She looks at the clock smiling, he will be home soon. She adds the final touches to her makeup. Now, Princess is ready for Daddy. Ever since Daddy gave her a 16th birthday party she has felt so grown up. She finishes cleaning, Daddy likes the playroom clean. She hears the door and without a thought she turns, running to the Living Room, yelling for Daddy. Her little frilly dress flies as she runs for today’s big reunion, dragging her teddy behind her.


As the door opens and the tall figure steps inside, she gasps and holds her breath. Releasing the loudest DADDY he has ever heard. He shushes her, closing the door behind him. Daddy wraps his princess in his arms and twirls. She giggles with glee as once again they are together. Sliding down from his broad chest she picks up Mr. Bear and wraps her arms around Daddy, as much as she can reach. He lifts her as he sits and lowers her to his lap.


“So cupcake, tell Daddy about your day, please don’t make me wait any longer,” bursts from Daddy as he sits down and his little chatterbox gets started.


She took a breath and replied, “Daddy, Oh Daddy, my day was just so special. I spent the whole day playing with Mr. Bear. We cleaned our room and even went to the shirt cleaning store for you Daddy. Then we came home and took a nap, Daddy I don’t like taking naps but I know it’s a rule. When I get up I have to start the day all over.” Stomping her foot, Daddy just smiles.


She is so adorable. They spend about the next 90 minutes being Daddy and Princess. They are so very happy. They play with her Dollies and have a lovely tea with Mr. Bear and the Sisters, Bunny, and Floppsie. It was a lovely time, just the two of them.


They finish dinner, Princess takes the dishes into the kitchen, washes, and puts them away. Daddy finds his place in front of the TV, watching the news and checking the channels. He loses track of time but in a little while, Princess sticks her head in the room and says, “Daddy, I am going into bed, can I get a kiss?”


Daddy lays down the remote and calls her over, “I adore your little kisses, Princess, so all the clean up is finished?”


“Yes sir, Daddy, and all put-away. I got changed by myself and just wanted to say, goodnight Daddy,” it sounded like a song from her lips. He hugs her so tight and gives her a very soft kiss. 


“Sweet dreams lil Princess,” and off she goes.


Stopping again at the door. She knows it’s time to be an adult. She loves the way he lets her be herself every day. Sometimes she gets to spend the whole day and night as his princess where she doesn’t have to be an adult and can just be herself with not a care in the world.


Daddy begins to turn off the lights. He makes sure the house is locked up tight for the night.


Heading through the house he sees how wonderful everything looks, his family is a great little family. He rounds the corner, turns off the playroom lights then climbs the stairs to the bedrooms, making sure there is no light on in Princess’s room. Then he goes back to his bedroom. As he walks into the room, Mommy is coming from the shower and he is stopped in his tracks just watching her walk to him. She drops the towel and he can’t stop looking at this beautiful lady before him. She has given him so much in such a short time. He is truly blessed. Wrapping his arms around her as she approaches, he pulls her so close.


“You amaze me, all you do for me and this family. Without you, I would never have found my princess. Thank you so much for you both,” is all he is able to say before she presses close and kisses him passionately.


Lifting her in his arms he carries his lover to bed and gently lays her on the spread. Then he stands at the side and starts to undress. She helps with this disrobing and pulls him by his manhood onto the bed. They press together, hands caressing, fingers and tongues tracing and probing. Sliding up under her hips he pulls her up so he can devour her as she dances on his tongue. His fingers find her nipples as he licks and then sucks her clit into his hot mouth. Not letting her relax he nibbles and licks as his palms hold up her ass and bring her pussy to his face to be explored and teased. She begs, pleads with him to fill her, driving her to her release. His cock so hard and ready, her pussy dripping with need, he lowers her and thrusts as his cock fills her to the brink, her flooded pussy squirting out her cum as he thrusts.


Their love continues to find new feelings to share as he rolls on one shoulder, pulling her onto his lap. “Ride me, little cowgirl.”


This flips a switch inside her, she becomes a bouncing animal slamming her wet needy pussy onto his shaft, grunting with every bounce. Reaching up to massage her breasts, he takes the nipples in his fingers, teases them, pinching, pulling, even twisting to her moans and yelps. Seeing the look on her face he whispers, “Cum for Daddy baby.”


She explodes in an orgasm that leaves them both in a heap on the bed.


He smells the coffee as he moves to the kitchen in the morning. She is making a cup. He kisses her and leaves. She thinks to herself, after the groceries I need to find a new pretty dress for his princess. I will have time to change before he gets home.


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