Let’s be honest, we’ve all told a fib before.

But according to Nadia Bokody, she’s never met a woman who isn’t a liar.

In fact, the sexpert believes women are “incapable” of truth-telling when it comes to the bedroom.

The Australian opened up in a candid post for news.com.au where she revealed all the common lies women tell during sex.

From faking orgasms to lying about their penis size, Nadia shared five fibs that women tell their partners in bed.

She said: “The place we fake it most is in the bedroom where pleasure is unattainable in the absence of comfort?”

The sexpert revealed five common lies women tell
The sexpert revealed five common lies women tell

Fake orgasms

Nadia admits she’s “yet to encounter a man who isn’t convinced every woman he’s ever bedded has enjoyed a screaming orgasm”.

She continued: “There are ‘certain ways’ of being able to tell, he’ll declare (there aren’t) and anyway he’d ‘definitely know’.”

But the sexpert warns while this is a great way to bring bad sex to an end, it’s not good for a man’s ego to lie about this.

She added: “This lie spreads the virus known as Men Who Think They’re God’s Gift To Women In The Sack But Actually Suck At Sex.”

Penis size

Well this is definitely a sensitive topic, but an area where women do lie, according to Nadia.

She revealed: “This lie is most commonly used on men with small penis syndrome.

“Easy to spot, they typically drive V8s, wear way too much Lynx deodorant and require constant validation.

“One can only assume these men are operating under hypothesis being large is the fast track to the female orgasm.”

The sexpert revealed all in her latest column
The sexpert revealed all in her latest column

Not having something to compare to

Women commonly use the “I’ve never done this before” trick on the guys who seem more insecure.

Nadia added: “Equally effective versions include ‘You’re the only guy I’ve let do that to me’, ‘This is my first one-night-stand’ and ‘I don’t normally do this’.

“It’s not that this man is insecure. His brain just can’t withstand the knowledge a woman has interacted with other male humanoids before him.

“He’s also sexually disappointing, so would prefer it if we didn’t have anything to compare him to.”

Nadia says some of these lies happen when a woman's trying to get out of sex
Nadia says some of these lies happen when a woman’s trying to get out of sex

The “brushing my teeth” trick

When a woman has gone to “brush her teeth”, it’s not what you think, so that buzzing sound you can hear is really a sex toy.

It happens when a sex session hasn’t exactly delivered for a woman.

Nadia said: “When we don’t have the heart to tell a guy he was closer to lulling us off to sleep than delivering an orgasm, a quick rendezvous with a toy never disappoints.

“It’s kind of ironic, really – given so many men are perplexed about why women own vibrators when we have access to ‘the real thing’.”

Low libido

According to Nadia, there are a few women who have used this line to get them out of sex.

She explained: “When we’re taught women who enjoy sex are ‘sl*ts’ and ‘not wife material’, and our sexual experiences are overwhelmingly disappointing and painful, it’s unsurprising so many of us come to the conclusion we’re ‘not really into sex’.

“Of course, that’s almost certainly incorrect. What’s more likely is, she’s not really into bad sex.

“And telling her husband her libido has died is a great way to never have to endure it again.”

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