ex partner?

According to a doctor of human sexuality, this is completely normal.

Dr Emily Morse said you shouldn’t fret too much about thinking about a former flame in your sleep.

On Instagram, she said: “Having sex dreams about an ex? It’s more common than you think.

“BUT contrary to popular belief, sex dreams about an ex say more about YOU than they do the past relationship.

“Perhaps you’re missing what they represented in your life. Maybe you’re craving the familiar intimacy that you had with your ex.”

Dr Emily Morse explained why we have sex dreams about former partners

Dr Emily added: “In fact, it’s more about the elements in the dream: location, what you were doing and your relationship to all the factors.”

The Instagram star and podcaster argues it “does not mean you made a mistake in ending the relationship”.

She urged people not to text their former partners or ask them if they want to get back together.

Instead, she wants her followers to treat the dreams as a learning curve.

Dr Emily added: “In any case, use any pesky ‘ex sex dreams’ as an opportunity to go inward and reevaluate YOUR desires.

“It’s not about them, it’s about you.”

The sex doctor’s post racked up 2,200 likes on Instagram – and many found her words reassuring.

One commenter remarked: “I just had one of these a few nights ago lol.

“It was definitely about the intimacy I’m missing.”

And another said: “I had this happen a couple years ago and messaged the ex. She ended up having a boyfriend lol.

“Wish I’d read this then. Definitely saving this for when I feel lonely and wondering what they are doing.”

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